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Yitzhak Pintosevich is known today as a business coach and coach. He was born in Kharkov (Ukraine) on May 5 in 1973. He is popular among the Russian-speaking society, has a large audience of listeners. His philosophy changed not only his personal life, but also many people who attended his trainings or bought books.

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Excerpts from the biography

Yitzhak was a professional athlete and coach in the past. At one time, he became a bronze medalist in athletics. This happened at the World Cup.

At 26, the young man ran a multi-million dollar business. He simply tells about himself and does not hide that he “broke off” in his expectations many times.

He set himself the goal of becoming a champion in 110 meters hurdles, but at the World Championships he only took 3rd place and considered it his defeat.

And the default of 1998 led to the fact that he lost his trading business, which he developed from scratch. There were big and small disappointments, but he tried to take lessons from everything.

Spiritual search

trader's path

When Yitzhak turned 26 years old, he went on a spiritual journey around the world, during which he gathered the experience of different cultures. This greatly changed his worldview. After that he settled in Israel. In the new place, he devoted 5 years to studying the Kabbalah and the Pentateuch, this knowledge gave him an understanding of the structure of the Universe. To gain the basic knowledge with which he is working now, he spent more than 10 years. At this time, the coach has knowledge of all the systems of applied psychology that exist.

The path forward was paved not only with good moments. When during the operation, Yitzhak Pintosevich's wife died, he asked God questions: "Why do I need these misfortunes?" And the answer came to him, comprehensive and stunningly simple: “What you have happened to you, because you did what you did. What you get is the result of your actions. ”

Not for everyone, such situations become an occasion for changes in life, but then in the hospital he decided from now on to act at the command of God. After leaving the operating room, the doctor said that the operation was successful, but the couple will not have children. Yitzhak did not believe this, he knew that the One who answered his question would give them children, if it was in His will. Currently, Yitzhak Pintosevich and his wife Rivka have three children - a girl and two boys.

Today he is a business coach and NLP coach. Having gathered all the knowledge together, Yitzhak Pintosevich works according to his unique teaching method. In his work, he uses personally developed techniques, which include modeling the most successful companies in the world and individuals. But his knowledge is not based solely on personal search, he received a trainer's diploma from the doctor of psychology Marilyn Atkinson.

World-famous companies sent their employees to him for training. “Training for business trainers” was attended by over 300 people from all over the world.

Years of study

Itzhak Pintosevich Rich

Success did not come in one day, these were years of intellectual labor. At one time, he got acquainted with the system of human development according to G.I. Gurdjieff, and this led him along the path of development and search. At that time, Yitzhak Pintosevich wrote books, created trainings and taught. Today he is glad that he can help people, all the puzzles of his work finally came together in one picture in 2011.

He called his system “System Plus”. It is worth saying that now it is the best development system in the world. Without exaggeration, it can be argued that it includes "diamonds" that are taken from Marilyn Antkinson systems.

He studied the practice of Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey and Anthony Robbins. Also close in spirit to him were the thoughts of Jim Ron and Werner Erhard. Thus ended the path of the merchant Yitzhak Pintosevich and a new era began in his life.

Today he is one of the most popular trainers in the Russian-speaking world. Social networks have more than 1,200,000 subscribers. More than 10 million people view his posts and videos this week. Over the entire period, more than 800,000 copies of books have been sold, some of which, for example, "Get Rich!" (Yitzhak Pintosevich) became bestsellers.

When he turned 33 years old, and he received a diploma, he began to actively build his career. Today, Yitzhak boasts that companies such as AVON, Isaac Pintosevich Systems, MasterCard, Procter & Gamble and other multinational corporations sent their employees to study with him.

Practical activities

Yitzhak Pintosevich training

Yitzhak's Academy of Experts annually graduates more than 1000 coaches and business trainers. The Yitzhak team publishes training materials, notes and articles on its portal; it is visited by more than 6 million users a year.

Unique training programs, books have become a synthesis of knowledge of different cultures, this is no longer possible to meet anywhere else. All this is the long-term path that Yitzhak Pintosevich has traveled. Feedback from participants 100% confirms that the programs work. Among clients there are many successful people, people from all over the world come to him. Training programs were attended by participants in more than 22 countries of the world, often they are held in Kiev and Moscow.

About the activities of Yitzhak, 7 scientific journalistic films and dozens of programs were shot. Those wishing to receive fresh publications on social networks can subscribe to the Isaac Pintosevich Systems Facebook page. Almost 600,000 people have already signed up there. The training system is one of the twenty most popular foreign brands that work in Ukraine.

The author of unique books

For those who are working on self-improvement, the author’s books will become a real find. Yitzhak Pintosevich holds trainings on the topic of personal growth, and all of his books are about it. NLP trainer at the International Association of Personality Development Professionals. In this ranking, he takes second place. In the Russian-speaking space, he is coach number 1.

the path of the merchant Yitzhak Pintosevich

He wrote books that became a guide to the actions of many people, one of Yitzhak Pintosevich’s books is “10 Commandments for Success”. It describes simple rules of life. If you fulfill them, then you can forget about fears and failures, keep yourself in good shape and get a portion of inspiration for further actions. This is not just a book - it is a training that tells you how to take the first step correctly in order to get positive changes in life.

The program he developed is a synthesis of discoveries in the fields of management, psychology and personal growth, all the information that has been obtained before this time. The work used the laws of the universe from Kabbalah and the secrets of training Olympic athletes. It is enough to devote 30 minutes to reading and the commandments of Yitzhak Pintosevich will begin to work. Yitzhak focuses on the fact that he does not give any advice, he helps a person independently understand everything that happens to his life. The book has a program for action. If you work on it, you will be able to increase its effectiveness several times, as well as achieve high results in any business.

The ideology of a trainer in action

What is lived and passed through oneself is impossible to hide. The author says that everything is connected with ideas about what you can do. The beginning of everything is setting a goal, and the level of this goal is directly related to self-esteem. High aspirations always provoke great efforts to achieve them. Even if the ultimate goal is not achieved, it will still be possible to achieve much, because the greater the desire, the more global it is, the better the results.

Yitzhak Pintosevich developed a series of books that allows a person to grow. But this growth continues until a certain point, then a team is needed. It all depends on leadership inclinations, how much a person can lead.

The best for your audience

commandments of yitzchak pintosevich

When Yitzhak is working on a topic, he selects up to 20 books that have been written on this topic over the past 20 years. Work on the material consists not only in reading, but in-depth study of the structure, essence, presentation of the material and even sources and links. This allows you to understand the course of the author’s thoughts. In order to understand this, Yitzhak has a whole technology.

When he studies up to 10 bestsellers, he has a complete understanding of what information mankind has on this subject. The authors of the written books also studied this topic and chose the most basic. The field of work done remains the net balance, which in a simplified form is formulated in 7-10 simple sentences.

These theses are polished so that even a small child can understand them. But one book or training is not enough for a person, forever inspired by this thought, to go forward. He must place himself among like-minded people. Network marketing companies are a good example: they believe in success. It is important to be able to create a support group around yourself, sometimes even one person is enough.

New offers in the training market

This popularity helped Yitzhak achieve the training format in which he operates. He works so that a person can quickly understand what he lacks and learn how to do it. A successful coach also attends trainings, but selects people who, in his opinion, are successful and correspond to his personal ideas about a harmonious personality.

A person should not be just a master, students want to see how knowledge influenced his life. The level of the trainer is visible in those people who come to him. A person is not in one place, either growth or degradation always occurs. To have something that you never had, you need to do something that you never did. This is the way of development.

Moral principles

The author of books and trainings is a religious person and adheres to God's standards in his life. Different people turn to him, including politicians. But not with all he agrees to work. Indeed, in this area, people go mainly for power. And with these he has little in common. There are practically no people who act to really do something good to others. Also gives advice to never tell how much money you have. Yitzhak says that everything comes from God, and therefore you need to seek your blessing in the right place.

Books to Read

Yitzhak Pintosevich books

The bestseller was the book “Act! 10 commandments of success, ”it was said above. Also worth reading books:

  • “Live! 7 commandments of energy and health. "
  • “Sell it!” Secrets of sales for all occasions. "
  • “Speak! Self-confidence and oratory in 30 days. ”
  • “Get rich! 4 basics and the main secret. "
  • “Influence! 7 commandments of the leader. "
  • "An online career for moms." If the potential of the mother does not fit within the framework of everyday life and the implementation without separation from the family is important for her, then this book will be useful. It is adapted specifically for women. It describes how to find a business for yourself on the Internet and combine work and family. A woman can grow a business and a child at the same time.
  • “Set goals! Find your goal and achieve it in 1 year. "
  • "Take your first step."
  • “That's the whole man.”
  • “Parables. Fundamentals of Wisdom. ”
  • "Own business is the easiest way to a thriving business."
  • "Full control! New generation time management in 30 days. ”
  • “Be effective! Efficiency from A to Z. ”
  • “Learn business! The easiest way to a thriving business. ”

All books can be purchased both in print and in electronic form. You can also buy audio books. Acquaintance with his works has already changed the lives of many people.

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