Is it possible to establish contact with aliens? Have aliens flown to Earth?

Back in the 1960s, the first attempt was made to get in touch with aliens using high technology. Then an astronomer named Frank Drake, in the hope of catching a signal from the aliens, sent his radio telescope to two sun-like stars. They are located at 11 light years from our planet. This experiment did not bear fruit. However, over the next half century, although we did not establish contact with aliens, we learned a little more about them.

Is there life in space

Firstly, recent studies show that life on our planet can survive in extremely extreme conditions. Microbes chewing methane live on the bottom of the ocean, in rocks. They are able to survive in an oxygen-poor environment, even at great depths. They can be found even in Antarctica, under a half-kilometer layer of ice, where sunlight has not penetrated for millions of years. If these microbes are able to survive in extreme conditions, it would be logical to assume that on other planets they could suffer such hardships.

contact with aliens

Secondly, the researchers found that liquid water, which is a hallmark of the existence of life on the planet, is not only on Earth. For example, Europe and Ganymede (the moons of Jupiter) hide large oceans beneath their arctic surface, which are somewhat reminiscent of terrestrial ones. Good prospects for life are also shown by many moons of Saturn. Titan, the most famous and largest satellite of Saturn, has a mysterious methane sea.

Third, scientists have discovered more than 1800 exoplanets outside the solar system. In the Milky Way, there may be about a trillion planets. Every fifth of them can be like the Earth. If even 1% of all the planets in the Milky Way are similar to Earth, the numbers will be very impressive. Therefore, researchers have long been looking for life in space.

Have aliens flown to Earth

There is a lot of evidence that extraterrestrial civilizations have visited our planet in ancient times. Some facts simply cannot be explained by anything else.

Take, for example, the “strange artifacts” discovered by archaeologists. The origin of these objects is clearly technogenic, but their age is estimated at hundreds of millions of years. During the construction of the bridge connecting Vladivostok with the Russian island, metal fragments were discovered in the thickness of the soil, whose age is 240 million years. Analyzes carried out in the laboratory showed that they are parts of high-precision mechanisms. But who could make them at that time?

The Lilliputian cemetery, found in 1937 on the border of Tibet and China, still haunts scientists. On one of the tombstones it is written that drops fell to Earth 13 thousand years ago, but their ship crashed, so they were forced to stay on our planet. Perhaps it was then that the first contact with aliens took place. One way or another, Lilliputians have lived in these places since then, whose growth does not exceed 120 cm. They call themselves descendants of drops.

how to get in touch with aliens

Another evidence that aliens have visited Earth is the Bible. In the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel, as well as in the Old Testament, technical devices are described that angels and even God used to descend to Earth. Of course, this casts doubt on the divine origin of these creatures, but it confirms the opinion that aliens have landed on our planet in ancient times. It may well be that many people, if not all of us, are of extraterrestrial origin.

So, you can not exclude contacts with aliens. The facts indicate that a meeting with them may well occur. People are getting ready to receive a signal from space. For this, a special program was even developed, which we will talk about now.

SETI program

SETI is the common name for events and projects aimed at contact with aliens and the search for extraterrestrial civilizations. Researchers working within the program dream of one thing: to catch a steady signal from representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence trying to connect with people. In 1989, they adopted a special protocol for contact with aliens, which was supplemented in 2010.

What to do if a UFO came in contact with you? Contacts with aliens, of course, cannot be kept secret. However, you must adhere to the following rules developed by SETI:

  • one who detects a signal must first make sure that it is an extraterrestrial mind, and not human or natural noise, that is its most probable source;
  • Before the result is made public, the one who received the signal must secretly warn SETI representatives so that they can confirm its existence and join efforts to study it;
  • the discoverer is required to notify the UN General Secretariat and the International Astronomical Society;
  • the signal should be answered only after consultation with international agencies.

Many space lovers have tried to establish contact with aliens. Alas, to date, all messages remain unanswered. Judging by the strangeness of many of these messages, this is even good, because it is not known what the aliens will think about humanity if they catch these signals. We invite you to get acquainted with the most famous and unusual attempts to establish contact with aliens.

Crop Circles

Currently, the appearance of bizarre geometric patterns in the fields is often attributed to aliens, but it was initially believed that this way was not aliens, but people trying to make contact with unknown races. So, Karl Friedrich Gauss, a famous German mathematician who was passionate about geodesy, decided in 1820: messages should be visible from a bird's eye view so that aliens could read them. Therefore, the mathematician suggested the following: it is necessary to cut down most of the Siberian taiga. She should be shaped into a huge triangle, and then seeded with rye.

how to make contact with aliens

This is not the only way proposed by Gauss to get in touch with aliens. It is known that he also invented a special device that emits light signals over long distances. It is called a helioscope. Its main function is geodetic measurements, however, using the reflected sunlight, the "father of mathematics" tried to establish contacts between aliens and earthlings.

After 20 years, Joseph von Littrow, an Austrian astronomer who believed that the moon was inhabited, proposed digging a round 30-kilometer trench in the Sahara desert. It was planned to fill it with kerosene, and set it on fire at night so that the inhabitants of the moon would notice us. It should be noted that both of these scientists - both Littrow and Gauss - believed that geometric figures are an ideal way to convey a message to aliens, since the entire Universe obeys mathematical laws.

Concentrated light

How can aliens communicate with humans? Contact, according to Charles Cro, can be made using light. This French poet and inventor, once having seen faded lights on the surface of Venus and Mars (they were probably some kind of meteorological phenomenon), decided that this was the light of alien cities. In 1867, Charles Cro wrote an “Overview of Possible Connections with Planets,” and after 2 years he proposed using a special parabolic mirror to “collect” electric light and then direct it towards Venus and Mars. At the same time, as this researcher believed, the rays must certainly blink in order to get a kind of Morse code.

Cro believed: the aliens will understand that this is a message, not the radiance of a star. However, the researcher doubted that small mirrors could solve such a difficult task. Therefore, he asked the French government to install a giant parabolic reflector somewhere in the desert. Unfortunately, the petition of the inventor was rejected; therefore, Cro's poetic dream of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence did not come true.

Records "Pioneers"

NASA in the early 70s of the last century launched into space unmanned spacecraft, known as the "Pioneer 10" and "Pioneer 11". They were faced with the task of exploring Jupiter and Saturn, respectively. However, these ships differed not only in complex technical stuffing. On their sides there were unusual plates made of anodized aluminum. Why were they needed?

Frank Drake and Carl Sagan, famous astronomers, believed that they would help the aliens understand where the Pioneers came from and why. On the plates attached to the ship, the Solar system was schematically depicted, the distance from the Sun to our planet is indicated. In addition, they depicted hydrogen atoms, a man and a woman.

first contact with aliens

Unfortunately, NASA lost contact with the Pioneer 10 ship in 2003, and with the Pioneer 11 after 2 years. Therefore, we never found out whether the aliens can understand these drawings. Skeptics are still arguing about whether this action was an important scientific research or just a waste of money. Maybe the aliens are in no hurry to contact us.

Cosmic messages sent by people have many shortcomings. They can be compared with time capsules. Let us recall, for example, the "crypt of civilization" located in the US state of Georgia (at Allthorpe University). This capsule is a room that was hermetically sealed in 1940. Inside, there are many objects, including the script for the movie Gone With the Wind and a pack of beer.

Crypta, of course, was conceived as a cast of the 20th century culture, addressed to the descendants of earthlings. But it, like intergalactic communication, gives a very vague idea of ​​the features of the era. It is planned to open in 6100 years. Will earthlings of those distant times understand the film "Gone with the Wind"?

Marek Kultis explains that for modern inhabitants of the Earth it is not difficult to interpret the schematic images of a woman and a man. However, if the “Pioneer” came to the aliens, they would probably think that a person is just a set of different parts of the body (hair, face, male pectoral muscles, represented in the figure as closed separate figures). Without knowing earthlings, one might think that they live on the surface of these figures and are long snakelike creatures (open lines that indicate knees, collarbones and stomach).

Arecibo Message

Almost at the same time as the launch of the Pioneers, astronomers actively discussed the question of whether it is possible to establish contact with an alien civilization using radio signals. It is known that they are not as susceptible to cosmic dust as light. In addition, radio signals have a longer wavelength. The same Sagan and Drake came up with a message consisting of 1679 digits. In it, they encrypted the DNA formula, as well as the atomic numbers of hydrogen, oxygen and other elements. In addition, the message contained numbers from 1 to 10 in the binary system.

Scientists November 16, 1974 transmitted from the Arecibo Observatory, located in Puerto Rico, a radio signal lasting 169 seconds. They sent him in the direction of the cluster of M13 stars, located at a distance of about 25 thousand light years from our planet. It turns out that even if representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence receive it, the first contact with aliens will take place at least 40 thousand years later.

Gold plate

The American Space Agency in 1977 launched two more spacecraft, the task of which was to study the distant planets of our solar system. We are talking about the apparatus "Voyager-1" and "Voyager-2." Each of them was equipped with a gold plate on which musical compositions, various languages, sounds of nature were recorded, as well as there were images telling about earthlings. All the same, Karl Sagan this time came up with a needle installation scheme to be engraved on the aluminum cases of these plates so that the aliens could reproduce the message. Also included was an instruction for converting video signals into an image. In addition, it was indicated at what speed these records should be played.

real contact with aliens

Today, both of these vehicles flew to the edge of the solar system. They are the most distant artificial objects from the Earth. Both of these devices still send signals to our planet, however, we still have not received a response from space.

"Space Call"

Zaitsev Arkady Leonidovich, a Russian physicist studying asteroid radiolocation, came up with his own way to make contact with aliens. He has already sent at least 5 interstellar messages, among which there are multi-page ones. Back in 1999, he sent his first "space call" as part of the Contact Team project created by the state. This "call" was addressed to four stars at once. The radio message of Zaitsev was multi-page and contained the Rosetta stone. So ufologists call the bitmap, which presents an encyclopedia of knowledge about the world that belongs to humanity.

In 2003, a second "space call" was cast. In content, it was almost identical to the first, but it contained more information about the people themselves. Both the first and second messages were sent using a planetary radar located in Yevpatoria (Ukraine). Unfortunately, when asked whether there is contact with aliens, Arkady Leonidovich is still forced to answer in the negative. But it is possible that the messages still reach the addressees.

By the way, Zaitsev did not limit himself to the above, trying to understand how to make contact with aliens. He came up with the following: together with the team to send another radio message into space, which was carried out by him in 2001. To accomplish this task, he attracted schoolchildren from Moscow, Voronezh, Kaluga and Zheleznogorsk. This time the content of the message was very simple. Instead of mathematics and other complex things, there was art: the schoolchildren helped the scientist pick up music for representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, and he sent a radio wave towards Big Dipper, as well as to five other stars that have solar systems. So when will contact with aliens take place? If we are not alone in the universe, the “green men” will be able to enjoy the works of Vivaldi, Beethoven and Gershwin already in 2047.

Doritos Advertising

EISCAT is a research institute, which in 2008 distinguished itself by a very extravagant act. For six consecutive hours, the institute broadcast an advertisement for Doritos chips into space. It is funny that the main purpose of this large-scale action was to attract the attention of not aliens, but earthlings. The fact is that the European Scientific Association greatly cut funding, which is why it was in dire need of money.

Alien contacts with earthlings

Broadcast advertising was carried out in the form of an MPEG code and was carried out using a radar. The target audience for this ad was potential residents of a dwarf galaxy located in the constellation Ursa Major, located just 42 light years from our planet. It is not known how aliens will react to this advertisement. Contacts, eyewitness accounts and the opinions of scientists do not give a clear answer to this question. Representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations remain a mystery to us.

Latest photos

Since the end of the world, expected in 2012, did not take place, the name "Recent Photos" today sounds irrelevant. This cosmic message is a capsule with images of our planet and its inhabitants. She is currently plowing the vastness of the universe. The capsule was sent into space in order to find aliens and tell them about our existence, if for some reason life on planet Earth ever breaks.

Artist Trevor Paglen is the author of this interesting project. He successfully took advantage of the hype that arose around the apocalypse to show the world his photographs. Paglen must be given credit - his work is delightful. They represent the whole life of mankind. For five years, the photographer consulted with the best scientists and philosophers of our time to make the most realistic pictures possible. Then Paglen recorded them on a special ultra-archival disc, and then sent them into outer space.


Attempts to establish contact with aliens are usually based on the use of advanced technologies. Nevertheless, there are people who claim that they do not need equipment to communicate with aliens. One of them is Dr. Stephen Greer, who became famous for the documentary "Sirius", dedicated to representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence. Stephen Greer knows how to get in touch with aliens. Several times a year, this person recruits groups of volunteers, and then takes them to secluded corners. He holds meditation sessions with them, in which beings from outer space allegedly participate.

aliens contacts stories

Of course, it has not been proved in any way that these are real contacts with aliens. However, Greer says they manage to establish a connection with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. In these sessions, volunteers reach a higher level of consciousness, as a result of which they not only understand how to get in touch with aliens, but also recall past reincarnations. Hopefully, Greer and his team will one day not be frightened off by alien intelligence who really want to chat with people.


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