The lifestyle of a teenager in Russia.

The lifestyle of a Russian teenager is a topic that can never be closed. Currently, the world is developing so rapidly that it is difficult to predict what the behavior of this population group will soon depend on. One thing is certain, the lifestyle of a teenager in Russia is exposed to certain factors that are not always positive. The development of the information world, on the one hand, expanded the horizons of opportunities, and on the other, caused the emergence of such a global problem as social networks.

The Internet now is an environment in which you can not only work, learn something new, communicate, sell, buy, but simply live. The life of American teenagers has long turned into a many-hour, almost uninterrupted sitting at a computer monitor. And this phenomenon has come to Russia relatively recently, but now millions of children live a virtual life, refusing simple and understandable real activities.

The lifestyle of a teenager at the moment no longer involves interesting and exciting activities, such as playing soccer in the yard, going to a river or beach, going on a trip, reading books, doing music, dancing, going to the library, to a concert, to an amusement park and etc. Why bother with any effort, even if you can now play tennis online, and really watch all the movies or concerts on Youtube? Virtual communication, friendship, love, video books, vkontakte music and other charms of modern reality lead to the fact that the younger generation is degrading and turning into lazy people, parasites and passive, amorphous people.

In addition, when it comes to such an important issue as the lifestyle of a teenager in Russia, one cannot but touch upon the deplorable state of health of very young people. Almost all of them are very superficial and inattentive to their health, behavior, habits and nutrition. It is believed that the responsibility for all this lies with parents, food producers, medical workers and so on. Of course, the environment and the psychological atmosphere are of great importance for the development of a young healthy organism, but it is also important to take care of the regimen, nutrition and so on.

Currently, a huge number of children have appeared among schoolchildren who are exempted from physical education classes. Previously, this was not so, therefore, a healthy lifestyle of a teenager is of great importance. Smoking, no matter how trite it sounds, is extremely harmful to a young, growing body. But preventive conversations, as well as parental instructions and lectures by doctors for some reason do not lead to any results. Apparently, educational work in this direction should be started from early childhood. But if the teenager nevertheless solves it whether he is smoking or not, then the problem of secondhand smoke is now being discussed everywhere. It turns out that there is simply no choice, because wherever you go, in all cafes or restaurants, as well as other public places, you can become a victim of bullying with tobacco smoke. Alcohol and drugs are not even worth discussing; their destructive effect on the body is known to everyone.

In order to at least somehow protect yourself from all kinds of diseases at a young age, you need to follow two rules. The first is to play sports, do morning exercises, sign up for fitness or in the gym - each one is free to choose. The second is to carefully monitor the diet. Sometimes, what we eat is capable of literally killing. Therefore, proper nutrition plays a large role in the process of forming a healthy lifestyle of a teenager. No one will return you lost youth and health, so you yourself are responsible for what old age awaits you.


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