Do-it-yourself drilling machine from a drill: drawings, instructions

When performing carpentry and locksmithing work, the appropriate tool is usually used, designed for specific tasks. However, there are situations when it is much more convenient and easier to use special machines. They allow you to optimize the process and save time with the same type of work. Therefore, questions about how to make a drilling machine from a drill very often arise with modern masters.

drill drilling machine

Necessity or luxury

First of all, it is worth saying that it is very convenient to use such a device when making holes in small horizontal planes. It almost completely eliminates the drill from play, which necessarily occurs during manual work. Even a small drill machine from a drill significantly increases the accuracy of a hole made, minimizing error. Also, such equipment saves a lot of time and effort if frequent use or monotonous work is required.

Almost all enterprises that carry out locksmith work are equipped with such units. The fact is that the studies in the field of labor protection showed an increase in productivity and quality improvement when using them. Some even purchase a magnetic-soled drilling machine to optimize production on large planes without the need for expensive equipment.

Why a drill?

Currently, there are many designs to create such equipment at home. However, most experts recommend making a drilling machine from a drill. This is due to the fact that this tool already fully contains all the necessary components and assemblies, and they do not have to be purchased separately. At the same time, fixing to the structure is carried out so that it is possible to easily remove the drill for independent work. As a result, we do not lose a tool that you can use yourself.

DIY drill machine


In order to create a drilling machine from a drill with your own hands, you need to purchase the tool itself. It is selected in accordance with the parameters that the finished device will have to have. At the same time, experts advise paying attention to products that have their own small play. Otherwise, the feasibility of using it for work is called into question. You may also need:

  • Guides. As they use systems used in furniture production, or metal strips.
  • Bed. Most often, it is made of a metal plate or a wooden box, on which magnets or ballast are mounted for weighting.
  • Fasteners. When they make a drilling machine from a drill with their own hands, they immediately select couplings or clamps suitable for fixing a particular tool.
  • Wood or metal structures - depending on which material to be processed.
  • The spring required to realize the reverse stroke.
  • If a magnetic-soled drilling machine will be created , then the magnets themselves will be needed.


In this case, the selection of the tool used depends on the material for creating the frame. However, it is immediately worth noting that a corner for measuring the connection of elements at 90 degrees will be necessary in any case. Even a mini-drilling machine in its manufacture requires great accuracy, since this will subsequently affect the quality of the holes made.

drawing of a drilling machine from a drill


First of all, you need to decide on the designs of the final product and the material of its manufacture. However, you do not need to come up with too complicated technical solutions or expensive nodes. A typical drawing of a drill machine from a drill is quite simple. It involves the creation of a strong and stable bed, on which a vertical tripod with a movable carriage is mounted. Given this, special attention should be paid to the implementation of the movement of the drill in a vertical plane, although the use of ready-made guides greatly simplifies this process. If you use a microscope stand, a photographic enlarger or a press as the frame, the drawing will be based on their base, and the entire manufacturing process will be greatly simplified.

how to make a drilling machine from a drill

Bed and tripod

Even a mini drill machine needs a stable foundation. It should not only hold the entire structure, but can be equipped with various elements for fixing tools or other devices. Thinking over the device of the drilling machine, it is worth listening to the advice of specialists. Many craftsmen recommend creating these devices from wood. Therefore, a wooden frame in the form of a small box is used for the bed. It has seating for installing a vise or other structures. If the product is planned to be used on large surfaces, then the bed is made of a solid plate with a hole for a drill. So you can implement the principle of drilling through.

Almost any device of a drilling machine involves the installation of a vertical tripod at an angle of 90 degrees to the bed. Therefore, it is very important to use an accurate measuring tool in your work . It is also necessary to make a reliable fixation of the tripod using additional mounts in the form of corners.

If the work involves drilling holes at a certain angle, then you can pre-make certain devices that will be mounted on the bed. Most often, in such cases, ready-made ball vices with an adjustable angle of inclination are used.

homemade drill machine from a drill

Creating a movement mechanism

When making a home-made drilling machine from a drill, special attention must be paid to this stage. The fact is that the vertical stroke should be soft, without distortions, play or displacement. Given this, professional craftsmen recommend using ready-made guides that can be taken from other devices. You can also apply systems made to extend the drawers of cabinet furniture. They are reliable enough and can withstand heavy loads.

The guides are installed directly on a tripod or special straps attached to it. In this work, it is very important to use a measuring tool, since these elements must also be placed at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the bed and parallel to each other. Even slight distortions or offsets should not be allowed.

The second part of the guides is fixed on a special carriage, where the drill itself will be installed. It is made of wood and adjusted to the size of the original tool. A small handle is also attached to the carriage, with which the operator will control the movement process.

To implement the return movement and facilitate the management of the carriage, a spring is installed on the machine. One end is fixed at the top of the tripod, and the other is mounted on a movable mechanism. At the same time, the level of its tension is immediately checked, which, if necessary, can be changed by cutting the coils or stretching them. However, such a setting is best done under load, which means that it is performed only after fixing on the drill carriage. Some masters recommend making the spring removable, it could be removed after work. So it will not stretch and weaken.

drilling machine device

Drill fixing

Usually, instructions on how to make a drilling machine out of a drill recommend creating special fastening systems, which are ultimately very difficult to work with. However, if the tool is selected correctly, then it can be fixed using conventional plumbing clamps used to create the connection of hoses to pipes. In this case, you will need to make certain changes to the shape of the carriage or even slightly adjust the body of the drill.

It is very important that the tool is fixed tightly and moves in the clamp. Therefore, even at the stage of manufacturing the carriage, they practically do not leave free space, limiting it from all sides structurally. In fact, the carriage itself is a kind of bed for a drill, in which it will sit very tightly. Additional elements are needed only for reliability of fixation. This approach greatly simplifies the design and allows you to quickly remove the tool if necessary.

mini drilling machine


Given the material described above, we can conclude that a drilling machine from a drill can be made independently and without large financial costs. In this case, the final product will be maximally adapted to the implementation of specific technical tasks will be able to satisfy the relevant needs of the end user. However, it is worth considering the fact that factory designs usually have less error and are able to perform accurate work with a minimum tolerance. Therefore, such devices are usually suitable for private use or in small workshops where high precision holes are not required.


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