System of satellite tracking of the car from theft

The satellite tracking system for a car is a modern equipment that allows you to constantly monitor the movement of your vehicle, for example, when it is stolen. The system itself consists of a number of components, on which the operability of all equipment depends.

satellite tracking system

What is the essence

Each system is a thoughtful design that allows you to timely monitor the condition of a particular vehicle. The equipment is based on a personal GPS tracker that looks like a mobile phone; it has an internal battery. The device allows, if necessary, send a signal to the phone or monitoring server. The satellite tracking system for the car allows you to receive data on the location, speed, mileage of the vehicle online.

Main functions

The most popular tracking systems include GPS / GLONASS, which allow you to solve several problems at once:

  1. Track the position of vehicles in real time.
  2. Monitor mileage.
  3. Monitor spent hours.
  4. Monitor fuel consumption.
  5. Monitor the performance of auto mechanisms.

car theft tracking system

GLONASS - what is the point?

Among the most popular ways to monitor your car, a special place is occupied by the GLONASS satellite tracking system. This equipment is designed to control moving objects. His work is based on satellite navigation. In the basic configuration there is an on-board controller, thanks to which the movement of the car, its speed mode and the operation of individual units are monitored. In practice, the most popular are GPS, GLONASS and GSM.

But nevertheless, it is the GLONASS satellite tracking system that remains the most functional. This equipment is functional, therefore, it can solve a number of problems:

  1. Track vehicle position online.
  2. Monitor trucks.
  3. It allows the dispatcher to receive operational data on the direction and speed of the car.
  4. Fully controls the operation of the machineโ€™s devices, both standard and additional.
  5. Remotely control the vehicle, for example, turn off the engine if the car was stolen or an emergency occurred.

glonass satellite tracking system


The satellite tracking system for a GSM car was not widespread, since the service did not accurately determine the coordinates of the car and its speed. In the standard version, this equipment can only show where the base station is located , so the accuracy of such systems is low.

GPS-based monitoring works on the basis of receiving navigation signals, which are constantly sent by satellites. Reception is carried out due to special sensors, antennas, which are placed on the transport. Navigation information is received from several satellites at once, so you can determine in real time where the car is and what speed it is developing.


The GPS satellite tracking system is in great demand due to the fact that the equipment is compact and reliable. Special car GPS trackers are mounted on a magnet or connected to the onboard power supply. The observer has the opportunity at any time to see where the desired object is located, and this can be done using a mobile phone, and on a PC. The system will store all data on the speed and direction of movement of the car. The advantages of choosing this equipment include:

  • installation is simple and fast, requires minimal costs;
  • equipment pays off quickly;
  • control systems are efficient.

satellite tracking system mts

In addition, the system of satellite tracking a car against theft is insurance for the car itself, as in any situation it will always be under control.

"Caesar Satellite"

Today, many companies offer vehicle monitoring systems, which ensures its safety, and the fleet itself operates more efficiently. "Caesar Satellite" is a system that can solve several problems:

  1. Keep remote control over each unit of transport.
  2. Record routes, vehicle runs at any time.
  3. Monitor excess flow rates.
  4. Protect from robbery due to the panic button.

satellite tracking system photo

Reliability, durability and accuracy of the funds received - this is what distinguishes this satellite tracking system for a car. The photos presented in the article show how this system works. Installation of equipment is simple, but it is compact and takes up very little space.


Few people know that MTS also has its own tracking system. The MTS-Tracker kit determines the coordinates of the vehicle via GPS, after which it transmits the received data via the cellular network. The owner of the equipment can track the movement of vehicles over the Internet. The distinctive features of this system include the following:

  • a map with the location of the car is available on the phone screen or in the computer;
  • using the SOS button on the tracker, you can automatically send messages to 6 pre-set phone numbers or email;
  • the device has a microphone, which allows voice tracking of the environment;
  • the MTS car satellite tracking system is equipped with a built-in non-volatile memory, in which the entire history of movement is accumulated if there was suddenly no connection;
  • the tracker works on average up to 90 days in sleep mode;
  • the built-in accelerometer adjusts the frequency of sending a message depending on how fast the car moves.

gps satellite tracking system


As you can see, vehicle tracking systems are widespread, which is explained by the efficiency of their work, regardless of weather conditions and time of day. It is also important that, in addition to protection against theft, such complexes can solve a number of problems, which is especially important for large transport companies:

  • control fuel consumption;
  • Track unplanned downtime
  • prevent "left" flights or empty runs;
  • improve driver discipline.

For each specific case, you can choose your own GPS monitoring, which will be more effective and convenient for use. Despite the fact that such complexes are expensive, they pay off very quickly, and the presence of tracking systems can improve the safety of vehicles.


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