How to fix a canopy on a crib: options and instructions

Many children love home comfort and privacy. But parents can not always allocate a separate room for a child, therefore, like any person, being alone is not easy for a baby. What should be done and how to deal with this problem? Use a canopy that can "outline" the personal space for your child. Did you like the idea? Then you are probably interested in how to fix the canopy on the crib, how to do it, what are the holders and where to get instructions. If you are ready, then let's go!

Option for a boy.

What gives a canopy? Why is it needed? What are the features of the cover?

The closed frame for the canopy on the crib is not only a place for the privacy of the baby, but also excellent protection against insects, draft, various dust. Therefore, it is he who is very popular in Russia.

The technique of attaching the "curtains" to the round crib came from Ancient Persia. The first purpose of the canopy is to protect against insects on hot days and nights. It was inconvenient for people to hide with fabrics, so they decided to put them a little higher.

This method soon spread throughout Europe, and various princes are already using it.

Buying a beautiful canopy is only the beginning, but the correct installation of the canopy on the crib is a real art!

Experts recommend choosing natural and hypoallergenic tissues (they should be like this in advance). The material should not be particularly bright, may have delicate and pastel colors. You can sew a canopy on your own, but if you are not confident in your capabilities, then many stores will offer you a variety of options.

Pros and cons

What is the advantage of such a "curtain" and what should you pay attention to in advance? To fix a canopy on a crib - how is it? Is it difficult or simple? To start:

  • You can choose any canopy. At the moment, there are many design and simpler options.
  • The bed model can be any. Rectangular, round or unusual shape.
Non-standard option for a boy.
  • The design is quite simple to assemble. The tripod is lightweight and safe.
  • The tripod is usually well stable and does not require attachment to the floor with screws.
  • Various mounting options: on the wall, ceiling, to the bed.

These are the main benefits of a canopy. What are the disadvantages of a canopy bracket for a crib or fasteners?

  • The possibility of scratches. If you changed the location of a tripod or hook several times, it is possible that there will be scratches on the wall or ceiling. They need to be hidden or decorated with something.
  • Lightweight construction. If the child pulls the tripod, sway the crib, it can knock down the entire structure, since it is not particularly stable. This is rather a little nuisance than a serious minus.

Where to place? Options right places

The choice of location for the canopy is completely dependent on your preferences and desires. It must be fixed so that the fabric does not fall off during active movement inside the rocking bed or in an ordinary crib.

  • The middle. Great for boys. How to fix the canopy in the middle of the crib? Using a long holder! In fact, it is not difficult, the effect of a castle or a forest tent is created.
  • The headboard. The fabric gently falls at the feet of the child. This older version is suitable for girls.
  • Around the perimeter. Option for newborns. On the one hand there will be a canopy, and on the other, you can calmly feed, take the baby. If necessary, the fabric can be spread and closed. This option is a bit complicated because it requires a special canopy frame for the crib. This method is universal.
Perimeter Fasteners

As mentioned earlier, the principle of action depends on your desires and the size of the bed.

What can be a canopy mount? Types, Features

Holders can be not only different in shape, but also made in different ways. Types of mounts:

  • Mobile One of the most popular options, featuring a built-in installation on the bed. If you want to protect the walls and ceiling from damage, then choose this mount. The model weighs a little and is easily attached. Of the disadvantages, special mobility can be noted. If the child grows up, he will sway the crib and the tripod, he will be able to dump it. The mobile mount is not particularly beautiful, as it is completely covered by a canopy.
  • Stationary. It is attached to the side or up, due to which it can harm the interior of the room. Stationary holders are more reliable, this is their plus. They are perfectly decorated and open to any plans!
  • Mount throughout the bed. It is a mount on 4 rails of the bed, the final fixture occurs from above and from the side. A great option for creating a decorative castle.

Methods of mounting. Where and how to install?

To choose the right place for fasteners, determine the location of the bed in the room. Where will she stand? How will the fixtures fit with the decor of the room?

If you are ready, remember: the canopy is always attached to the holder. The holder is a general design, frame. Fixation can be set in several ways:

  • Side wall.
Mount on the side wall.
  • Ceiling.
  • Headboard.
  • Floor.
  • Room wall, carpet.

The canopy is a combination of canopy and fasteners for a round crib, rectangular or any other shape. In this case, the holder is a sealed or freely moving part.

What is included in the fixture? Basic tools and parts

Typically, an assembly kit, purchased or manufactured independently, includes:

  1. Tripod. Holds the entire structure, is a tube with a tip in the form of a circle. The length of the canopy depends on the length of the tripod. It is best to use a removable tripod.
  2. Holder. Tripod tip, twisted whip.
  3. Rings that hold the fabric and help it move freely around the holder, but not disintegrate.
  4. Canopy mount. Most often these are ordinary screws.

Assembly Instructions for Canopy Crib

The next step is the build algorithm. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. To get started, choose a place to mount the tripod. To do this, determine the place where you will have a bed. Mount the tripod closer to the wall.
  2. Next, screw the tripod either to the bed or to the wall (ceiling) in the selected place.
  3. Mount the round tip holder to the tripod.
  4. Thread the hanging rings into the pre-prepared canopy loops.
  5. Attach the canopy to the holder, fix the structure with threads.
  6. The final step is a strength test. Shake the holder, check all fasteners.
Canopy for an older child.

How to put a canopy on a crib with a stationary mount

How to fix a canopy on a crib at stationary fastening? To get started: you will need small cornices. They should go in a canopy set. If you do it yourself, you can use a tripod. Mount the tripod according to the previously presented instructions in the article.

There are several options for how to put a canopy on the holder:

  • Cornice. Not the most durable, but convenient and simple option.
  • 4 slats around the perimeter. It remains only to fix the fabric on them.
  • Hook. Fixture for a ceiling. Choose a medium sized hook so that it can hold the fabric.
  • You can use a metal circle. One of the most popular options.

How is a stationary canopy attached? Installation Features

Before you learn how to put the canopy on the holder, mark the location of the fasteners in advance to make it as even as possible.

Remember that it is impossible to hang a hook for the canopy on the suspended ceiling. Instead, other parts or mounting locations can be used.

The stationary canopy is attached to the screws, which is why it will be difficult to move the finished fastening. Use self-tapping screws instead of screws.

Option with a tap on the ceiling.

The canopy fabric should be of sufficient length and reach at least the edges of the bed.

Mobile fasteners: what features?

The following is instructions on how to attach the canopy to the crib using mobile holders.

This mount is a tripod and a round loop for holding the canopy. It is mounted directly on the baby's bed. In addition, you can freely move the loop around the tube and adjust the position, height of the canopy.

Try to put the tripod away from the floor. If the baby’s crib sways, it’s quite possible that the floor will be scratched.

After attaching the fabric, try to decompose it in such a way that it does not interfere with your freedom to take the child, does not cause inconvenience.

Installation Methods Using Mobile Hardware

To begin with, to make the tripod height comfortable to adjust, remove the circular loop for a while. There are two ways to install mobile hardware:

  1. Pass the loop into the canopy of the canopy. If you do everything correctly and accurately, the fabric will begin to disintegrate in small soaring folds. For strength, you can flash the design, add Velcro or assemble in other ways.
  2. If the ring (loop) on the tripod is closed, it must be opened. Next, put the fabric on 2 open parts and re-close the structure. That's pretty simple, you can get a very strong and original design that only remains to be attached to the holder or tripod.

Assembly recommendations: what is worth knowing in advance?

Check out these rules:

  • Before attaching the holder, carefully read the instructions. You run the risk of doing it wrong and breaking the whole structure without the possibility of recovery.
  • Ceiling canopy - the most difficult option. It will require a lot of strength and a predefined practice. But in the end, you will get an excellent result in the form of a canopy, decaying into folds and a comfortable sleeping place.
Canopy for the girl.
  • To get started, purchase the simplest tripod that mounts on the bed. Thus, you can try to collect it, find out your capabilities and test them. You can arrange it around the entire perimeter or focus on a specific place.


Summing up, it is worth noting that fastening the canopy is a fairly simple procedure. You need to prepare all the tools and spare parts, such as a tripod, hinge, screws or screws. The mount can be mobile, stationary, placed around the perimeter of the bed. The fabric is attached to the loop. If you want to choose a design option, then pay attention to the stationary installation method. If the main thing for you is coziness and comfort, then choose mobile fasteners.


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