Intelligent chargers for car batteries: general information, features, reviews

In the cold season, there is always a risk of a car battery running out. To save the car from turning into a cooled real estate will help a specialized charger. Thanks to him, you don’t have to, for once again, seek outside help.

The reason why the car may not start at the most inopportune moment is the discharged battery, and the onset of cold weather, among other things, significantly increases this probability. To prevent car owners from falling into such troubles, intelligent chargers for car batteries were invented.

smart chargers for car batteries

Continuous improvement

To accurately determine which device is most suitable for your car, you need to know the parameters of its battery, that is, its type, capacity and nominal value of the charge current. Today, progress in the manufacture of batteries is evident: if earlier their service life was on average about 2 years, now this figure has confidently approached 5 years. But, despite the constantly improving technology for the manufacture of modern batteries, it is not worth hoping that a battery with an eternal life will be invented.

No matter how good the battery is, it will still need to be recharged periodically. And therefore, to support it in an always working and charged condition, it is necessary to have auto-charging in the garage or in the cabin. Moreover, today smart chargers for car batteries are not such a scarce commodity. And so you can always choose and purchase a memory device that is best suited for the parameters of the battery of your car. Judging by the reviews, no one yet regretted the purchase made.

What are smart chargers for car batteries. General information

Before purchasing a memory, of course, you need to familiarize yourself with the parameters of the battery of your car, as well as with the parameters of the purchased device. The bulk of the batteries refers to the lead-acid type, the rest of its indicators are indicated by the manufacturer on the battery label.

Now let's look at smart chargers for car batteries in more detail. Of all the models currently available for sale, two main types can be distinguished: transformer and pulse. Powerful transformer models - a reliable option, but gradually turning into an exotic category due to its size and some inconvenience to use.

smart charger for car battery hyundai

A more modern and therefore better option is pulsed devices. The basis of this charging equipment is a switching power supply operating at very high frequencies. Due to this, the dimensions of the device are significantly reduced. Such devices are protected against moisture and short circuits. They automated everything that could be automated. That's why they are called "smart", that is, smart, chargers for car batteries. These models are the best option for today.

The principles of the charger

The principle of operation of all chargers is identical. The device receives power from an alternating current network of 220 V and lowers its value to almost the nominal value required by each specific battery, providing rectification.

In theory, a classic charger is presented as an automated control system. Well, schematically, this device is quite complicated, but the good thing is that it’s enough for us to just plug the plug into a power outlet and turn it off when the light on the indicator lights up to indicate that the battery is fully charged.

smart chargers for car batteries

Intelligent chargers for car batteries. Features of application for different batteries

Charging conditions for different types of batteries are different. For example, lead-acid batteries are best avoided until they are completely discharged, and therefore frequent recharging is only good for them. Alkaline, on the contrary, require a full discharge, because for them it is insurance against a decrease in capacity, since they have the well-known "memory effect". But both acidic and alkaline batteries need to be charged until fully charged.

Smart Charging Equipment

Let’s make a short review of smart chargers for car batteries. These devices are based on high-tech electronics, with the help of which manufacturers were able to achieve a fully automated charging process. The program of the microcontroller installed inside the device includes many different modes and all kinds of protections.

You just need to connect the device to the battery, and you can calmly go about your business, only occasionally glancing at the indicator. When the battery is charged, the device will notify you with a signal. What kind of signal will depend on which model you are using, maybe it will just be a light signal, or maybe it will be a special inscription on the LCD screen.

smart chargers for car batteries general

Intelligent memory features, pros and cons

Intelligent chargers for car batteries, information about which can be found in our article, have many advantages. One of them is the weight of such devices. Thanks to the use of modern radio components, the average weight of this equipment was approximately 600 grams.

The disadvantages include the fact that if such a charger fails, then it can only be repaired at a specialized service center, because in the absence of appropriate knowledge, necessary equipment and software, it is impossible to fix a device of this level on its own. You can’t even take apart some of these devices, as they are completely sealed to completely prevent moisture from entering.

Take note of the fact that these devices will not be able to charge the battery quickly, they need time, that’s how they are programmed. And therefore, if you are late for work or in a hurry somewhere, and the battery is not able to start the engine, you will have to wait for a while until the battery is recharged. To avoid such cases, check the battery of your car at least once a month.

Hyundai HY 400 Intelligent 9-Stage Charger Feature

The smart charger for the Hyundai car battery is also intended for recharging vans, motorcycles, garden equipment, boats, etc. The charger is fully automatic and has 9 stages of the charging process. In addition, the HY 400 model provides 5 operating modes, including winter use and desulfation. These specialized modes are designed for fast recovery and maintenance of the battery in working condition, even in the case of its full and deep discharge.

Moisture and dust protection of the charger - IP 65. There is an intelligent selection of current and voltage, as well as protection against overheating and incorrect connection. In addition to the above, there is temperature compensation and a tester built into the memory system with a voltage display function.

smart car battery chargers

Also, the smart charger for the Hyundai car battery is notable for such features as a backlit LCD-display, a 12-hour memory function and an indicator light. And it’s worth noting the excellent quick-detachable terminals of the device. The temperature regime of the equipment is 20-50 ° C. The input voltage of the charger is 220-240 V, the output is 6-12 V, the charging current is 4 A RMS.

Intelligent car memory reviews

What do those who already use smart chargers for car batteries say ? Reviews are mostly positive. People note that although charging devices are expensive, they are really worth it. Someone tells how he was rescued by giving a charger for a while in order to revive a dead battery, and this person, for the first time using such a device, immediately decided that he needed the same one. It is difficult to overestimate the convenience and quality. Needless to say, the device is compact, does not take up much space, but works perfectly and without complaints. With such a device, charging the battery is no more difficult than recharging a cell phone.

Auto Charger Selection

Of course, customer reviews when choosing a device are just as important as the parameters stated in the memory instructions. We present a small list of points that you should pay attention to when choosing smart chargers for car batteries. General tips for models that are most suitable for Russian conditions:

  1. When buying, give preference to memory models that have a certain supply of charging current.
  2. Give preference to models of well-known manufacturers.
  3. The best choice is combined instruments.
  4. It is better to choose a memory that can work in standard smart mode, and also, in addition, function as a stabilized power source.
  5. Pay attention to the design and dimensions of the device and its display devices.
  6. It is worth giving preference to imported models, but it is also worth noting that many domestic models have proven themselves very well.
    smart car battery chargers reviews

Technical characteristics that may be present in modern intelligent memory

Modern models of memory are of good build quality. Such chargers do an excellent job of their task (charging the battery). Some do it faster, while others do it slower, but, to be honest, this is actually not the main thing, the main thing is that the task is solved, the battery is charged. Various indicators can characterize smart chargers for car batteries. Technical specifications in general terms can be represented as follows:

  1. Type of charger: 1) multi-stage, 2) automatic, 3) intelligent.
  2. Maximum battery capacity: 9.
  3. 0 Ah, 110 Ah, up to 300 Ah (RESC612) or up to 220 Ah (RESC608).
  4. Charge Current (RMS): 2/4 A, 5 A, 8 A and 12 A.
  5. Current (standby) - 0.1 A.
  6. Charging voltage acc. - 12 V.
  7. Types of rechargeable batteries: calcium, antimony, gel and AGM.
  8. The length of the wires is 1.8 m.
  9. Work in modes: charge and support.
  10. Additional functionality: winter charging mode, function, (desulfation) battery repair, battery repair options are included, performance and battery life are increased.
  11. Display Type: None, LCD, LED panel.
    smart car battery chargers technical specification

Own memory - getting rid of many problems

Some car owners believe that, in principle, they may never need smart chargers for car batteries. A description of the most frequent and common situations will most likely convince them of the opposite. For example, prolonged forced parking, especially in the cold winter, can cause the battery to discharge. Also often this happens with the battery of those owners who do not have the habit of turning off electrical appliances while the car is idle. In addition, an unexpected nuisance can happen while driving in traffic jams or while driving on the road.

In winter, long-term car parking discharges the battery due to a decrease in the density of the electrolyte in the cold, as a result of which the necessary chemical reactions slow down. As a result of this, a significant decrease in the starting current is obtained, which, in turn, makes it impossible to start the car. As a rule, during a severe frost, the owner of the car has only one attempt to start. Here, anyone will remember about intelligent chargers for car batteries, the technical side of the matter, tested in reality, as a rule, leads to a decision to take care of equipping your car in advance so as not to get into such scrapes from now on.

Ensuring Continuous Mobility

Typically, while driving, the battery is constantly recharged from the operation of the car generator. And, for example, many do not understand how off-road driving can harm. The reason is simple: when driving on the road there is a threat of destruction of the battery plates, which, in turn, can provoke a short circuit and discharge of the battery.

smart car battery chargers

How traffic in traditional traffic jams affects battery life is also explained quite simply. In this situation, for a rather short period of time, several frequent starts and stops of the engine are carried out. And this is a threat of loss of battery capacity and a significant reduction in time for its discharge. In the above situations, a car charger powered by 220 volts will literally be your salvation.

In any case, smart chargers for car batteries, the characteristics of which include a compact size, will provide your car with a timely charge of the battery. And I must say that this is not such an expensive pleasure to risk its mobility and comfort.


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