How many calories are there in cabbage? How many calories are in stewed and fresh cabbage?

The calorific value of a product is usually interested in people who monitor their figure. This article will tell you about which raw cabbage has an energy value. You will also learn about the calorie content of other types of this vegetable. It is worth mentioning what energy value stewed cabbage has (calories will also be indicated).

Cabbage: what is it?

This vegetable is quite popular among people. Some prefer white cabbage, while others like Brussels sprouts or Peking. It is worth noting that this vegetable is one of the first that infants are given in complementary foods. This is explained by the fact that cabbage is recognized as a hypoallergenic dish, which contains a large number of useful substances.

Cabbage is grown in the ground. Depending on the variety, the vegetable may have some preferences. So, classic white cabbage is quite picky, grows in almost all regions and conditions.

What is cabbage useful for?

How many calories are there in cabbage? Most often this question is asked by the fair sex, who love a tasty meal, but who want to keep their figure. In addition to low energy value, this vegetable has many advantages.

Cabbage contains a large amount of vitamin C, which helps to increase immunity and restore the protective function of the body. Also, the vegetable boasts a high content of dietary fiber. So, cabbage helps to establish digestion and adjust stool. However, it is worth remembering that the product can increase gas production. If you have everything in order with the balance of microorganisms in the intestine, then this phenomenon will not cause you any discomfort. But for babies in whom the intestinal flora has not yet been formed, such a product can deliver considerable pain.

calories stewed cabbage

How many calories are there in cabbage?

Depending on what type of product you prefer to eat, the energy value of the dish may be different. Of course, a fresh vegetable has more vitamins, dietary fiber and fewer calories. Stewed, fried and boiled dishes during cooking acquire additional energy value. Especially if you add extra ingredients. Let's try to figure out and answer the question of how many calories are in cabbage.

White vegetable

The most popular cabbage is white cabbage. So, this product can be fried, stewed, pickled, added to salads and cooked. So, how many calories are there in cabbage?

Fresh white cabbage, which is not seasoned with anything, has an energy value of 27 kilocalories per 100 grams. If you prepare a salad from this vegetable and season it with mayonnaise, then the calorie content of this dish is significantly increased. On average, this type of salad has about 400 kcal per 100 grams. In the case when you want to make a salad, but at the same time reduce the energy value, choose low-fat yogurt or olive oil as a dressing. In this case, the calorie content of the vegetable will be in the range of 50 to 300 calories.

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Calorie stewed cabbage has the following: 26 kcal per 100 grams of product. This suggests that during cooking, the energy value decreases. Why is this happening? If you cook cabbage using the quenching method in a small amount of water, the juice evaporates from it. Due to this, dietary fiber becomes larger and calorie content decreases. However, with the addition of oil, carrots, tomatoes and other ingredients, the dish will have an energy value of 70 to 500 calories.

Boiled cabbage (cooked for borscht or cabbage rolls) has an average of 23 calories per 100 grams. Fresh cabbage again loses to this version of the dish. But remember that with the addition of broth, meat and other ingredients, the energy value is growing rapidly.

Calorie pickled cabbage has the following. The energy value of the dish is about 18 kcal per 100 grams. This decrease is due to the pre-treatment that the product undergoes.

calorie pickled cabbage

Red cabbage

The second most popular type of this vegetable is red cabbage. You can find about 24 kcal in a fresh product. When preparing salads, the same rule applies: the higher the energy value of the dressing, the higher the calorie content of the final dish.

Calorie pickled cabbage (red cabbage) is very low. On average, out of 100 grams of a product, you get about 12 kcal. It is this variety that most housewives use for the preparation of winter spins.

Cooked red-headed vegetable likewise reduces its energy value. Braised cabbage by all rules contains about 20 kcal. If the product was cooked, then its value is 22 calories.

With additional processing and mixing with other ingredients, the energy value always increases.

calories fresh cabbage

Chinese cabbage

This type of vegetable is less popular, but it has a more delicate taste than its representatives. Peking cabbage is most often used for salads, omelettes and various pastries. It goes well with seafood. If you want to get a minimum of calories, but maximum pleasure from food, then select this particular variety and cook it with squid or shrimp.

The calorie content of Beijing cabbage is 15 kcal. This suggests that you can use this type without any restrictions. However, remember the main rule: the more calories in the ingredients that make up the dish, the higher the energy value of Beijing cabbage.

calories cauliflower


What calories does cauliflower have? Fresh product unsuitable for consumption. Despite this, it is worth saying that it has about 30 kcal. After heat treatment, the vegetable has an energy value of 27-29 calories.

Cauliflower is preferred for first feeding. Kids perfectly absorb such a dish.

raw cabbage


This type of cabbage is used in raw and processed form. However, the second option is more preferred. So, raw broccoli contains about 28 calories. If you cook the product, you will get an energy value of 23-27 kcal.

Often this type of vegetable is added to omelets and casseroles. In this case, the caloric content increases in proportion to the number of additional ingredients.

how many calories are in stewed cabbage

Brussels sprouts

If you are preparing a Brussels-style vegetable, then using stewing or cooking you will get about 35 calories.

Brussels sprouts can also be fried. In this case, the energy value becomes even greater. In such a dish, you can find up to 60 calories, given that it was cooked without oil and additional ingredients.

Kohlrabi cabbage

The most rare type of cabbage is the kohlrabi variety. Externally, the vegetable is more like a radish or turnip. In its raw form, it is practically not used. The only exception is the favorite raw foodists.

So, in the original form of the vegetable there are about 42 calories. During heat treatment, this type of vegetable practically does not change its energy value. Braised or boiled kohlrabi contains from 40 to 43 calories per 100 grams.

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What type and method of cooking cabbage is the lowest calorie?

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the most dietary product is stewed or boiled Beijing cabbage. However, such a dish is prepared very rarely. With the exception of those who know the secrets of this vegetable and watch their figure.

Many nutritionists suggest a person lose weight due to the cabbage diet. To do this, you will need a list called "Low-Calorie Foods." A table of these ingredients is presented in this article.

A small debriefing and conclusion

Now you know how many calories are contained in one form or another of cabbage. Try each of the options presented and choose the most suitable for you. Also study low-calorie foods. A table of such is presented to your attention below. When cooking dishes, consider not only the taste of the vegetable, but also its energy value.

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Try to eat properly and as healthy as possible. Get all possible vitamins and minerals from foods. Eat different cabbage and always be healthy and slim!


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