How to become beautiful in 11 years? Find out!

Boys are future men. Many mothers emphasize this in an appeal to their son. Many teenagers want to know how to become a handsome guy in the future to like girls. After ten years, puberty and active growth begin.

The sebaceous and sweat glands develop vigorously . Often, routine hygiene is inadequate. Boys need special skin care products. Just like teenage girls. The skin may be oily, normal, or dry. Therefore, care for it should be different.

How to become beautiful in 11 years?

First you need to pay attention to the face. After all, always the first glance falls on him. If the skin glistens, looks unhealthy, then this is a greasy type. This will not make a teenager attractive. Acne and a rash may appear. It is recommended to wash more often, to cleanse the skin with special products containing a small amount of alcohol, substances for drying and an antibacterial base. You can soften the wash water with baking soda. In addition, it is imperative to follow a diet, eat less fatty and spicy.

how to become beautiful at 11 years old

It happens that the skin is very flaky, this means one thing - it is dry. Everything is simple - a cream for dry skin will help. And do not be shy about it, taking care of yourself is reasonable and right. It is advisable to wash your face without soap and only with warm water.
If the skin is normal, then you just need to maintain its condition by washing twice a day with a special gel. What else they pay attention to is the appearance and hair.


How to become beautiful in 10-11 years? Finding the answer to the question is not difficult. The rules are simple: good hair care, an original haircut and stylish, comfortable clothes and shoes that are matched by age - all this is the key to success. Of course, for school and sports, camping with friends and ordinary days, you need to dress differently. Everything is clear with the school - each has his own dress code, you will have to follow it, if you respect teachers, the rules of the institution.

how to become beautiful 10 years

At this age, very often disagreements arise between parents and the child when choosing clothes. It is important to find a solution that satisfies both parties. The boys move a lot, they are active and do not sit still. You need to choose practical, comfortable, natural clothing. Things in the wardrobe of a teenager should not be constrained or restricted by movement.

Fashion style

How to become beautiful in 11 years? You need to think about what the teenager is fond of, what style of clothing is more suitable for him. A boy playing soccer, playing sports, will be more free to fit clothes and sneakers. If he is calm, likes to read, learn a lot of new and informative, he will like the classic. It should also be noted that extraordinary design, a combination of bright colors and unusual cuts have been valued recently. The main thing is to know the sense of proportion and consult with a specialist. How to become beautiful in 11 years? Find your own, unlike any other style of clothing.


Now let's pay attention to the hair. Dirty, hanging icicles, unkempt hair on his head will not decorate anyone. A compulsory shower and shampooing are, of course, necessary. Boys are just aces in the ability to get dirty. After all, they are constantly on the move. They are interested in everything: a new car, motorcycles, sports.

how to become a handsome guy

If a teenager understands how important body hygiene is, it will be much easier for him to comply with all these basic rules in the future. It should be noted that, of course, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the nails on the hands and feet.

Stylish hairstyle

How to become beautiful at 11 years old and like others? The right selection of stylish hairstyles will also help in this. At this age, any kind of image of any boy is already taking shape. You need to choose a hairstyle that suits. Usually it is still short hair. Some make a little chaos on their heads, which looks cheerful and original, someone chooses a neat, stylish hairstyle.

Here girls often like boys with a hooligan look. The strands, which have a slightly erratic appearance, give a unique and original image. The main thing is that the haircut is suitable, be original and fit into the canons and trends of modern fashion.

We hope that our tips will help the boys understand how to become beautiful. 10 years is just the age when you can start to think about it.


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