Light matte manicure: fashion trends, color combination, photo

The matte finish in manicure is the hit of the season. And if earlier women from all over the world just got used to this new product, believing that it is combined exclusively with dark tones of shellac, now everything has changed radically. Nowadays, light matte manicure is in fashion, which can be as restrained as possible, and have a non-standard design. Let's look at what options of such nail art can be chosen to stay at their best in any situation.

Pastel Palette

We offer you to start with a palette of pastel shades, which masters most often use to create a bright matte manicure. All colors are well known to us since ancient times, but on the nails many of them begin to play in a new way, create effects that are difficult to visually imagine without seeing with your own eyes. So, any color can be pastel, but at the same time its main feature will be muffledness and excessive lightness. This effect can be achieved by mixing a shade with white. For example, mixing blue with whitewash we get pale blue, brown turns into beige or nude, green into mint, red into pink, orange into coral and so on.

Well, below will be presented numerous photos of a bright matte manicure, its varieties and descriptions. Happy viewing.


This type of nail art can be safely called unfading classic, which for several decades has not left the first positions in the fashion world. Using ordinary varnishes, previously women made themselves French manicures, covering them with a standard, glossy “top”. The current beauty industry allows you to replace such a classic with a matte sheen. Just think about how much the standard jacket will be transformed in this situation. It will be the perfect light matte manicure, which will be appropriate always and everywhere, will be acceptable and at the same time expressive and original. Also note that the matte finish can fill both the nail completely, and exclusively that part of it that is painted in a nude shade. In this case, the white tops will remain glossy.

matte french manicure

Cappuccino color

This is exactly what we decided to call the light brown shades that are most often found in manicure. Such a tone can also serve as a base for a service jacket, and can be independent. It is noteworthy that a light brown matte manicure is an ideal solution for any length of the nail. On short nails, this color will merge with the skin, visually make the fingers longer and thinner. If the nails are long, then the manicure will turn out to be simply gorgeous, at the same time modest and restrained. Matte finish will make nail art even more “tasty” and “cozy”.

light brown matte manicure

Monochrome gamma

Black and white are two polar colors, and despite the fact that the first is considered as light as possible, and the second is as dark as possible, they both belong to the category of bright and catchy. But the intermediate tones that stand in a monochrome palette between black and white are the same pastel miracle. Gray manicure came into fashion not so long ago. Previously, it was exclusively chosen by teenagers, but now it is considered one of the leading trends in the fashion world. Light gray matte manicure deserves special attention. He looks incredibly gentle, elegant, at the same time strict and restrained. It goes well with any clothes and make-up, and also looks great on the hands, regardless of the length of the nails.

light gray matte manicure

Lilac dreams

Lilac color is considered the most mysterious and magical of all existing. Women rarely choose it for nail art, and in most cases it is applied under a standard glossy top. But if we are talking about pastel lilac, then it will be most profitable to look with a matte finish. It is worth emphasizing that this color, although it relates to pastel, has a certain depth. Even in the light version, it looks saturated and "gives out" the slightest errors of the master (if any). By the way, if you need a light matte manicure for short nails, then this shade will do just fine.

lilac matte manicure

Flesh tones

As it turned out, beige color (that is, light brown) does not exactly mimic the skin tone. Perhaps this is so for dark-skinned young ladies, but for Russian women whose skin has a pinkish pigment, such a varnish will not become a visual extension of the finger. Especially for this, shades were developed that accurately convey the skin tone and are able to make a manicure invisible and very gentle. Most often, these tones are the basis for the French, but there are times when they are used independently. Such a light matte manicure in a nude palette is ideal for those who grow nails. It will also look great on nails of medium length - they will always look dignified and well-groomed.

nude matte manicure

Summer palette

Pastel colors are the most relevant and reasonable choice for the summer season. As a rule, the hot season is associated with the sea, greenery and sand. It is these colors that we will discuss now:

  • Blue. Matte manicure in bright colors has never been so fresh and original. The blue tint, which seemed to add white paint, looks incredibly gentle, at the same time expressively on the nails.
  • Turquoise. Most often women apply this color of the sea under a glossy top, but if you use a matte finish instead, the situation will change radically. Nail art will be more expressive, vibrant and truly summer.
  • Mint. This is a complex and rare shade that can be obtained by mixing green with white. With a matte finish on the nails, it looks incredibly gentle, light and bewitching. And most importantly - such a manicure is extremely rare.
  • Yellow. Similarly, adding a white tone to standard yellow, we get the color of a tired midday summer sun. This is a great solution for summer manicure, which will be fresh and original.
light yellow matte manicure

Design Types for Light Nail Art

Like any other shellac colors, light shades with a matte finish will ideally combine with any design. Most importantly, if you use sequins, they should ideally suit their shade with the main color of the varnish. As for rhinestones, such a solution will be the most advantageous and will make nail art luxurious. No less original and fresh on a light matte manicure will look patterns, thematic drawings. You can perform them both with the help of white varnish to create the most light image, and with the use of dark tones to make the picture expressive.

Features matte finish

It is worth remembering one important aspect if you intend to do a manicure with a matte finish. Such a top is less durable than glossy. On the nails, it can last in its original form for up to two weeks, after which there will be light scratches and small chips. Therefore, try to do any homework with gloves, take care of your unique manicure.


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