How to erase a pen from a wallpaper without a trace?

Today, probably, every housewife is faced with various pollution on the walls. How to wipe a pen from a wallpaper? Each parent must have had such a difficult question at least once in his life. Children very often flirt, and the result is a damaged interior. Therefore, many give the child a special place for painting on the walls. It can be coated with a special easy-to-clean material. If the trouble nevertheless happened, and the child painted the wallpaper, do not despair. There are many ways to address this shortcoming.

Types of Wallpaper

spots on non-woven wallpaper

How to erase a ballpoint pen from wallpaper? The choice of method will largely depend on the type of damaged surface. Remember what coating you used during the repair, and only based on this, choose one of the proposed methods.

Most often in modern houses and apartments there are the following types of wallpaper:

  • Washable. Such coverage will be the best choice if you have small children. It can be cleaned using any means. You donโ€™t have to think about how to erase pen marks from the wallpaper. You can use both dry and wet methods.
  • Vinyl. To clean this type of wallpaper from traces of a ballpoint pen, you will have to spend a lot of effort. Such a material usually has a fairly dense structure. Plain water will not help get rid of traces of a felt-tip pen and a ballpoint pen. To clean the coating, you will have to use special cleaning compounds.
  • Non-woven wallpaper. Erasing a pen from such a coating can be done without much difficulty. Wallpaper can be washed with any cleaning agents. The material is characterized by excellent water repellent properties. For this reason, you can safely use both household chemicals and homemade home remedies.
  • Textile wallpaper. Ink washing in this case will be quite difficult. You can not use wet methods. The paste from the handle from such coatings is cleaned only with dry methods.
  • Paper Wallpapers: Do not wash ink stains from paper materials using liquid products. Only dry methods are also suitable here.

Now that you have decided on the type of wall covering, you can begin to describe the basic methods for removing ink stains.

Vinegar use

by hand drawn wallpaper

Is this method effective? How can I erase a pen from a wallpaper without a trace? A simple and affordable remedy such as vinegar helps to cope with the problem. However, use it with extreme caution. This product has a rather pungent odor, so it should be used only in a respirator. Also, if there is damage or microtrauma on the hands, it is recommended to wear protective gloves. Using vinegar to clean your wallpaper is very simple. It is enough to take a piece of cotton wool soaked in the essence and treat it with contaminated areas.

Citric and oxalic acid based products

What are they like? Oxalic acid and citric acid help to remove stick marks from wallpaper. These organic compounds eliminate any contamination. How to use them? To prepare the cleaning composition, take 10 grams of any acid and mix it with half a glass of distilled water. Then you need to dissolve it well so that there are no crystals left in it. It is best if the liquid in the glass is slightly warm. Treat contaminated areas with the resulting composition. Somewhere after 10 minutes, these places can simply be wiped with a cloth soaked in clean water. The main disadvantage of this method is that the color of the coating may change. The structure is also capable of suffering.


How to erase a pen from a wallpaper without a trace? Common table salt helps to get rid of ink stains. However, it can only be used for non-woven coatings. To achieve the desired result, it is necessary to combine the salt with hydrochloric acid. To prepare the cleaning agent, you need to mix a teaspoon of salt, 250 ml of warm water and a glass of hydrochloric acid. This solution should be mixed well until all ingredients have dissolved. After that, apply the composition to the ink stains with a sponge, brush or cotton pad. Wait until the product begins to work. If you sit for a while near the wall, you will notice how salt and acid dissolve ink traces. After the impurities disappear, take a sponge dipped in clean water and just rinse off the composition.

Please note that hydrogen chloride has a very strong odor. Even if you use this tool in small quantities, it can secrete fumes that are dangerous to the human body. Therefore, when working with such chemicals, be sure to wear a mask. You should also not neglect personal protective equipment such as rubber gloves. If hydrochloric acid gets on the skin, serious burns can occur.

Hydrogen peroxide

red pen on the wallpaper

How to use it? Using a product such as hydrogen peroxide, stains can be removed from fabrics, upholstered furniture and carpets. However, this substance does not just remove the stain, it whitens the surface. Therefore, be careful when applying this composition to dark surfaces. Light spots may appear on them, which will stand out strongly against the general background.

How to clean wallpaper using hydrogen peroxide? Let's find out more about this:

  1. Moisten a cotton pad or stick in peroxide and gently apply the composition to contaminated areas. Do not dilute the product in water. The composition will work much better in a concentrated form.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide reacts with ink almost instantly. After that, it is necessary to blot the treated area with a clean cloth.

We remove stains

How to do this is of interest to many housewives. The use of hydrogen peroxide and other aggressive chemicals often leads to the appearance of ugly stains on the walls. But do not despair ahead of time. To avoid stains and eliminate stains, you can use an explosive mixture of potassium, peroxide and vinegar. When removing ink stains with this method, special care should be taken. The solution may be too concentrated. As a result, the coating will be damaged.

marks on the wallpaper from the handle

How to wipe a pen from a wallpaper? A solution of potassium permanganate is good in these cases . The required amount of funds is determined by the area of โ€‹โ€‹the contaminated site.

To remove the pen from the wallpaper, you must adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Dissolve several crystals of potassium permanganate in 7% vinegar. It turns out a saturated pink liquid.
  2. Apply the resulting composition with a cotton pad to the damaged area. Treat all contaminants moving from one place to another.
  3. After processing this kind of stains may remain. They are easily cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. Do not wait for the stains to dry, otherwise the procedure will have to be repeated again, and this will be an unnecessary effect on the coating structure.

Using Chicken Egg


How to wipe a pen from non-woven wallpaper? There is one rather original, but very effective way. In addition, it is also quite budgetary, because for its implementation you will need one chicken egg. It needs to be hard boiled and peeled. The egg itself must be cut in half and held in a dirty place for several minutes. The yolk and protein absorb the ink and thus eliminate pollution. After the cleaning process is completed, you just have to wipe the surface with a damp cloth. This method is not suitable only for use on paper materials. However, here you can experiment. The main thing is to squeeze a cloth well from the water and wipe the wall gently.

Use of cosmetics

You can erase a pen from a vinyl wallpaper using such a simple and affordable tool as shaving foam. She very well wash off ink stains from the walls. After drying this composition, you just need to remove it from the surface with a damp cloth or towel.

Another fairly simple and effective tool to remove traces of the handle is a regular hair spray. Surely such an assistant can be found in the arsenal of every young mother. This tool has an effective effect due to ethyl alcohol. However, varnish can only be used on vinyl wallpapers. Just apply it a little on damaged areas. After that, immediately rub the stains with a damp cloth dipped in soapy water. The procedure must be repeated until the contamination is completely gone.

Heat treatment

How to erase a pen from paper wallpaper? There is one fairly simple but effective way. You will need a blank sheet of paper and an iron. The household appliance must be plugged in and wait until it heats up properly. After that, you need to take a sheet of paper, attach it to the contaminated area and iron it with a hot iron. The ink from the pen after such a heat treatment should go to the sheet. The main rule that you should adhere to here is to never turn on the steaming mode.

Using Toothpaste

toothpaste on the brush

How to wipe a pen from a washable wallpaper? A simple toothpaste helps to cope with the problem. It is not necessary to even use products containing whitening components. It is enough just to squeeze a little means onto the brush and gently rub it into the coating. After this, the paste should be left on the surface for a while. A damp cloth or sponge can be used to remove residues. Try not to rub the surface very much, otherwise stains may appear.

Stationery eraser

How to erase a pen from a wallpaper without a trace? There is a simple and fairly popular way. Wallpaper ink can be easily removed with a simple eraser. However, this method will not work if the trace is too deep. To wipe the pen, just grab the eraser and gently rub the stain. Try not to press hard on the surface so as not to damage the texture of the wallpaper. This method helps to remove pen marks from paper and textile wallpapers.

Wipe the ink stains with bread

With non-woven and vinyl wallpapers, everything is more or less clear. But how can I erase paste from a pen from paper-based wallpaper? There are several ways to eliminate pollution in this case. One of them is the use of bread. Only the crumb is suitable for stain removal, since the crust can damage the structure. Pollution from the wallpaper wiped off slowly, without unnecessary haste. Do not rub much. If the spot is small, it will be enough just to attach a crumb to it and wait a bit.


how to clean wallpaper

How to wipe a pen from a wallpaper? In this review, we described several simple and affordable ways using which you can easily remove ink stains from the wallpaper. Particular care should be taken when working with paper coatings.


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