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Some women are attracted to body fitness by the beauty and bumpiness of the body, while others are frightened and cause doubt and condemnation, they call it posturing. Nevertheless, this is the most difficult and difficult work on the body, on the mind, which motivates and disciplines not only in sports, but also in life, and Daria Navarra in body fitness is a good example of this.


Daria Navarra is a St. Petersburg athlete, a multiple champion in the categories of "fitness bikini" and "body fitness". Daria was born in St. Petersburg on October 25, 1987. In childhood she was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics. Graduated from the State St. Petersburg University of Physical Culture named after Lesgaft.

Daria Navarre biography
By her age, the girl managed to work in the modeling business, to star in films "for adults" and to understand the basics of bodybuilding and fitness. For the first time to come to the gym, according to Daria, her former young man, who joked that from the dumbbells "the navel will untie", pushed her. In addition, the girl herself began to notice that she was gaining muscle mass very easily, doing everyday physical work. Training was not in vain, the first successes in professional sports appeared in the biography of Daria Navarra. Now the girl is actively performing in the growth category up to 163 cm and the weight category up to 60 kg. Conducts seminars on posting and preparation for competitions for beginners in female bodybuilding.

Titles and Achievements

Until 2014, Daria Navarra prepared exclusively in the "fitness bikini" category. In 2013, he won first place at the 7th St. Petersburg Bodybuilding Championship. In 2014, he won bronze and unexpectedly decided to switch to another category - body fitness. According to the athlete, such a transition happened a week before the competition. The fact is that Daria Navarrskaya already became a finalist in the "fitness bikini" category at the St. Petersburg summit, but she really wanted to get acquainted with such eminent athletes as Yashankin, Bublikov, Vishnevskaya who motivated the girl to train for body fitness. An important sign Daria Navarra considers the loss of shoes for the performance in the category "fitness bikini" in Prague.

Daria Navarre
The result of the change in the training plan was an absolute victory at the championship of the Pskov region in bodybuilding and fitness bikini in the "body fitness" category. Next came a series of excellence and competition: the Cup of Russia, the Devmont Cup, the Open Cup of the North-West, Arnold Classic, which brought prizes and absolute superiority in body fitness.

Features of the training from Daria Navarra

Daria owes much of her victories to coach Sergey Karandashov. His exactingness and seriousness plus Dashin's discipline from the time of practicing rhythmic gymnastics have brought and continue to bear fruit in the competitive seasons. However, according to the trainer, there is no specially planned training plan for Daria. Impromptu acts, because the athlete is not always ready for the training that was prepared for him by the program. For Daria Navarra, Sergey Karandashov picked up the optimal exercises that he changes from time to time, grinding the shape of the athlete.

Daria Navarre bodyfitness
For shoulders, Daria performs cravings to the chin of the handle in the crossover. With the same simulator, he makes a craving for the middle deltas and ends with a rear beam of deltas, producing draft of dumbbells, lying sideways on a bench. Each exercise is done in 2 sets of 20 times. For biceps and triceps, a crossover trainer is also preferred. Flexion with a peak contraction in 2 sets of 20 times is performed on the biceps. Triceps is “pumped” by the superset in the crossover, extension by the rope handle and extension by the Z-handle 25 times.

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