How to make DIY rings for hands

There are many options for making homemade jewelry. This article will discuss the creation of a do-it-yourself hand ring . So you will need:

  1. Two beads, color optional.
  2. Metal wire, preferably medium elastic.
  3. Tools for work: thin round-nose pliers or strong tweezers, flat-nose pliers, nippers for metal.
  4. High-grain skin or GOI paste for grinding the finished product.

If the farm has a hand drill, you can purchase a special nozzle for grinding, which will greatly facilitate your work.

What you need to create a decoration

To facilitate the work of creating a do-it-yourself ring for your hands, we recommend preparing an adhesive tape, marker, felt-tip pen or pencil, as well as a shape for the rings of the required size. If there is no such shape, you can use any item with a diameter slightly smaller than necessary. The diameter of the wire must be selected so that it is slightly smaller than the diameter of the hole in the beads.

What is the process of creating jewelry

1. Let's start making a jewelry with our own hands. First you need to separate two pieces of wire 3 times longer than the estimated diameter of the future ring. Each of the segments must be inserted into the bead so that the latter is in the middle of the segment. Then we take the pliers and bend the pieces at right angles. After bending both wires, we put the pieces next to each other. In this case, one of the beads must be placed slightly lower than the second, and the wire segments so that the circumference of the ring is flat. For more convenient work, wire segments can be fixed with tape.

2. After that, make a piece of wire around the base of the coil, as close as possible to the nearest bead. Use a felt-tip pen or pencil to mark the required length and continue to make turns. The wire must be wound to the desired length, and then with the help of wire cutters cut the leftovers. Using pliers, it is enough to firmly attach the wire to the base.

do-it-yourself hand rings

3. It is almost always necessary to make a metal mold for jewelry. With your own hands, you need to wrap the resulting workpiece around the mold until we get a ring. Then you need to trim the remaining ends of the wire, making something similar to a cascade (of different lengths). With the help of round pliers we make curls.

DIY decoration

4. After all the above procedures, the resulting product must be sanded from the remaining burrs, and then rub to a shine with a paste applied to a soft cloth. What the finished ring looks like is shown in the photo below.

for DIY jewelry

What you need to know to make an elegant ring

It will also not be amiss to recall that when creating a do-it-yourself ring for hands, you can use expensive materials. The product will turn out to be more presentable. However, before tackling this, you need to get your hand on something cheaper.

In conclusion

On this, the process of creating a do-it-yourself hand ring is completed. If you want to make such a ring, then you should wish you good luck! And remember, everything must be approached with the proper level of responsibility and accuracy. Otherwise, the created element will not please you with its design at all.


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