Gamma Finance: feedback and the essence of the project

Online business is gaining popularity every year. Almost everyone wants to work without leaving home. Another project on the network - Gamma Finance, reviews of which are available on almost every site, claims that you can earn a lot of money.


Gamma Finance offers everyone to build a highly profitable business. Everything is very beautifully described on the site, but no specific data has been provided on what the project is and what it and the employees have.

The essence of earnings is that you must first pay a tariff plan. Next, you need to attract people - referrals. They will also have to pay. The cited participants also recruit their team and so on ad infinitum.

Judging by the numerous reviews of Gamma Finance, many understand that this is another financial pyramid and what kind of risk arises. However, there are people who are still trying to capitalize on this.

Gamma Finance

Tariff Plans

So, in order to start conducting your “business” from home, you need to go to the official Gamma Finance website. The reviews say that the resource interface is made interesting, but on it you will not find any contact details and information about the creators of the project. However, there is a user agreement that can be changed at any time unilaterally. This is stated in the contract itself.

The user is offered a choice of several tariff plans: red, yellow, blue, green and purple. Their cost is from 200 to one thousand rubles. When registering, all users are assigned a red tariff, which must be paid within five days, otherwise the client status will become inactive.

How will you earn? Judging by the reviews of Gamma Finance, a silly and incomprehensible way for many.

The service claims that in order to get a high income, you need to bring referrals, that is, you will receive profit on the principle of a financial pyramid. What is the point of putting together such a team? For you - no. Especially if this is not the beginning of the project. A team of people who will pay their money at registration is needed only by the creators of the project for more money.

The essence of the financial pyramid

Financial Pyramide

Let's consider in more detail. The financial pyramid is an unstable business model that exists by attracting more referrals at different levels. Instead of delivering any goods or services with an extra charge, the project relies on promises of profit for luring other participants into the scheme. These recruits are required to pay advance payments. These schemes, also called fraud, cannot last long and are considered illegal in many countries.

People believe that by investing in such projects, they will earn more money. Nevertheless, the creators of the pyramid are betting on attracting more and more contribution from the growing number of people on the lower levels.

Although such schemes seem profitable, they cannot exist forever. The biggest problem with such an operating model is that money moves from bottom to top. A limited number of referrals at the highest levels hopes to capitalize on the contributions made by more people at lower levels. Even if all people in the country join this scheme, it will ultimately lead to saturation. In this case, the lowest level will become less than the upper.

Project feedback

gamma finance reviews

Reviews of Gamma Finance do not raise any doubts as to whether to make money on this resource. Positive comments are left only by those who fall into this financial trap in order to recruit a referral team. First, such “workers” describe all the advantages of the project, say how much they earn per day, and then leave a link for communication in order to lure them into their team. The remaining users are one hundred percent sure that Gamma Finance is a divorce.


The platform does not inspire confidence in people. Pyramid schemes have existed for a long time and in various forms, are often considered illegal. Their existence implies deception and fraud, because not everyone will receive the money promised in return.


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