Is dependency a social phenomenon?

We all heard the word “dependent”. It arose as a scientific term, but over time it acquired purely negative semantic features. Dependency - this is a well-known phenomenon, consisting in the abandonment of the individual from worries about their own material content.

However, what is this phenomenon in our society? Is it possible today to talk about social dependency? Consider these issues in more detail.

Definition of a concept

So, this word finds its definition in different dictionaries. In general, it means the following: the desire to live at the expense of others, the renunciation of one's social responsibilities. Dependency is a personality trait found in many people.

For example, an adult son who is able to earn money on his own lives with his mother. He indulges in his hobbies, communicates with friends when, as his already far middle-aged parent, is forced to work several jobs to feed her unconscious offspring.

Or another example, when dependency is a way of life. My daughter got used to solve all her questions with the help of her parents. And although she is married and has her own child, she nevertheless shifts all household concerns to the shoulders of her parents and husband, she herself, being a successful actress, is either at work, or on the road, or filming.

Such examples of this behavior are well known. However, we will consider a more complex issue. This is a phenomenon such as social dependency.

dependency is

What is this type of behavior?

According to psychologists, this behavior is associated with the conscious desire of the individual to shift social responsibility for his actions on the shoulders of other people. This behavior is carefully studied by the psychology of work. Its essence is as follows.

Workers in the team are in no hurry to “give all the best” to the full program. Often they imitate their work, try to avoid responsibility. The employee seeks, as it were, to get lost in the crowd, to avoid part of the tasks assigned to him. This phenomenon is associated with both elementary laziness and the characteristics of a person’s character. Also, often people tend not to overwork, so that they do not seem like a workaholic against the background of other workers and avoid social condemnation on their part.

social dependency

To the issue of preventing social dependency

Naturally, employers think about this issue. Various measures are selected to encourage workers to work. Among them are the accounting of individual achievements, and piecework wages, etc.

All of these measures are important. After all, dependency is not only a personal vice of the employee, but also a phenomenon that causes significant losses to the company.


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