Pregnant teens

Today, an acute social problem is early motherhood. The reasons for the increase in the number of pregnant women under the age of eighteen each year are many, including the social vulnerability of children and adolescents, the lack of awareness of adolescents about contraception and family relations, the low cultural level of development of modern youth, and so on. All this leads to the fact that the age of young mothers is becoming younger. Increasingly, pregnant adolescents under the age of 14 have begun to register.

Adolescence is a difficult period in the life of a child, which ceases to be a child, but has not yet fully become an adult, capable of making such serious decisions as, for example, giving birth to a child. In addition, pregnant teenage girls who are not physiologically and psychologically ready for such a complex process as bearing, giving birth and raising a child cannot fully realize the seriousness of this situation.

When pregnant teens, girls aged 15-16, often find out about their situation, they are alone because their parents do not support (especially if it is an asocial family), the father of the child, as a rule, disappears or refuses to acknowledge his paternity, adults condemn and refuse in the help. However, one should not forget that pregnant teens, due to their lability of the psyche, cannot cope with such psycho-emotional stress alone, and this can end tragically.

All family members should decide whether to leave a pregnancy or have an abortion (if time limits allow); you cannot leave a teenage girl alone with this issue. If the family does not support, and there are no people among the environment who could help, pregnant teenagers today can apply for social protection and support to special centers that began to appear in Russia not so long ago. They provide both medical and psychological assistance. There, a gynecologist is examined, a period of pregnancy and childbirth is determined , an examination of related specialists and work with social services and lawyers are performed.

However, this does not solve the problem of early pregnancy . And it is necessary to solve it with the help of state social programs in the field of gender policy, as well as with the help of explanatory conversations with adolescents about methods of contraception, the work of a psychologist, both group and individual, on the themes of relations between men and women, and family relations. Unfortunately, the culture of youth today is such that many teenagers have no idea how normal relations between men and women should look. Everything that is presented in modern media, advertising, films and the Internet forms an inadequate attitude towards sex in the minds of adolescents. Adolescents enter into sexual relations, starting from 11-12 years old, not fully realizing the essence of the issue, often ignoring contraception. Everything that teachers say because of adolescent stubbornness and the desire to be “like adults” is perverted.

The best way to prevent early pregnancy is the correct sexual education of children, starting from preschool age, it is necessary to form the correct attitude to the opposite sex and explain "where the children come from." Because for many adolescents this question remains unknown until they know it first hand. But the process itself is known to all students of all ages.

But, if everything has already happened and it is impossible to return to the past, then you need to try so that the child receives proper attention and education, and most importantly, that he has loving parents.


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