Writing Summary: Basic Rules

The concept of "resume" replaced the word "autobiography", however, in essence, it remained the same. The resume is intended for the personnel department employee to be able to get acquainted in absentia with the applicant for a certain position, evaluate his professional skills and experience. Therefore, the resume should be compiled as briefly and in detail as possible, focusing on key points that deserve special attention of the employer.

Three conditions for an ideal autobiography

There are three things to keep in mind when starting a resume. Firstly, this document should be such as to interest the employer or his representatives in the recruitment agency the first time - only at that moment a decision is usually made. Secondly, it’s worth compiling a resume, especially emphasizing the most important moments of your biography, which can be useful in a particular position. Thirdly, do not forget that the resume, which made a favorable impression on the employer, still does not guarantee one hundred percent getting the desired job after a personal meeting, although you still need to strive for an interview.

The structure and rules of creating a resume

Writing a resume should always start with personal information. Avoiding the pronoun "I" in the text, you should introduce yourself - indicate the full name and patronymic, last name. It is best to highlight this data in large print so that the employer or employee of the recruitment agency can be guided during the interview. After the name, you can specify the age and date of birth, just below - all the necessary contact addresses, among which it is permissible to add the address of a website or email, as well as all the phones by which the applicant can be contacted at any time. The rules for writing a resume require that the middle name in the document must be indicated, as well as an indication of which phone is working and which is home.

In the resume, you must definitely write the full name of the position for which the applicant is applying. No vague wording or free descriptions - just a complete coincidence with the claimed form. In order not to reduce the chances of getting a certain job, the resume should indicate only one desired position. It is very convenient if the company offers its own sample writing resume. In this case, it is much easier to understand what information should be mentioned in the document, and which will be superfluous.

Be sure to specify all the data on education - the names of the university (universities), dates, specialty, if any - awards and titles, it is worth mentioning the presence of a "red" diploma or academic degree.

The most important point of an autobiography is the work experience section. Writing a resume suggests that this section should exceed all previous ones in size. Here it is necessary to clearly and structuredly mention all the places of work, completed tasks and projects, mention some features of the work performed and your merits. Do not use common phrases about your willingness to work in a team, the organizer's excellent abilities, or extensive experience in the field where the applicant wants to get a position. The facts and, possibly, the characteristics of the work done speak best of professionalism.

And finally:

To summarize, it should be said that writing a resume is quite complicated, but necessary. It is important that the drafted document be short (no more than one and a half to two pages) and specific, with clear wording and an expression of an active position. You should not be too verbose in the description of your experience and detail the reasons that made the applicant look for a new job. An important rule that CV writing should adhere to is informativeness and honesty, as well as preliminary preparation of a list of people who are ready to give positive recommendations to a candidate for a new position.

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