Volgograd. Nail extensions: addresses and reviews

Nail extension is a procedure that has gained popularity among millions of women around the world. In addition to the fact that artificial nails have an external aesthetic appearance, they allow a woman to save time on additional care.

The city of Volgograd is no exception. Nail extension here is a popular procedure, so it is offered by the masters of many beauty salons. Let us analyze some of them located in different areas of the city.

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Salon "Freesia"

This salon is located at: st. Fadeeva, 63. It offers a lot of services, including nail extension. Volgograd (Krasnoarmeysky district) has several salons, but judging by customer reviews, it is in the Freesia salon that some of the best manicure masters work.

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Salon reviews

Women who have tried on themselves the modern techniques used by the masters of the salon are fully satisfied with the results. This is one of the most beautiful salons that Volgograd is rightly proud of. Nail extension in "Freesia" is carried out with an individual approach to each client, taking into account its external data, the condition of the nail plates.

Visitors to the salon also note the positive mood with which the employees of the salon “charge” all visitors.

Benefits of Nail Extensions

The procedure for the correction (extension) of nails lasts from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Then at home, nail care for about 1.5 months will be only a few minutes. Gel nail extension in Volgograd, in the Freesia salon, meets all sanitary and hygienic standards, therefore, clients note perfect cleanliness, the use of gloves, disposable tools by the master.

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Beauty salon

What other nail salons can Volgograd be proud of? Nail extension here is carried out according to multi-stage technology. First, all metal tools are disinfected. Before starting work with a new client, the instrument is sterilized (2-3 minutes), only after that the master starts work. Such precautions can minimize the infection of a woman’s nails.

Visitors reviews

It is the professionalism and safety of the procedure that the clients of the Krasa salon (Volgograd) note. Nail extensions here are offered using acrylic, shellac, glue powder. The gel removal service is offered in this salon not only mechanically, but also by cutting using special mechanisms. Krasa is open daily from 9:00 to 19:00. The salon is located on the street. Marshala Eremenko, d. 42. When choosing the color of the varnish, the master takes into account not only the wishes of the woman, but also her individual characteristics, tries to emphasize the individuality and originality of each client with the help of manicure.

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Salon "El Chic"

They offer a large list of salon services, including nail extensions. Volgograd (Krasnoarmeysky district), etc. to them. 38 Heroes of Stalingrad is the address of El Shik salon. Specialists select for each client a set of procedures that will complement the manicure done. Women celebrate the care and attention with which the masters surround them.

Customer reviews

Women who had previously carried out nail extensions at home speak positively of El Shik. Volgograd has several large salons, but judging by the reviews, it is here that the best manicure masters work. In addition to the classic, hardware manicure, permanent glossing of nails and strengthening them with biogel are in special demand. Among the exclusive services offered by masters, painting is also popular.

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Salon "Christina"

Where a full range of services is offered, including nail extensions. Volgograd, Krasnooktyabrsky district, st. Eremenko, d. 7 - the address of the beauty salon "Christina".

Masters offer nail extensions with two lengths. The first is nails, which are almost identical to natural. People far from manicure are convinced that these are well-groomed natural nails. The second option is stilettos, which have a slightly predatory appearance.

Masters advise their owners of graceful long fingers and a narrow nail bed.

In the Christina salon, you can arrange three types of nail endings: round, sharp, square. Professionals select the optimal form for each client, taking into account the features of her fingers.

In this salon of Volgograd they offer various options for nail extension on tips and on forms. Tips are plastic prefabricated elements of the intended ends. They are fixed with glue on the nail plate, then modeled with gel.

The salon also offers the option of nail extensions using forms. They are substrates with a small window for the nail plate. In the course of work, a modeling gel is applied to natural keratin and a substrate. After its polymerization, a free artificial edge of the nail is obtained. In order to conveniently form it, there is a pattern with divisions on the forms, so you can calculate the length and width of the formed nail.

The very form (base) is removed after the procedure is completed. That is why nails made on the basis of forms look finer and more natural than those obtained on tips.

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Visitors reviews

Among the most sought-after manicure options that customers choose in this salon is a jacket. It is in Christine that they make it faultlessly. In a classic form, the tips of the nails are made white, giving the hands a stylish and austere look.

Customers also note the high quality of the “aquarium” design offered by the masters of this beauty salon. Artificial flowers, pattern, rhinestones, confetti are placed inside the cover. Such a solution allows you to make hands more elegant, to draw attention to their owner. In order for the coating to last as long as possible, the Christina salon masters use high-quality fasteners.

To summarize

In Volgograd there are many different nail salons, each of which, in addition to gel nail extensions, offers a wide range of additional services, including cosmetic procedures. In order for a visit to the manicure office to be not only enjoyable, but also safe, some details must be taken into account.

On the walls of the cabinet of a qualified craftsman there are always documents confirming his professionalism.

For example, you can see a variety of certificates of completion of manicure courses on nail extension and design, diplomas of training in different types of manicure.

In a reliable salon, three types of tool processing are always carried out: liquid disinfectants, dry heat, and ultraviolet lamps.

It does not use toxic acrylics and gels, for each material used for work there is a special certificate. It is enough to ask the master for a document to verify the safety of the materials taken.

Judging by the reviews of visitors, all beauty salons mentioned in the material offer quality services. They employ real professionals who take into account the wishes of customers, comply with sanitary and hygienic requirements. Masters of Volgograd salons use modern materials and technologies, which allows them to provide manicure services of the highest quality.

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