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What is a zero home construction cycle? To begin with, depending on the operational characteristics of the building, various foundation options can be used. But quality can not be inexpensive. Indeed, up to 25% of all costs associated with the construction of a new building are spent on its construction.

zero cycle home construction


The zero cycle in the construction of a private house is a crucial stage. The quality and reliability of the foundation directly affects the duration of the service life, as well as comfort in the future building.

It is the foundation that will determine both the material for the walls and the roof structure, and not vice versa. It is important to think over the project of the house, to calculate the force with which the walls and roof will press on the foundation. If the construction is carried out without a quality project, the erected building may soon go underground.

building construction zero cycle

Preliminary work

What is geodetic work of a zero cycle of construction? The condition of the soil on a particular plot of land affects the choice of foundation for a new house.

Soil can be peaty and sandy. Each of the presented options is designed for its own, strictly defined type of foundation. To determine the type of soil, it is important to conduct a geological survey.

This type of work is expensive, but thanks to the results you will clearly know all the nuances of the soil. Therefore, you can make the right choice of foundation. It is better to spend money at the initial stage of construction than to demolish the erected building and build from scratch. It will cost much more.

specifics of the organization of the foundation

What does the definition include?

The zero construction cycle is a whole range of preparatory measures, starting with soil treatment and ending with the creation of the required underground utilities. Among those actions that relate to him, they distinguish:

  • excavation;

  • monolith construction to zero;

  • foundation construction;

  • waterproofing structures;

  • backfill.

Zero construction cycle - this is work related to the drainage of the construction site, water drainage. Such events are especially relevant for the northern regions of the Russian Federation, where moist swampy soils prevail.

organization specifics in construction

Work in progress

Where does the zero construction cycle begin? This is, first of all, high-quality soil reinforcement - a “pillow”. For its formation, sand or gravel is poured into the foundation, which does not allow the soil to compress. Then various communications are laid: sewer, pipeline, heat, cable networks, gas. Further installed floors, waterproofing the basement. Sinuses fall asleep, compacting the soil. For the same purpose they put overlapping.

Zero construction cycle is the foundation of the future building. The reliability and functionality of the entire building directly depends on these works. We list the main actions that should be carried out at this stage:

  • digging a pit;

  • water supply, lowering the level of groundwater;

  • installation of reinforced concrete base;

  • installation of walls, beams, basement basement;

  • underground utilities (heating, sewage, water supply);

  • laying under the floors of a concrete base;

  • waterproofing the basement and foundation walls;

  • sinus densification and filling;

  • installation of the building.

The sequence of organization in construction: zero cycle, foundation pit, walls, roofing, interior decoration. Only in case of its observance can one count on the construction of a high-quality and durable structure.

The cost of an apartment on the zero construction cycle is much lower, so many citizens try to purchase housing at the “foundation pit” stage.

trench zero cycle

The basis for a wooden house

Since brick and wood have different weights, a lighter foundation can be used when building a new wooden house. As a result, construction costs will be significantly reduced, and the process of building a building will accelerate. Do not forget that you first need to decide on the roof, pick up materials for internal and external decoration.

If a lightweight foundation is chosen, it is recommended that all work be entrusted to professionals. It is better not to engage in construction on your own if you do not have the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

At the slightest deviation from the existing regulatory framework, you can get problems with the further operation of the building.

Since the main purpose of any foundation is to maintain the weight of the main structure of the building, it is necessary to control the position of the walls (so that they remain flat), the appearance of cracks and other significant defects.

For wood, seasonal accumulation of moisture is characteristic, and therefore the foundation for such walls must meet certain requirements. After the walls are erected, the process of natural shrinkage begins. Its duration is an average of 1-2 years. During this period, it is not recommended to perform work related to interior and exterior decoration of the house.

Tape or column foundation? This issue in each case is resolved separately. Therefore, it is difficult to give a definite answer - it is better to trust the opinion of specialists.

zero cycle in the construction of a private house

Foundation in winter time

To erect it in the cold season is undesirable. Do this only in the most emergency cases. If there is time, then it is better to postpone this work.

If there is an urgent need to create a foundation in the winter, then it is quite possible to do this. But to get a quality result, it is important to follow some rules.

Thanks to modern technologies used in construction, a foundation can be made of good quality. Most often, in suburban construction, a strip foundation is used, which involves the preparation of a foundation pit. Try to control that it does not have groundwater. Determining their presence is quite easy, because when digging a foundation pit, its bottom will be covered with a layer of ice. Therefore, if it is, measures must be taken to eliminate groundwater.

Important points

Many builders believe that during the construction of the foundation in the winter there is a violation of the technological chain. This, in turn, leads to the fact that it will be fragile and will not last long. If you add special additives to the cement mortar, you can get rid of a similar problem. However, it is important to remember here that it is allowed to carry out work at a temperature not lower than -30 ° C.

Also a good option to solve the problems associated with the construction of the foundation in the winter, we can consider the use of ready-made concrete structures. Such a trick will significantly accelerate its construction in the cold season. In addition, finished designs will eliminate the "wet" option. This, in turn, will guarantee the reliability and strength of the structure.


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