Smart Enamel Diamond Coating: Customer Reviews

Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive, making every effort to care for her appearance. An important role in creating and maintaining the image of an elegant, self-confident beauty is the appearance of nails. Design and maintenance require a certain amount of time and money. The range of smart enamel nail care products at fairly low, affordable prices, has high quality indicators and enjoys well-deserved popularity among the fair half of humanity.

About the manufacturing company

The Smart Enamel collection of products was developed and put into production by the American corporation Frenchi Product, Inc., a recognized leader in the production of products designed to care for natural nails. The success of the care products from this company and their popularity among users is due to the perfectly balanced composition of the products. Research conducted by the company’s specialists allowed us to achieve the optimal ratio of active, nutritional and protective components in each preparation, which led to their high efficiency in the treatment, prevention and decorative care of nail plates.

The company employs true professionals who are constantly improving their products in accordance with the most modern methods and technologies. In the production of nail care products, we use the latest highly effective components as well as the proven, well-proven natural active ingredients.

The Smart Enamel series allows you to make nail care convenient, affordable and of high quality.

Smart Enamel Collection

In the cosmetics market, the Smart Enamel collection stands out as the most complete and comprehensive solution to the problems associated with nail and cuticle care. It includes twenty-eight complementary drugs that should be used in combination. Their action is aimed at treating nails, as well as at preventive and decorative care for them. The entire line of tools is divided into eight groups, each of which is able to cope with a specific therapeutic task.

Smart Enamel Product Line

A distinctive feature of the Smart Enamel collection is the absence of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and toluene in the composition of the preparations. The developed formulas are distinguished by a balanced combination of components, allowing you to make nail care as deep and effective as possible. All means of the collection, regardless of their purpose, necessarily contain vitamins, vegetable oils and trace elements necessary for the health of both the nail plate and the cuticle.

Coating for nails “Smart enamel”: “Diamond coating”

This drug is used to strengthen nails and at the same time to make their surface perfectly smooth and smooth. According to reviews, “Smart Enamel Diamond Coating” is applied to the plate in the form of a thin protective film, which remarkably smoothes out all its irregularities. It contains the finest diamond powder, which gives the nails a very beautiful chic shine.

The appearance of the bottle

Also, according to reviews, the Smart Enamel Diamond Coating nail polish coating has the following advantages:

  • Transforms the appearance of painted plates, giving them shine and gloss, creating the effect of a perfectly smooth, even surface.
  • This result lasts for several days, increasing the service life of the varnish by two to three times.
  • Reducing the consumption of the latter allows you to save money on its acquisition.
  • The price of the product is low and affordable.
  • The product has a comfortable texture - thick enough not to spread, but at the same time easy to apply.

Reviews of "Smart Enamel Diamond Coating" also contain some warnings about its features.

Coating features

This product has a blue translucent hue, it can distort the shade of varnish, on top of which the coating is applied. For a dark color - black or purple - such a distortion does not matter, it is simply invisible. But on light varnish, white, beige, pink, etc., the blue tint becomes too noticeable, changing the color of the nails is not for the better. In a transparent version, this coverage does not exist.

Dark polish manicure

At the same time, according to other customer reviews, “Smart Enamel Diamond Coating”, acquired just for the effect of creating a blue color, does not have a similar shade on nails. This disagreement is probably due to differences in the quality of the varnish on which the composition was applied. Users note in their reviews of "Smart Enamel" ("Diamond coating") that as a result of its application, the surface of the nails becomes smooth and smooth, gloss is added, the applied drawing dries faster than without an additional layer. It really helps to greatly extend the life of manicure. As a positive point, the presence of a convenient thick brush with firmly fixed bristles is also noted.

The effect of the use of this tool largely depends on its composition. The main components included in the preparation are vitamins A and E. They are the most necessary for health and proper nail growth. Therefore, the release of “Smart Enamel” diamond coating with vitamins A and E fully justifies itself and allows achieving not only a decorative, but also a therapeutic effect with its use.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A or retinol is one of the most important, useful and necessary elements for nails. It affects the proper growth of the plates, their formation, and also promotes proper metabolism and protects nails from fungus. With its deficiency, they grow curved, fragile and thin, exfoliate and break.

To avoid these problems, you need to not only include retinol-rich foods in your diet, but also apply it externally, applying directly to the nail plates in the form of the preparations in which it is contained. It is for this purpose that manufacturers introduced vitamin A into the Smart Enamel Diamond Coating. Reviews indicate that as a result of using the drug, the nails look healthier and stronger.

The use of enamel "Diamond coating" without varnish

Vitamin E

Vitamin A is absorbed significantly worse if the body has a shortage of another vitamin - E or tocopherol. It belongs to the group of antioxidants, helps to improve metabolism and rejuvenate the body. Vitamin E helps fight brittleness and dryness of nails, and also helps to improve blood circulation, which favorably affects their nutrition.

Vitamin E deficiency is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • increased dryness of nails;
  • thickening of the edges of the plates;
  • lamination and fragility of nails;
  • the appearance of burrs and drying out of the cuticle.

The inclusion of these vitamins in the basis of the "Smart Enamel" Diamond coating, according to reviews, allows you to completely protect yourself from this kind of problems.

How to use the tool

The instructions for “Smart Enamel Diamond Coating” indicate that this preparation is intended for all types of nails and acts as follows: it creates a film on a fresh manicure that makes the varnish brighter and protects it from scratches. The product is available in fifteen milliliter bottles. .

The composition is applied to dry nails, varnished in one or two layers. It can be used as a standalone tool, making directly plates that are not varnished. In this case, two to three layers of the drug should be applied daily to dry, clean nails.

How is the coating applied?

Contraindication to the use of enamel is its individual intolerance. Store the product in a dry place where light does not get.

User Tips

In reviews, there are often tips on how best to use this tool to achieve the best result. It is noted that it must be applied to very dry nails. That is, not for fresh manicure, but one to two hours after they are stained with varnish. If this time interval is not maintained, the latter may simply curl up. This tool is spent very economically, it is enough for a long time.

Application process

It is noted that this coating has a pungent odor, which, however, is characteristic of many preparations of the Smart Enamel collection.

Negative reviews

Negative reviews about this drug are related to the fact that users who applied it directly to nails expected to get a rich blue coating, while the product was designed to get a transparent film with a slight, barely noticeable blue tint. In all other respects, the product is fully consistent with the declared properties.

Beautiful nails

A careful reading of the instructions and its correct implementation guarantees a lasting positive effect from the use of "Smart Enamel Diamond Coating". Regular nail polish fixed on the nails with the help of this drug lasts on the nails twice as long as without it, and does not fade, despite the effects of adverse factors during washing, washing dishes, cleaning, etc.


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