Solar Plexus Chakra: area of ​​responsibility, development methods, for which it is responsible

Few people know what an important role the solar plexus plays in our lives. The solar plexus chakra, or manipura, is responsible for it. It is thanks to her that a person gains strength and the ability to self-actualize in life. This is the third chakra. It focuses our desires and personal life energy.


This chakra is located at the level of the solar plexus and is responsible not only for the spiritual and energy flows entering the human body, but also ensures the proper functioning of many internal organs.

solar plexus chakra

It is thanks to this chakra that a person gets the opportunity to control his desires and is endowed with the opportunity to realize his plans. In addition, it is also associated with wealth, which is also very important in our lives. But all this becomes possible if the solar plexus chakra is well enough open and functions correctly. When a failure occurs in her work, a person becomes nervous and unbalanced, feels anxiety and obsession with the idea of ​​gaining unlimited power over other people and huge wealth.

In order for the chakra in the solar plexus region to open well and work correctly, there are several ways. We will talk about them in more detail below.

Where is?

Information about which chakra is in the solar plexus is not widespread. More or less oriented in this matter mainly people who are fond of astral energy states in relation to human life. Chakra Manipura is an instrument of astral influence on the energy and physical essence of man. It is a real center of will and an inexhaustible source of strength. To be able to work on it, you need to find out where the solar plexus chakra is located. Its exact location is between the third and fifth vertebrae, four fingers above the navel. At the astral level, the third chakra has a bright yellow color.

From ancient times, the concept came to us that manipura is the warrior's most important energy center. All combat training, especially related to the eastern martial arts, maximally strengthen the stomach and harmoniously develop the third chakra. In the place where the solar plexus chakra is located, a huge potential of strength and will builds up. This is for warriors a real source of constant renewal of expended energy and strength. In addition, a developed chakra clarifies the mind and gives good coordination of movements.

which chakra is in the solar plexus

What is responsible for?

To properly use the energy of manipura, you need to know what the solar plexus chakra is responsible for. Whenever we need to find the strength and courage in ourselves to do what we fear, it activates and provides energy for this. Even when you demonstrate solid will or defend your opinion, manipura comes into play. When the level of accumulated energy is high, a person gains confidence, and his behavior becomes appropriate - direct posture, clear voice, confident direct look. All this is a clear indicator of your inner strength and does not give anyone reason to doubt your words.

So what is the solar plexus chakra responsible for if it is so important in human life? Manipura gives you the ability to control your thoughts and emotions, overcome fear and find rational solutions in the most difficult situations. The degree of development of the chakra is manifested in the period when the person undergoes difficult trials. The brightness of the yellow color of the third chakra indicates that it controls our intellect, develops creativity and healthy egoism, clarity of thoughts and curiosity.


Very few people know which solar plexus chakra is responsible for the accumulation and assimilation of external energy, as well as its transformation into an internal and even distribution throughout the human body. But it is Manipura that is endowed with such important functions, without which the work of the higher chakras will be blocked. This useful chakra is a kind of turbine, which continuously processes incoming energy and uninterruptedly supplies it to those directions and parts of the body for the functioning of which it is responsible. So, intuition belongs to the sphere of her responsibility, which is all the more acute the stronger the chakra is developed. The good work of manipura allows us to feel the possible options for the development of events and choose the most optimal solutions. In fact, the chakra in the solar plexus acts as a kind of balancer for the energy shell of each person and ensures the stability of the entire energy system.

Wrong Manipura

solar plexus chakra

If it turns out that the work of the chakra is not effective enough or is completely blocked, this immediately manifests itself in the behavior of a person - he instantly feels a lack of personal strength and loss of confidence, anxiety and fear appear, a desire to manage and teach everyone. At the same time, problems begin to arise from scratch due to the mismatch of one's own desires and emotions with the desires and emotions of others. All energy problems associated with the third chakra arise due to the constant suppression of the will of the child by adults and remain with us for life if we do not find the courage to get rid of them.

Everything else, the solar plexus chakra is closely related to the digestive system. If there is an imbalance in any of the digestive tract — stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, or spleen, be sure that your third chakra is blocked. To make it work correctly again, you need to know some methods of healing and revealing manipura. But at the same time, differences in the polarization of the female and male chakras should be taken into account. Sometimes the question arises why the solar plexus hurts in women. Their chakras are omnidirectional in contrast to the male predominantly directed chakras.

Product Aversion and the Third Chakra

Since manipura regulates the work of the stomach and intestines, this may be due to the body’s rejection of any of the many products that women use as sources of replenishment of internal energy. It is known that a man’s stomach extracts and processes energy from low-frequency and heavy foods, for example, meat and other simple and satisfying foods that easily turn into energy. And women's food, although lighter, is also very diverse - salads, yogurts, curds, sweets and other frivolous products that nourish the female chakras with the necessary energy.

Chakra Development Techniques

where is the solar plexus chakra

In cases where the solar plexus chakra is blocked, life loses its meaning and becomes a chain of continuous disappointments. There is a feeling of sacrifice and pessimistic moods, self-esteem and expectations are underestimated, interest in oneself and others is lost. To regain the joy of life and self-confidence, it is necessary to develop the solar plexus chakra. Here are a few techniques that are very effective in healing a blocked chakra.

What should be done when the energy of the solar plexus is blocked? It is important to learn how to cultivate lost abilities in yourself, artificially instilling confidence and calmness in yourself, pretending that you do not have fears and anxieties until the body gets used to these feelings and works in the correct mode. Dress stricter, move more energetically, stand straight, express your thoughts clearly, do not avoid looking directly into the interlocutor’s eyes, smile more often and meditate - after some time you will be able to influence your chakra and start its serious restoration.

Visualization and meditation method

chakra development

Take a comfortable posture for meditation with a straight back. Breathe deeply and evenly, concentrating on the tip of your nose. Imagine that you are in nature, a pleasant soft sun shines, filling your body with warmth and energy. Imagine that a stream of solar energy enters the body through the solar plexus chakra. If pain hides somewhere, mentally direct a stream of energy that will cleanse and heal the diseased organ. Visualize in the solar plexus the appearance of a golden ball, from which the golden rays emanate throughout the body. Towards the end of the exercise, try to feel the difference in your state before and after.

Fire meditation method

Relax with a straight spine, as in the previous exercise, just imagine yourself sitting by a large bright bonfire in a dark forest. The night is moonlit and clear, the bonfire crackles merrily and plays with tongues of flame. Feel the night silence of the forest and the energy of fire, filling your body with streams of life-giving energy. A big fire cleanses you of various fears and other obstacles to happiness. Imagine a sheet of paper on which you write all the negatives of your present life, pour out your resentment and anger, pain and disappointment on it - everything that keeps you from developing harmoniously and positively. Mentally re-read the written and throw the paper in the fire. When your list burns down, you will feel a relief and a surge of energy. Now you are clean of filth and negativity and you can direct your life in a different direction.

At the end of the meditation, it is recommended that you make a real list of negatives in real time and burn it from any fire or a burning candle.

Mantra Exercise

solar plexus chakra

To work with the mantra, it is necessary to conduct a preparatory exercise to curb negative emotions. We use breathing exercises for this:

  • sit comfortably, straighten your back and mentally focus on the solar plexus;
  • start breathing rhythmically - count to five and take a breath, count to five and exhale;
  • we do the exercise for a couple of minutes, after which you need to say negative emotions on the exhale convincingly “go away”;
  • repeat 10 times and listen to yourself - the negative has gone or not, if not, you can repeat it again, but you should not be very zealous - in time you will learn to get rid of the negative very quickly.

Mantra "ram"

Now you can start the exercise with the mantra "ram". How to do it right? The mantra "ram" is pronounced with resonance in the solar plexus. You can replace it with the mantra “oooh” and try what will be more effective for you.

Staying in a pose of meditation, take a deep breath and sing on the exhale “oooh” or “ram”, again inhaling and singing the mantra. When exhaling, concentrate on the area of ​​manipura. Repeat 10-15 times. When working with the mantra "ram", you must adhere to the following rule - on the exhale, sing the beginning of the mantra "raaa", then close your lips tightly and say "mmm" in your nose. Certain vibrations must occur at the location of the chakra. Mantras must be sung for at least five minutes.

Using Yantra to Heal Manipura

Yantra is a picture, a mystical symbol used in meditation. When working with the chakra, manipura is either a swastika sign symbolizing life, or a red triangle with a vertex pointing down. It personifies the number three and is a symbol of balance. Here, the triangle means for Christians the Holy Trinity, for Hindus - the gods of Brahm (creator), Vishnu (protector) and Shiva (destroyer). The red triangle itself acts as a fire.

solar plexus chakra

Light a candle and place it in front of you, put an image of yantra nearby. Focus on the candle flame and think about the fires of the earth and heaven. The essence of this exercise is that the Divine fire cleanses the essence of man, eliminating negative qualities. Think about the possibility of growth and the freedom to make decisions in each incarnation.

Focus on the yantra and imagine yourself standing on the outer edge of the circle. The contemplation that the triangle is surrounded by flames of flame that purify everything that passes through them. Go through the flames and reach a new level of development, revealing your manipura. At the end of meditation, mentally attach one tongue to your inner fire in the chakra. Do it every day.


Whether your chakra needs healing and which way to choose for this is up to you. The main thing is to understand the functions of the solar plexus chakra and learn to control your desires. Remember that relative balance and balance of power is important in everything, then life will be calm and stable.


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