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Why gel varnishes, which according to the technology should remain on the nails for at least 2-3 weeks, peel off and chip off in just a few days? The reasons for this may, of course, be many, but the most common among them is the low quality of the material itself. Even if you buy only expensive professional gel polishes, this does not mean their consistently high quality. But how then to choose a good tool that will delight for a long time with its rich shade and beauty? Expert advice will help you with this.

Gel Coating Benefits

The last decade can safely be called the era of gel polishes. Due to the unique technology combining the properties of simple varnish and gel, the product makes it possible to preserve the beauty of nails for several weeks. The main feature of such products is a three-stage application technology. What is needed for professional manicure with gel polish? For the procedure you will need:

  • LED or ultraviolet lamp;
  • tools and means for preparing the plate - buff, bond, file, primer, remover;
  • a set of coatings - base, top and color gel.
What you need for applying gel polish

Unlike the classic extension, when using gel polish there is no need to file the plate - this reduces the degree of damage to natural nails. In addition, visiting a beauty salon to apply such a tool is not necessary at all - if you have all the necessary devices and minimal skills, then nothing will stop you from having the procedure at home.

The benefits of gel polish

How to choose the right gel polish

In fact, the quality of the manicure made depends not only on the chosen coating, but also on the technology of its application. Strictly adhere to all the recommendations, and then your pens will cause delight.

When buying a suitable gel polish for nails should pay attention to its features. Both for professional manicurists and for amateurs who have mastered their own coating, the criteria that the product must meet are equally important.

  • Duration of preservation of material on nails without loss of gloss, cracks, chips, peeling and abrasion. At least 3 weeks of durability should be declared on gel polish.
  • The consistency of the product should be such that it is convenient to apply without viscosity and spreading.
  • No less important is the brush. A convenient applicator allows you to make the most accurate strokes.
  • Gel polishes for nails are single-phase and three-phase. The first ones combine at once three stages of creating a coating - base, top and color. True, despite the convenience and simplicity of the application process, single-phase varnishes are not as resistant as their "counterparts". So it will not be possible to deceive fate - either time or quality.
  • Not all gel polishes work well together. It is best to use the top, color and base of the same brand. So you can avoid quick chips, cracks and abrasions.
  • Removing gel polish should be extremely simple, it should not take more than 15 minutes.
  • The composition of the product should not be harmful chemical components that injure the nails.
  • Gel polish should have an acceptable, not too aggressive smell.
  • A quality product has high pigmentation, that is, the shade always lies tightly.
How to choose a gel polish

If gel polish meets all these requirements, it is ideal for creating a persistent and beautiful manicure.

Professional brands of gel polishes

In the domestic market, several manufacturers are most popular, famous for their decent quality products and good reputation.

  • TNL South Korean manufacturer occupies a leading position in the domestic market. Budget materials are in no way inferior in quality to more expensive counterparts. That is why the brand is in great demand among professional manicurists and lovers.
  • Kodi Professional. The American company has been successfully competing with well-known brands for many years. Means of this brand have an adequate price and high quality. So it is not surprising that these gel polishes are extremely popular. Reviews of the girls indicate a good durability of the coating and its compliance with all the declared characteristics.
  • BlueSky Despite the fact that this company is located in China, gel varnishes are of decent quality and durability. Low cost combined with good properties attract a lot of buyers.
  • CND. A pioneer in the world of gel polishes, which is still a favorite. It was this company that first introduced the girls a unique product called shellac. Gel polishes of this manufacturer are of premium quality. The main difference between the products of this brand is the use of innovative formulas, nail-safe compositions, the most fashionable and relevant color palettes and, of course, the corresponding price.
  • OPI. American manufacturer of premium gel polishes. High prices are justified by durability and decent coating quality.
  • CANNI. A brand of high-quality gel polishes from a Chinese manufacturer, which has won the trust of domestic users. A variety of shades and a rich color palette are the main advantages of this brand. In addition, gel varnishes of this brand have an affordable price and high durability.
  • Masura. Domestic manufacturer that launches high-quality gel polishes at an affordable price. Reviews about these products are mostly positive. Many girls note the excellent quality of gel polishes, their durability and a diverse palette of shades.
  • RuNail. Domestic company, which, despite the low cost, invests in its products excellent quality. Girls praise the gel polishes of this manufacturer, noting their durability, safety and ease of use.

All these brands have proven themselves both in the domestic and foreign markets. Their products enjoy an excellent reputation and impressive quality.

Other famous brands

Less popular, but coatings from such manufacturers are also good:

  • Haruyama.
  • Grattol.
  • UNO.
  • KLIO Professional.
  • Irisk Professional.
  • PNB
  • Tertio.
  • Cristina.
  • Gelish.
  • Luxio.
  • Beautix
  • Bohemia.
  • Uskusi.

How to avoid buying a fake

In order not to accidentally acquire a base coating, pay attention to the features of the original products.

  • All labels on jars and bottles should be neat and clear. Blurry, crooked wordings are an obvious sign of fakes. All kinds of stickers and protective films that interfere with reading are a common trick of unscrupulous manufacturers.
  • On professional gel varnishes, marking is almost always done with a laser, it is impossible to remove such an inscription. But on fakes, prints and barcodes are usually simply printed, so they are easily erased.
  • On the back of the bottle should be all the necessary information about the manufacturer, composition and method of application. If there is a sticker on it, then its ends should be neatly connected, and not glued to each other.
  • Professional gel nail polishes have a light, barely perceptible aroma. But the presence of an aggressive, pungent odor is considered a sign of low-quality goods.
  • Do not be tempted by the low cost of production. The price of a professional gel polish can not be several times lower than the average market indicators.
How to distinguish an original gel polish from a fake

Why you can not use fakes

Problematic application and poor durability of manicure are far from the most dangerous consequences of using fake means. Counterfeit materials often contain lead, formaldehyde, heavy metals, and even arsenic. All these substances not only injure the nails, but also poison the body, causing all sorts of disorders and allergies.

How to apply gel polish

Where to buy professional gel polish? Many girls purchase coatings in the market and in simple stores. But such materials never turn out to be of high quality and durable. Saving, you risk getting a result that will disappoint. You need to buy coatings only in specialized stores of professional cosmetics. The gel varnishes presented in their assortment always have decent quality and good durability. Moreover, not all of them have a high price.

Cheap gel polishes

In fact, the opinion of girls who believe that a durable coating is an expensive pleasure is mistaken. In fact, you can buy quality material for less than 250 rubles. And as proof of this, we offer you an overview of the best gel nail polishes in the budget segment.

  • TNL MagnetEffect. This brand has a lot of girls' favorite series of budget covers, but it is a magnetic line with the effect of "cat's eye" is in greatest demand. The material has a rich shade and good density. It can be used with and without a backing. True, applying it can be difficult due to the spreading texture. Peel off gel polish easily, in just 10 minutes. But some girls complain of a pungent smell.
Gel Polish TNL MagnetEffect
  • Tertio. Budget materials with a wide palette are exactly what every beginner in the field of manicure needs. In their price range, Tertio brand gel polishes look more than worthy. They are easy to apply, they have a thick consistency, good density and high resistance. The materials dry quickly and have no pronounced odor. True, according to the girls, neon shades are often applied with stripes.
  • Bluesky. Legendary inexpensive gel varnishes in great demand. Their main advantage is a surprisingly rich palette of shades. Gel varnishes of this company are worn for a long time, combined with the top and base of other manufacturers and do not chip off during wear. True, some girls complain of a pungent smell and a liquid texture that is difficult to apply. In addition, such materials are difficult to remove.
  • Haruyama Soak-Off. Gel varnishes of this company are convenient to apply, they always lie evenly and tightly on the nails and are evenly distributed on the surface. A minimum of 3 weeks of coverage is applied, which is a record for the budget price segment. There are practically no drawbacks to such varnishes.

Gel polishes of an average price category

The manicure made by such materials is stored in its original form for several weeks. In addition, due to the high quality and availability with the help of such coatings you can create a unique design. In the palette you can find a shade for every taste.

We bring to your attention a selection of the best gel nail polishes, costing less than 500 rubles.

  • PNB Hot summer. These gel polishes combine affordable price and excellent quality. In the collection you can find many favorite shades that evenly fall on the nails. To work with these gel polishes you will need a minimum of skills and time. According to reviews, the manicure lasts 2-3 weeks without chips and scuffs.
  • Kodi Professional Hollywood. According to the girls, gel polishes of this company are in greatest demand. Reviews abound with manufacturer praise. A huge assortment of materials can conquer even the most capricious girl. The gel polish of this brand does not chip and does not spread, it lays down in an even dense layer. Keeps coverage for at least 2 weeks. In addition, professional Kodi gel polishes have a pleasant aroma and comfortable brush. And the shades from the Hollywood series for a long time retain their brightness and beautiful metallic luster.
Kodi Professional Hollywood Gel Polish
  • GRATTOL Classic Collection. The German brand is becoming more popular every day. According to users, gel polishes from this manufacturer are flawless in every way. In the classic collection of the brand you can find a huge number of bright and pastel shades for every taste. Dense coating, comfortable consistency, lack of pungent odor and chips even after 2 weeks - these are the main advantages of the materials of this brand.

Premium coatings

Which professional gel polish is better? Of course, one that has high quality, corresponding durability and the absence of harmful components in the composition. All this you can find in professional gel varnishes of the premium segment.

  • OPI GelColor Iceland. Gel varnishes of this brand are characterized by durability and uniformity of coating. The consistency of materials makes it possible in just 1-2 layers to achieve the perfect manicure. The tool dries quite quickly, however, only under ultraviolet light. But when using LED-lamps, many girls are faced with problems.
  • Beautix UV Gel. These gel polishes have a hypoallergenic composition and a pleasant smell. Despite the thick texture, they fit perfectly on the nails and are evenly distributed. Yes, and varnishes dry pretty quickly. Manicure lasts approximately 3 weeks. It’s a pleasure to work with such materials.
Beautix UV Gel
  • Shellac CND. A legendary cover that has long won the love of lovers and professionals. This brand is famous for its rich color palette and excellent durability. All gel polishes are equipped with a comfortable thin brush and optimal texture. And the process of removing the coating is known for its delicacy. True, choosing a gel polish of this brand, it is worth working hard so that you do not accidentally come across a fake.


Now in stores you can see a huge number of gel polishes, but to find among them a truly high-quality, durable coating is not an easy task. In order not to make a mistake when choosing a material, try to give preference to products of proven, popular brands that have proven themselves well. Such gel polishes have a good reputation and millions of praise.


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