Staffmax: employee reviews about the employer

Today we have to find out which Staffmax employees receive feedback. Only after that it will be possible to understand how the company is a conscientious employer. After all, nobody wants to find a job in a company with a dubious reputation. It is the opinions of subordinates that help to understand how well the corporation fulfills its obligations. So what to look for? What are the pros and cons of job seekers at Staffmax?


First you need to understand what the company is doing. The type of activity of companies interests subordinates very often. After all, you need to know what to do in a particular organization.

staffmax employee reviews

Staffmax is a recruiting agency. It selects employees for other companies. In fact, this is a versatile employer. And this feature pleases. Turning to Staffmax, you can find a job in almost any field. A kind of universal employer. But how good is he?


Staffmax receives positive feedback from employees for its prevalence. This recruitment agency works in several cities of Russia. But most often they are interested in Moscow residents. The company receives the most reviews from this category of citizens.

It turns out that Staffmax are not scammers. The organization has been operating since 1999, in Moscow it has about 7 branches. This employer cannot be called unknown. We can say with confidence that Staffmax is a real place to help you get a job. And it can not but rejoice! But is it worth it to contact here?


Before you find out, you need to understand what specific services the corporation provides. After all, this nuance will help to figure out under what circumstances the applicant can hope for a successful job.

staffmax employee review reviews

Today, Staffmax provides recruiting services in various fields of activity. Most often it is:

  • positions of higher and middle links;
  • IT-technologies and telecommunications;
  • restaurant and hotel business;
  • marketing and PR;
  • oil and gas sector;
  • investment banking;
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • construction;
  • architecture;
  • search and selection of managers.

You can come to Staffmax for employment in almost any field of activity. This feature pleases both customers and employees. Therefore, Staffmax often receives positive feedback from employees. It is here that there are prospects for employment as managers. It is not necessary to be hired as an ordinary employee. Just what careerists need so much!

Among other things, Staffmax offers staff training services, as well as various lectures and trainings. This is a great helper for almost any employer!

staffmax reviews of employees and customers

Job interview

Staffmax receives mixed reviews for interviews. Some job seekers are satisfied. They emphasize a pleasant and easy atmosphere in the offices, attentive recruitment managers. Future employees will easily answer all questions related to employment.

But the company also receives not the best opinions. Some employees say that the interviews are not very friendly managers. Some are not able to answer questions related to employment. Such a negative is rare, it is not confirmed by anything.

Very often, Staffmax receives employee reviews as not the most honest employer. Some recruitment managers literally lure applicants with attractive offers and prospects. They simply praise this or that vacancy. Similarly, all recruitment agencies operate. This fact should be considered by each applicant. And it is because of him that you can sometimes find reviews accusing Staffmax of fraud and deceit.


What can be said about the effectiveness of actions? Staffmax receives generally positive reviews from employees and customers. Employer firms often say that this particular corporation helps to select employees for further cooperation. Fast, efficient, profitable.

But the applicants leave mixed reviews. Some say that Staffmax really helps to find a job. Jobs are offered in large quantities, all the wishes of employees are taken into account. You can always turn here for help. Almost no one is left without work after communicating with Staffmax.

And someone says that the company is not the most effective. Some claim that the services offered by the organization are useless in the labor market. Some applicants emphasize that contacting Staffmax was a long and useless process. Allegedly, the company did not help to find a job.

staffmax company reviews

What to believe? None of these allegations have evidence. But there are more positive reviews indicating a high efficiency of cooperation with Staffmax. They are credible. Not everyone succeeds in finding a job, it is not always possible to take into account all the wishes of the employees. But for the most part, applicants are satisfied with contacting the company.

About working conditions

Staffmax employee reviews about the company earns a variety of. Among them, there are both good and not so good. The studied recruitment agency, according to opinions, offers good working conditions. Mostly conscientious employers work with the company.

But here you can not do without negativity. Some employees complain that Staffmax does not check its customers. Employers sometimes promise a lot, but in reality do little. For example, working conditions are not respected - there is no inventory or promises that contradict the real situation at the workplace. A small but still a drawback. It forces some job seekers to refuse to work with Staffmax.

In fact, the company checks all its customers for fraud. The organization does not work with scammers. Staffmax is not responsible for the compliance of working conditions with reality. This recruitment agency acts as an intermediary between the applicant and this or that employer.

About HR Managers

Very often, Staffmax receives employee reviews for competent HR managers. Both clients and applicants emphasize that it is these people who quickly and correctly cope with their tasks. Namely, they hire and select personnel for further employment. Usually it is at Staffmax that you can find a job for your liking. Competent recommendations help very quickly find a common language with the employer to whom the company directed.

staffmax employee reviews moscow

As already mentioned, sometimes recruitment managers are accused of dishonesty. Some of the applicants indicate that the company does not take into account the wishes of employees. Such opinions are very rare. And they look patterned.

About earnings

What staffmax gets employee reviews? Moscow is a city of opportunities and prospects. People often come here to work from different regions of the country. What about salaries in the company under study?

Staffmax, according to reviews, is one of the few corporations that pay a fixed salary, as well as a percentage of the services provided. This is a good and stable employer. Earnings are not very high, but worthy. Prospects for conscientious performance of duties are available. Positive reviews are quite common.

But negative opinions also sometimes pop up. Some say that with earnings at Staffmax they cheat. It is difficult to find a bona fide employer through the organization, if you work directly in a corporation, you can not hope for a high salary. Fortunately, such opinions are rare.

staffmax employee reviews and services

About offices

It is clear what Staffmax gets employee reviews. A review of the company makes it clear that overall this is a good place to work. Not ideal, but the organization provides good employment assistance. Fast, high quality and reliable! Many opinions are expressed regarding the offices where meetings are held with the employer.

In this area, as in most cases, there is no certainty. Some applicants and employees say that the company as a whole is satisfied. Offices are located in convenient places, it is pleasant to be in them. And someone is talking about the inconvenient, remote location of Staffmax. But at the same time, nothing negative is expressed about the situation. If you believe the opinions, then the offices where meetings are held with the employer are not class A, but in general they are encouraging. In some branches, Staffmax is crowded, but this is not such a big drawback.


It is clear what Staffmax gets employee reviews. And the services provided by the company are not a mystery either. In general, the organization under study is a good recruitment agency. There is a good work team, a variety of vacancies, there are career prospects, and it is also at Staffmax that you can get a stable salary on time.

staffmax company reviews

Clients-employers are also pleased with the company's actions. Fast and effective training of personnel for employment, the search for subordinates corresponding to the requirements of corporations are noted. Despite all this, Staffmax is blacklisted by employers due to some negative reviews. This should not be feared. The population is simply skeptical of recruitment agencies. You can contact Staffmax for a job!


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