Web designer - what is it? Where do you study as a web designer?

New technologies broke into the world at the end of the 20th century. Now it’s time for young people and computer enthusiasts to find out, a web designer - what is it? The modern generation will surely be interested in such a profession, because it will be able to immerse anyone in a virtual fantasy world where everyone independently chooses for himself the appearance of that very “virtual universe”.

Novice web designers have a great opportunity to learn from the work of more professional and experienced professionals. You can do this only by switching to any site. It can be the official page of a company, corporation, just a social network and so on.

web designer where to study

The concept

So, first of all, you should deal with the main question of interest: web designer - what is it? The answer is simple: this is a variation of the profession of designer. The prefix "web" shows that this area is closely related to the development, as well as the graphic design of Internet sites. This profession is to create a unique look for each page, which will be the hallmark of a particular manufacturer.

The profession of web designer helps create a catchy visual image associated with a particular company. It should clearly be connected with the theme and daily activities of a particular company. Bright and unique design will provide an influx of users and increase ratings.

The main tasks and goals

In the work of the website designer, three main aspects stand out:

  1. Uniqueness.
  2. To attract attention.
  3. Reporting the necessary information.

web designer what is it

Now we will consider each item separately for a complete understanding of the essence of the work.

Firstly, the created design must necessarily make the site unique. It should not have similar or duplicate elements that users could confuse with other Internet pages.

Secondly, attracting people's attention is also an equally important task. Every web designer must be able to present the site so that as many users as possible pay attention to it. The design itself should not be flashy or annoying. Custom and vibrant graphics will help attract more people. But it should be remembered that too many small graphic details can alienate site visitors, since their presence will adversely affect the perception of information.

And finally, thirdly, every beginner and professional should know that web design is not a simple beautiful image. In addition, it conveys information to users. The laid out content must be properly arranged in such a way that the reader is pleased to use the information provided. The interface should be simple and allow you to use it intuitively, without prior training. The client should quickly find menu items such as "general information", "prices", "contacts", etc.

Website development

A lot of interesting things a web designer can do. From scratch, creating sites is quite difficult, but for more experienced masters it will not be difficult. In order to make and design the right site from the very beginning, first of all, you need special knowledge and a lot of time.

how to become a web designer

The work of such designers begins with the creation of the site. He must set a task for himself, and then develop a technical task and proceed to execution. Before starting work, it is necessary to determine the target audience in order to further select the correct combination of colors and graphic details. The path to the finish line of any project runs through several main points:

  1. Interface design, as well as page design.
  2. Create new HTML templates.
  3. Create interactive elements.
  4. Testing the finished site.
  5. Delivery of a full-fledged project.

The books of such authors will help to master the profession of web designer: Jacob Nielsen ("Web Design"), Jess Garrett ("Web Design: Elements of the Interaction Experience"), Tina Sutton ("Harmony of Color").


Now a lot of people are interested in how to become a web designer in order to just have a stable and high income. In general, his salary depends solely on work experience, the presence of a portfolio and evidence of successful projects in the past.

profession web designer

Website design has a fairly wide range of prices, where everything is determined solely by the quality of the work provided. Of course, the payment for each site will be different. Thanks to experience and generous customers, the simplest design can be developed at the maximum price. But in general, the approximate salary is from 25,000 to 50,000 rubles and more.

Where can I work?

Where can a good web designer find work ? What it is, it was said above, but here you need to understand in more detail with a specific work.

Often, such people work remotely (for example, at home), while performing several orders at the same time from different customers. Also, the work of a web designer can be performed in specialized studios, companies, advertising departments and so on.

Main responsibilities

Any web designer courses provide training for both beginners and intermediate people. There, everyone will be able to get enough information and skills that will be required in future work.

The duties of the designer include collecting input data: goals, objectives, wishes of the customer and so on. Then you should definitely create thumbnails of future pages. Further, everything is done according to a certain plan, as described above.

Among other things, the web designer has another responsibility that you should never forget. This is tracking the latest technologies, that is, new chips and highlights in the industry. Such knowledge is sure to be useful for successful and sought-after work in the future.

Every web designer, of course, must know programming languages. The most common and important of them are C ++, C #, F #. It also does not hurt to master scripting languages - JavaScript and VBS.

Important qualities

Good earnings and high-quality work are distinguished by an experienced web designer. What is it - is now already known, but what qualities are present in this profession?

work as a web designer

A very important quality is the aesthetic taste, which must be developed. Such qualities should also be present: perfectionism, perseverance, patience, attentiveness, and creativity, originality and analytical thinking should not be ignored . All this must be present in the person who has chosen the profession of a designer, because without such qualities you cannot achieve the results of the desired level and quality.


Many people are sure that such work is very simple. For her, you just need to sit, click on some keys of the mouse or keyboard, and then receive money. In addition, a certain audience of people claims that in just a couple of minutes of time the salary of a web designer is the monthly amount of people in another profession.

Every person who has just such an opinion about the profession should know the truth. The designer must be very hardworking. Not every profession requires the employee to devote to her all his own time. But the web designer sometimes works for whole days to deliver the order of the proper level on time.

web designer courses

Modern youth already knows exactly how to become a web designer, what is needed for this. Nevertheless, professionals recommend studying more detailed information before deciding on a future profession.


Serious companies employ only qualified employees who have completed a full course of training. How to master the profession of web designer? Where to study?

A future web designer can get a higher education at a state university, a polytechnic university, or a specialized university of technology and design. Such schools exist in almost every city, so there will be no problems in finding their problems:

  1. St. Petersburg State University.
  2. Moscow State Academy Stroganova.
  3. Moscow Architectural Institute.
  4. St. Petersburg School of Television.
  5. Krasnodar school of design.

You can go to web designer courses. You can try to master the skills yourself, but this is difficult, you will have to look for a lot of specialized literature, improve by trial and error. Online training is also offered on the Internet. For 1-1.5 years, everyone can learn the profession of web designer to the level of a real pro.

web designer from scratch

Every designer must have a good command of English, as many sites and programs are based on this language.

Pros and cons of the profession

The work of a web designer has certain positive and negative aspects.

Really decent payDifficult to change profession
Implementing an idea without costContinuous improvement of skills is required.
All errors are easily fixed.Visions of the contractor and the customer may not coincide
Ability to work remotelyConvincing a customer of the best solution can be difficult

The work of a web designer is not easy. He is responsible for the appearance of the site. Designs a picture, places text on a page, comes up with graphic elements, logos and banners, develops user-friendly site navigation.

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