Foil Nail Design: Five Effective Options

To properly complete the design of nails with foil, you first need to determine its type. On sale there are many varieties of this popular material, each of them has its own characteristics in use.

Types of Nail Foil

  1. The transfer foil is applied to the adhesive base. This is a very convenient, simple and affordable variety of this decorative material. It is sold in small rolls, it can be of various shades, with patterns, for example, in the form of snake skin.
  2. Sheet foil is sold either in sheets or in rolls. It is a particularly thin form of ordinary metallized "paper", can be multi-colored or with embossed patterns. Any elements can be cut from it.
  3. Harvested foil is sold in jars and is thin pieces, similar to gold leaf. Presented in different shades. Nail design with such decorative material is popular among professionals working with acrylic and gel.
  4. Minx foil is a sticker on the nails, repeating their shape, they are fixed under the influence of temperature.
  5. Thin strips of foil. Sold in rolls and designed for decorating the finished manicure.

Consider the design features with each look. The common thing in them is that, in addition to conventional tools, a fair amount of patience is needed - such a manicure is too bright and noticeable to hide any flaws.

Transfer foil for nails. How to use

Its advantage is that you can set aside scissors: you don’t need to cut anything. Nail design with foil of this kind is simple and quick. Cover your nails with a base varnish, dry it, then apply a thin layer of glue. Gently attach the foil with the matte side to the nail, with a cotton swab, carefully smooth it. Then take off with a quick but clear movement. The transfer layer will remain on the nail, in your hands will be only a thin film with a “fingerprint” of the nail. The more evenly you apply the base coat and glue, the more accurate the result. After a few hours, cover the finished manicure with a top to hold it better, otherwise such a design will delight you only one day. Transfer foil for nails may also be suitable for highlighting parts of the nail, such as corners.

nail design with foil

Sheet foil

Nail design with foil, which is sold in sheets, can be very different: you can cut out any small elements from it or stick it on the entire nail, achieving a mirror effect. To fix it, you will need a special glue, which is easy to find in specialized stores, or an ordinary transparent varnish. The elements of the desired shape are glued to the lacquered, but not yet dried up varnish, dried, then coated with a fixative. Thus, you can make a jacket with foil or highlight the corners. If you use glue, then it should also be applied to the varnish base that has not yet completely dried out. To manipulate this material, it is better to purchase tweezers, with your hands there is a risk of tearing it. If you want to get even metal nails with this foil, you have to work hard. Firstly, sharp scissors will need to cut blanks in the shape of nails. They will have to be slightly incised so that they can be evenly distributed over the convex nail. Then they are applied to a still dry transparent varnish and gently smooth. The difficulty is that the foil is quite thin, but not elastic, and it is not so easy to put it without creases or wrinkles.

foil for nails how to use

Reaped foil

Nail design with foil of this kind is undoubtedly a festive option. It is also attached with glue. It is convenient to apply to individual fragments of the nail. The simplest, but very effective design option is small shiny pieces of foil between several layers of gel. Such an aquarium manicure looks both airy and catchy. On natural nails, you can also do something spectacular. To do this, apply the base coat, dry it. Then apply glue. A pre-prepared piece of foil of the desired shape is taken with tweezers and applied to the desired location, then pressed with a wooden stick or any other suitable tool. The finished design is covered with transparent varnish. Thus, you can make a spectacular mosaic manicure, combining various shades of foil and much more.

transfer foil for nails

Minx Foil

Minx foil nail design is not necessarily a shiny mirror finish. It can be predatory prints, floral patterns, a plaid, and much more. How is this foil applied? First, a nail plate is prepared, the nails are polished, polished, disinfected and degreased. Then they select a suitable Minx plate, all the excess can be cut in advance or after the sticker is already on the nail. Then a shiny strip with a pattern is removed from the base and heated slightly in the rays of an infrared lamp to make it more elastic, after that a strip is applied to the nail with the cuticle removed in advance. It’s better to wield an orange stick, which is suitable for removing the sticker from the base, for moving the cuticle as well, and for smoothing the sticker on the nail. Then the stickers are additionally pressed with your fingers. Then with a nail file you can cut off all the extra parts of the stickers. Now comes the stage of consolidation. Nails are placed under the lamp and warmed up. In the end, it is desirable to cover the finished design with a top. As you can see, such stickers do not even need a base. The main thing is the most smooth surface of the nail. This manicure is removed very simply - you need to hold your nails in hot water for about 5 minutes.

transfer foil for nails

foil for nails how to use

Nail Design with Foil Stripes

These strips are universal and very easy to use. They are glued to the dry varnish, all the excess is cut off with manicure scissors, the result is fixed with a top coating. It is very convenient to make multi-color manicure with strips, since they can hide not quite neat borders between varnishes of different shades. A jacket with such a foil looks very fashionable and stylish: cover your nails with the same color varnish, for example, dark blue. On the free edge, slightly backing away from the end, lay one or two thin strips of gold or silver foil . Gently squeeze the sharp end of the orange stick. Dry and fix the finished drawing with the top. If the manicure is done carefully, then the attention and delight of those around is provided.

foil for nails how to use

As you can see, the design of nails with foil is not only shiny chrome nails. This is also a lot of opportunities that are simply created for creative natures. Experiment and surprise others with an original manicure!


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