How to develop a beautiful English handwriting

It seems that a beautiful handwriting is a relic of the past. The modern world with its gadgets, short texts and audio messages has left the art of beautiful writing for true fans of calligraphy. But you have to write by hand. And not only in their native language. A legible English handwriting can tell a lot about the personality of a writer. How to develop a beautiful English handwriting? Take expert advice into account.

English handwriting

Psychologists have long proved that there is a direct connection between handwriting and consciousness. So, good-natured people have a more rounded handwriting, and people prone to quick decisions write letters with sharp corners. Studying English, a person is forced to learn to write foreign words. And the usual style is no longer suitable, so you have to create an "English style" for yourself artificially. And work on a beautiful, clear handwriting can change some personality traits. Forcing himself to remember and practice writing unfamiliar letters, a person automatically trains his memory and logical thinking. Such work also promotes concentration and a smoother flow of thoughts. The main thing is that such a handwriting is then understood not only by the writer, which means that it becomes the basis for communication in a foreign language.

Useful prescriptions

Printed letters

Many native speakers write in block letters. They also teach writing at school and in foreign language courses. Learning to write in block letters is also easier because there is always an example from textbooks and books in front of your eyes. It is easier for children to master printed letters than adults, since for them there is no difference in the spelling of Russian and English letters. At the very beginning of training, the future handwriting in the English alphabet manifests itself best. We can conclude what to look for. Adults sometimes experience difficulties, since printed letters require more concentration and they need to be displayed longer than written ones.

More workout

Written letters

Those who want to learn the written letters, I can quite find an example of the English alphabet in a beautiful handwriting on the Web. There are paid and free calligraphy courses, numerous videos, and even theory books. The only difficulty is that not all letters of the written English alphabet are similar to the usual printed ones. Therefore, to write beautiful monograms, you will also have to learn the alphabet again. Another argument against such a letter is that not everyone, even English speakers, knows how to read italics. But the ability to write in beautiful written letters, however, gives extra points when hiring or communicating in high society.

Uppercase English alphabet

How to write beautifully

Regardless of how it is preferable to write, there are several general recommendations for everyone who wants to learn how to write beautifully in English:

  • Take good tools. It can be a convenient pen or pencil and suitable paper. The price in this case does not matter. The anatomical features of the hand, the โ€œspeedโ€ of the shaft and the quality of the paper are important.
  • Take a comfortable position. When teaching writing, they often talk about the correct grip of the pen, but forget about the position of the body and paper. Itโ€™s better to sit upright, but comfortable. Do not squeeze the handle or press paper against the edge of the table. In general, the position of the body and arms should be comfortable and relaxed. Excessive stress always affects the handwriting, even if it's just block letters. You need to write with your whole hand, and not with a brush, to avoid fatigue.
  • Write scribbles. Before you can develop English handwriting, you need to learn how to have a good hand. It is worth trying to write in the air to master the movement with all your hand. And then remember the children's scribbles, which will greatly help then smoothly combine the letters into words.
Writing practice
  • Circle an example. Examples of English handwriting are easy to find on the Internet. Try to circle the examples you like to automate the skill. Then this skill will come in handy when your own style appears.
  • Train. Any business needs training. If the handwriting is really important, you should give it a little time every day. Experts advise to rewrite short interesting texts so that the letter is not mechanical, but conscious. Do not bore yourself with long workouts, because it can demotivate even the most enthusiastic person. Just donโ€™t forget about it.
Clear handwriting example

Handwriting is unique, like a face or fingerprints. The validity of good handwriting is evident not only in school, but also in adulthood. Psychologists and graphologists are working on the secrets of handwriting. Freehand signing of cards is considered a good form. No wonder some large companies are asked to attach a cover letter by hand. In this case, work on the English handwriting will bear fruit.


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