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On the eve of any holiday, everyone runs around in shops in search of souvenirs for relatives, friends and acquaintances. As the saying goes , prepare a sled in the summer, a cart in the winter. It is better to collect everything in advance so that the days before the celebration will not turn into a fuss, but be a pleasant time for packing presents. You can buy now a thing for every taste and budget. If you want to surprise, make a creative gift with your own hands. The article provides many ideas with a detailed description. Choose, use, have fun.


This technique is one of the most fashionable now. It is quite simple and even allows a beginner to make a creative gift with their own hands, which will be no worse than the purchased one. The meaning of the work lies in the fact that thematic images cut from napkins (special or ordinary dining rooms) are pasted onto the chosen base. Further, the souvenir is finalized with a brush, stencils or special decorative effects in the form of a volume contour (you can write congratulations to them); small cracks that create the effect of an antique surface; high gloss when the product becomes like a porcelain; snow, hoarfrost, etc.

best DIY gifts

Gift ideas made using this technique are very different:

  • caskets and chests;
  • vases and pots;
  • bottles and wine glasses;
  • furniture;
  • clock;
  • photo frames.

Painted furniture and other interior items

Make the best gifts with your own hands! Be unique! If you want to impress a friend with your originality, make a stool, chair or table made using the painting technique. Even the old thing is suitable as a basis, since it will get a second life and will look great. It is better if it is wooden, and not from substitutes.

do-it-yourself creative gift

You can paint not only furniture, but also other elements of the interior: dishes, a bread box, containers for storing cereals. If you do not know how to hold a brush in your hands or if you consider yourself not experienced enough to take up a complex project, decoupage will always help you. This is a good alternative to hand painting.

Batik is a great souvenir technique

Fabric painting is an ancient art and a form of craftsmanship. Silk is the best material, but it is expensive, and it is better to use a cotton cloth as an alternative to the first experiment. Batik is a great option to make gifts with your own hands. A master class will help you with this.

DIY gifts master class

There are different techniques for painting on fabric:

  • cold
  • hot;
  • nodular.

You can do the following things in these ways:

  • scarf, scarf or tie;
  • panel for the interior;
  • pillowcase for pillow;
  • shade;
  • decorative tablecloth or napkin.

Those items that do not require washing are easier to make, since in this case it will not be necessary to fix the paint. The technique of cold batik involves the use of special paints and a redundant composition, which contours are circled so that color does not spread beyond them. Special kits are sold in stores where everything you need is included.

do-it-yourself creative gift

Reserving compounds are colored, with sparkles or pearlescent. For their application, a special glass rod with a reservoir is used. To create a creative gift with your own hands in this technique, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Cut the fabric of the appropriate size and pull it onto the subframe. If you make a small image, just use the embroidery frame.
  2. Apply the selected pencil drawing in thin lines.
  3. If you want the contours to remain white, circle them with a backup compound. In order for a light color to shine through it, you must first apply the appropriate shade to the entire surface of the fabric, except for the white spots that should be left originally covered with a reserve.
  4. Perform the painting itself. You will need brushes (you can use squirrel ones), a palette for mixing colors and water to get a less bright shade. Paints are a liquid pigment solution, so it’s easy to deal with them.

In hot technology it’s more difficult to work. In it, wax is used as a reserve, which after the end of work has to be heated through paper with an iron. Even the child will cope with the nodular option. Such a task can be given to children when they make DIY gifts in the kindergarten or school. The meaning of the work is that a piece of cloth is tied, twisted, wound with threads using buttons, balls and other small items.

After such a preparatory procedure, it is dipped in hot water, in which any dye for fabric is diluted . In the case of working with children, this stage, of course, is done by adults. Depending on the concentration of the pigment in the solution, you need to keep the product in it from a few minutes to half an hour. After the tissue convolutions were pulled out and they had cooled, the children untied all the knots. The result is bizarre patterns. Where the patch was tightly wound, the fabric does not stain and retains its original color in the form of light weaves of openwork structures. Master the technique! Come up with new gift ideas! With your own hands, create beauty and style.

Knitted souvenirs

Crochet or knitting is a traditional type of needlework that most women have tried. Even if you are new to this business, making some original and at the same time simple jewelry will not be difficult. A DIY handmade gift can be made as follows:

  • crocheted watch;
  • furniture wraps;
  • a bag;
  • decorative case for an e-book;
  • containers for shoes;
  • tie an original mug, teapot, wine glass or any other object;
  • make a knitted panel;
  • bouquet, basket, flower pot.

Gift ideas are so diverse that their list can be simply huge.

gift ideas

Reasons for gifts are all sorts. For example, for the birth of a baby, a young mother is good at knitting booties for a newborn.

best DIY gifts

Tubule weaving

This technique will give you new gift ideas. With your own hands you can make such souvenirs that are worthy to show off in the windows of exhibition halls. You may have seen similar objects in stores, but you certainly did not realize that you could easily make such a masterpiece yourself. In fact, this is a variant of the standard weaving, only instead of willow a paper vine is used, made from old newspapers and unnecessary magazines. It turns out cheap and stylish.

do-it-yourself new gift ideas


Fashionable and stylish souvenirs, which are a small decorative tree in a pot, reminiscent of a thuja trimmed as a ball. You can make it from any material: ribbons, coffee beans, beads, shells, balls.

Stages of work will always be similar. The difference is only in the elements glued to the surface of the spherical blank. Such a souvenir will always find a worthy place on the office desk or at home.

DIY gifts master class

Gifts for February 23

Making a creative gift for a man with your own hands is the simplest solution. With this option you will surprise anyone. Every girl can buy in the store, but not create one on her own. Be among the last. Become the one. Do an exclusive thing.

You can give a man a scarf snood crocheted or knitted independently. This thing will keep the warmth and care of your hands and warm in bad weather. He is especially good at hunting, fishing, riding a motorcycle.

do-it-yourself creative gift to a man

You can surprise a man by making a pillow in your car in the car or for the interior, if he does not have a car. Stitched pillows of an original form in the form of a heart, a wheelbarrow, a barrel or any other object look beautiful. The embroidery technique is traditional, but for a man you need to choose the appropriate plot with his name or, for example, a tank, an airplane, a beloved dog or a car, etc.

Pillowcases look original, where the pattern is woven from cut pieces of thread woven into a canvas. To do this, it is best to order a ready-made set with a specific pattern and the desired number of threads.

do-it-yourself creative gift to a man


If you need to make a gift to your parents with your own hands, use the following simple ideas. Kits for making magnets are now on sale . Dry gypsum mixed with water is poured into a special form. After hardening of the suspension, the product is removed and painted. A magnet is glued to the back. The kits have everything you need for work. There is also an instruction.

In the form of a magnet you can make any souvenir:

  • a beautifully designed photograph or even a frame;
  • crafts made of natural material with a small flat surface where you can stick a magnetic strip;
  • stained glass window or thermomosaic, which will be discussed below.

Children's gifts made for parents in the form of magnets will always be in a prominent place and will perfectly decorate your refrigerator.


Such a gift without much effort, but with great pleasure, even a preschooler will make it. Of course, he will need the help of an adult, but only for the implementation of the final stage of the technological process. Thermomosaic is a game for children in which the elements are small pieces of colored plastic tubes. They are put on special pins located at the base. When the drawing is ready, it is enough to draw an iron over its surface through tracing paper, and the particles stick together. The product is removed from the pins. You can stick a magnetic strip to it, a base, or tie a ribbon for hanging.

DIY gift for parents

Stained glass window

Gifts made using the glass painting technique look beautiful and original . Simple plastic samples with a ready-made composition are sold for children. The child can only fill in the color of the particles of the pattern.

For a more complex version of the souvenir, the manufacture of which is already suitable for adults, not only paints will be required, but also a special composition. They, as in batik, conduct dividing circuits. It is a viscous substance, and the tube has a thin tip, so a special device for application is not required. If you adapt, you can easily get a straight line, gradually squeezing the composition of the metal tip.

DIY gifts

In this way, wine glasses, vases, photo frames and any other interior items made of glass are decorated.

So, you saw how diverse and original you can make gifts with your own hands. A master class in the form of useful tips and practical advice is the best teaching method. Your task is to choose your favorite idea, prepare materials and engage in a fascinating creative process.


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