Ecstasy, symptoms and effects

Many people know about the existence of such a chemical drug as ecstasy. And some are even familiar with its effect. Ecstasy, however, is not only capable of uplifting and giving a feeling of lightness. There are changes in the body. What exactly happens when taking this drug? This and much more will be discussed in detail in the review.

Bit of history

Ecstasy is a drug that is one of the many varieties of a chemical drug. It was developed in 1912. This was done by specialists from the Merck company. The main component of the substance is methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Ecstasy is a psychoactive drug. The drug did not immediately become popular.

Ecstasy drug

The first time was used by the American military. They tried to determine how effective the ecstasy is in waging psychological warfare. A few years later, the drug began to be used in the treatment of extreme degrees of inhibition.

Ecstasy pills have begun to gain popularity since the 80s. The drug was used during parties to combat depression. They also tried to “find happiness” with the help of the substance. This is what attracted young people the most. Until 1985, the drug was legal. Its use was not limited to the authorities, and distribution was not prosecuted by law. However, later the action of ecstasy was recognized as dangerous. After that, they began to distribute it illegally.

A new stage in history

Quite often, the concept of ecstasy is associated with MDMA. Such an abbreviation is unfamiliar to many. In fact, it is just an abbreviation for the main component of the drug. At the present stage, drug dealers practically label ecstasy on all drugs, the effect of which resembles this drug at least a little.

Narcologists warn that under modern conditions, under the name of ecstasy, substances of a completely different origin can be hidden. This is heroin, and LSD, and cocaine, and amphetamines, and methamphetamines. Some people do drugs using components like rat poison and caffeine. Because of this, many die after the first intake of the substance.

Depending on the form of release, two types of ecstasy can be distinguished: tableted preparations and liquid. Ecstasy pills come across much more often. To lull vigilance, merchants often place bright pictures on boxes with the drug, which show carelessness, the beauty of life - all that attracts young people so much at parties.

The whole danger of such narcotic substances only increases due to the occurrence of addiction. And if for the first time a young man can be given a drug with a classic composition, then subsequently they will begin to palm off products with obscure and unknown components.

Liquid substance reduces the activity of the nervous system. It can be found in household products that are used to clean pipes, mop, and degrease surfaces. Dealers usually sell tablet drugs.

Narcotic epidemic

The false information that is spread by drug dealers has led practically to an ecstasy drug use epidemic. Its popularity has increased significantly over the past few years. This is largely due to the colorful and vivid picture drawn in the media and the Internet by those involved in the sale of narcotic substances.

Party drug

Ecstasy pills can be distributed among young people under a variety of names. Ecstasy is called "Cadillac", "Beans", "Vitamin E", "Disks", "Love", "Clarity", etc. Mostly it is used by adolescents to cheer themselves up. However, the consequences are often more severe.

What happens when you take a substance?

The effect of ecstasy is aimed at changing the mind. This effect can manifest itself in different ways.

  1. There is a feeling of lightness, the muscles relax.
  2. “Brakes” disappear.
  3. There is a feeling of warmth.
  4. Ecstasy tablets contribute to increased perception.
  5. There is a feeling of vivacity, consciousness becomes clear, bad thoughts disappear.
  6. A person who has accepted ecstasy begins to trust even strangers, and is open.
  7. The mood improves quickly.
  8. There is a state of excitement.

The effect of ecstasy usually begins to appear 20 minutes after administration. However, it may take 40 minutes. After that, the stage begins when the effect is maximum. It will last about an hour. At this time, you can observe slight tingling in the limbs, the heartbeat accelerates, there is an expansion of the pupils.

When the action of ecstasy is completed completely (after 3-6 hours), depression and emotional emptiness appear sharply, insomnia begins to torment, convulsive jaw spasms occur. There are other negative consequences, which will be discussed later.

How does addiction develop?

There is an erroneous opinion that ecstasy tablets do not lead to addiction. However, this is not the case. Drug use is associated with a number of risks.

  1. Use of unknown ingredients may result in death after the first dose. It was determined that only 10% of the preparations possess the original chemical composition. The rest contains dangerous toxins.
  2. Dose increase. It should be noted that each time the effect of ecstasy is becoming weaker and weaker. This leads to an increase in dosage. As a result, you can simply die from side effects, or a strong dependence will appear.
  3. Buyers need an “anti-hangover”. After the end of the action of the tablets, patients usually begin to suffer both mentally and physically. To stop such torment, they are ready to use the drug again and again.
  4. Ignorance. For some reason, many people believe that the consequences of the use of ecstasy simply do not exist, this is a fiction. But it is about them that the conversation will go further.
The price of the drug is too high

Serious harm to the drug

The substance is very harmful. And this was proved by many scientists who conducted a variety of experiments. The results were unexpected even for specialists.

  1. Taking a drug negatively affects the liver. Over time, it simply ceases to function. And in some cases, even a transplant will not help.
  2. Narcotic substance is a mystery even for specialists.
  3. There is such an effect of ecstasy on the body as dehydration. A heart attack may also occur.
  4. The kidneys suffer from ecstasy, even if the pill was not taken for a long time.
  5. A variety of impurities lead to the fact that people under ecstasy begin to see hallucinations. And not always good and pleasant. Sometimes they lead to suicide.
  6. There is a loss of self-preservation, coordination is disturbed, and body temperature rises.
  7. After administration, a depressive state appears more and more often, nightmares begin to torment during sleep. Memory is impaired and paranoid inclinations appear.
  8. Cerebral hemorrhage. It happens in connection with an increase in body temperature up to 42 degrees. Hyperthermia results in cramps, protein denaturation, and muscle necrosis.
  9. The sodium content is reduced. In this regard, you can encounter such a serious problem as cerebral edema.
  10. Blood coagulability sharply increases, which, in turn, leads to the formation of blood clots. This is followed by a sharp decrease in coagulation and death.

Also often there are problems with the skin. Ecstasy can lead to obesity, and in especially neglected situations, reproductive function decreases.

How to understand that a person used a drug?

Ecstasy is accompanied by some characteristic symptoms. They will begin to appear in 30 minutes. They are able to hold for 8 hours. Sometimes the effect lasts for several days. People just feel alert, begin to make sudden movements and are not able to stop at any action. Usually they jump from one task to another. And they do it abruptly, for no apparent reason. Ecstasy people love to communicate and try to bodily get closer to others. Another symptom is the febrile condition of the drug addict.

The combination of ecstasy and alcohol

The greatest danger in itself is taking ecstasy and alcohol at the same time. The likelihood of death increases several times. This is demonstrated by the statistics of hospital admissions. As soon as the drug began to be sold in clubs, the number of deaths increased sharply. Why are ecstasy and alcohol dangerous?

Ecstasy and alcohol

Such deplorable consequences can be explained by an increase in the load on the heart muscle. In addition, the substance in its pure form is almost not sold. And the use of unknown compounds with alcohol can lead to unpredictable consequences. Up to serious poisoning.

The price of ecstasy can be quite high, as expensive components are used. For example, amphetamine and methamphetamine are cheaper. The wholesale cost of a drug can be $ 10 (620 rubles) per pill. With retail sales, the price of ecstasy rises to $ 30 (1860 rubles) on average. But this is nothing compared to the consequences described above.

False representations

Listed below are a number of misconceptions regarding ecstasy.

  1. Ecstasy is an aphrodisiac. It is often called the drug of love. And this is precisely what leads to the emergence of the belief that a substance is capable of giving unimaginable sexual arousal. However, the drug, on the contrary, suppresses sexual desire. Rather, it evokes a feeling of childishness and innocence, and there is no talk of any sexuality.
  2. Lack of negative experience. There is an opinion that a drug can bring happiness without dire consequences. However, all that has been described above suggests that ecstasy is not a harmless drug.
  3. People under ecstasy are harmless, they can be fully trusted. It is believed that drug addicts taking this drug are loving. They will not steal and insult. Violence is alien to them. However, in reality, such people are not at all like angels. A drug reveals in man all his secret desires. Therefore, among drug addicts there are so many sexual perverts and criminals.
  4. The best antidepressant. Naturally, the addict will feel euphoria in the first hours of using the drug. But how long does ecstasy last? In fact, in this state a person will not be too long. After about 8 hours, anxiety, depression and psychosis will come instead of euphoria.
  5. The use of ecstasy will not lead to the purchase of heavier drugs. This is also a false belief. Over time, the effect begins to weaken, and the addict has to either increase the dosage or purchase other heavier drugs.
The effects of ecstasy

First aid

Influencing a narcotic substance on the body begins almost instantly. Therefore, doctors may simply not have time to get to the place of poisoning. It is for this reason that it is necessary not only to call an ambulance, but also to independently study the condition of the affected person.

First of all, it is necessary to analyze vital indicators. If they deviate from the norm, resuscitation measures will be required. It should be understood that action is required quickly.

It is necessary:

  1. Bring the patient into consciousness.
  2. Cover it with ice packs to lower body temperature.
  3. Drink plenty of clean water.

Health care providers will begin to bring the patient to life with the help of saline solutions. They must be administered intravenously. At the present stage, there is no universal antidote. There are not even effective drugs that can get rid of the consequences. For this reason, treatment may be delayed. Doctors do not advise taking a drug if health for a person plays an important role.

Drug uplifting

During treatment, narcologists and psychologists can work with the patient. Everything should happen according to a clear plan.

  1. Motivational talk. The patient must be convinced that the poor condition is associated with an ecstasy drug. Motivation helps to awaken the desire to live and be healthy.
  2. Suggestions and beliefs.
  3. Hypnotherapy will help remove the foci of the disease from the subconscious, replace them with new, healthier habits and beliefs.
  4. Coding methods. They are based on the suppression of cravings for drugs.

When the main course is completed, it is necessary to undergo rehabilitation. In the case of competent treatment, the outcome is expected to be positive. The main thing is that no relapse occurs.


Of course, both the sale of ecstasy and its storage are punishable by law. However, drug dealers are ready to go for it, because illegal sales can bring very big profits. What can an ecstasy drug use lead to? The most important negative consequence is that this is the first stage of drug addiction.

Drug of love

Long-term use of the drug leads to the fact that the addict thinks about the use of stronger substances. This means that the treatment should be more serious, and rehabilitation will be longer.


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