Upward flow: the essence of the concept, types, mental portals of man

What is upflow? What types of it exist? You will find answers to these and other questions in the article. To rise is to rise, ascend, take off. Some people ascend to a new stage of spiritual development, according to legend, the Lord ascended to Golgotha ​​... And you can also say this: "The smoke rises to heaven with a pillar." What is the upstream, we find out below.


Ascending air flows

Thermals are ascending currents that are formed from air heated near the ground and rising upward. What is their essence? Even if this air, at least a million times heated, will lie on a layer near the surface of the earth, an upward flow will not appear if the trigger does not work.

A trigger is called any thing or phenomenon that can cause air vibration or give it some kind of incentive so that it comes off the ground. It can be a separate car, a herd of cows or a gust of wind. If the trigger is absent, then the warm air at the surface of the earth simply stagnates.

Also, a tiny hill, any crinkle on the surface, a stand alone tree can serve as a trigger. Why? If you carefully place the lit cigarette on the table, then smoke will come out of its mouthpiece and spread over the table.

Note that it will not rise. But if you place your finger or pencil vertically in this layer of smoke, then the smoke will climb up this detail. For thermal flows, any elevations on the surface can serve as starting points.

Over the territory where the thermic was observed five minutes ago, it may not be there in the next half hour. What is the reason for this? Warm air “splashes out” with the bubble up, and cold air flows in its place. And before you once again go up, this cold air, of course, must warm up.

The interval between the “trips” of a thermal is called the thermal cycle. On average, he saves his value.

How to locate a thermal?

How to identify the location of ascending air currents? At an impressive height, where tiny details are not visible on the earth's surface, this can be realized in two ways. The best of them are cumulus clouds. Caught under a cumulus “living” cloud, halfway from it to the ground, you will almost 100% get a billowing stream.


The second method is the search for thermals, focusing on the contrasts of the earth's surface. Here, of course, you need to consider that when the wind flows are inclined.

At altitudes of up to 500 m, you can search for streams along more tiny landmarks. They can be ripples on grass or water, small dust tornadoes, again elevations, freestanding trees. If your speed relative to the ground changes often, this means that the stream is nearby.

If you flew relative to the ground without slipping, and suddenly it arose, it means that from the side where you pulled you, most likely the termic is placed.

Human energy flows


Energy is the basis of everything, because all possibilities are inherent in it alone. The basic human energy flow is composed of two flows of inverse directions. The energy flow going from the bottom up is an upward flow of energy. It goes a short distance from the spine from the front side and exits through the upper chakras of a person.

An energy flow moving from top to bottom is a downward flow. It is placed close to the spine and exits through the lower chakras.

How to feel the energy flows?

How to feel the descending and ascending flows of energy? Stand up straight, concentrate, drop all thoughts. Breathe evenly and deeply. Focus on the sensations in the body. You will further feel the energy moving up in front of the spine. It will be like a slightly noticeable breath of wind in your body. At first it will be barely perceptible.

If after the first attempt you do not stop training, you are persistent, then in the future you will feel the flow quite distinctly. From the chakra to the chakra, an upward energy flow paves its way from bottom to top. If you often “pump the flow” (practice), then it will transform into a sensation identical to how if a powerful stream of water flowed through you.

This flow is difficult to feel, not because it is weak, but because it is natural for humans. When you clearly feel the movement of the stream, it will help you get rid of foreign introductions, influences on your energy of other energy entities.


Now let's talk about the downward flow. The Universe sends it to us. Stand upright, relax your body, breathe deeply and evenly. Try to feel the energy of a falling stream moving from the crown of the head to the lower chakras along the spine. To feel this movement, you will need training, focus and some effort.

Upward flow of energy

So, the energy jet coming from the bowels of the Earth is better felt on inspiration. As if simultaneously with the inhalation of a person, the lower chakra from the depths of our planet pumps out an uplifting energy flow.

It is also easier to feel on an exhale an energy jet descending from Cosmos. Try to track its path: it goes from a tremendous height, passes through the crown, flows along the spine and goes inside the Earth. And the stream coming out of the Earth through the body passes vertically upwards - to the Macrocosm.

Try to feel the ascending and descending flows in yourself. After a couple of days of training, everyone can. It is these flows that are the central energy flows. They give people health and life. Remember the sensations of two streams in your body moving towards each other. Check sometimes - is it the way energy flows in your body, is everything all right.

If the energy flows slowed down, they can be revived at any moment by applying internal efforts. Streams need to be "downloaded." Only with their normal functioning will a person be healthy, strong, successful, protected from external influences.

Action of energy flows

The flow of energy in the chakras

If a person’s ascending energy flow is strong from birth or developed through practice, then he has strong immunity, excellent health. The flow to the etheric body gives an impressive density, allowing you to easily reflect all sorts of attacks aimed at the destruction of subtle bodies.

It also allows you to stay longer in "bad" areas, to fight parasites more successfully. Nevertheless, if the surging flow is too strong and does not balance downward, then the individual begins to fuss, prefers not to think, but to do, and cannot keep his attention on one subject for a long time at will.

The surging flow becomes strong when a person engages in bodily practices: aerobics, swimming, running, exercising, dancing, qigong, wushu and so on.

The downward flow, in contrast, has a calming effect. When he is powerful, a person thinks without distraction, does not jump from one thought to another, and can take a long time to examine an object that has attracted him. Understanding such an individual is stronger and deeper.

With a powerful descending one, clairvoyance, meditation, some spiritual practices are easier to give, the voice of the soul is heard more clearly, intuition is sharpened. He becomes strong when one engages in contemplation, meditation, scientific work, and so on.

A bit about mental portals

The mental portals of man

What are human mental portals? The mental field of a person is part of a similar field of the Universe. It expresses the intellectual activity of the individual and demonstrates his ability to visualize, prove or explain, think, comprehend and synthesize the acquired experience.

All openings in the human body act as divine principles that serve as physical vehicles with its spiritual counterpart in a different dimension. For many people who are spiritually activated at the soul level, all seven holes located on the face are directly connected to the throat chakra and the fifth-dimensional mind. That is why we will contemplate an increase in the wave of ailments in society caused by the blocking of 5D patterns or the throat chakra.

In general, any individual and even any human creation is a portal, a guide. The question is the purity of the channel, how wide it is and where it opens.

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