Matte jacket on nails. Matte Manicure Ideas

Matte manicure is one of the most popular today. Every woman who wants to be in a trend has already tried this kind of manicure. Nail art designers suggest combining matte shades with a French jacket, so to speak, adding a bit of classics to the present. You will learn more about the basic ideas of a matte manicure in combination with a jacket on nails in more detail in the article.

Matte or glossy?

Fashion is a capricious lady, as you know. What yesterday was at the peak of popularity may well overthrow the legislators of current fashion trends into oblivion. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that the glossy shine was replaced by joy for the eyes of fashionistas: a matte finish. Glossy coating was quite popular for several seasons, but now nail art designers began to create with interest the works of art on the nails of fashionistas using matte shades of varnish. Now it’s better to save glossy nails for the holiday, but matte manicure can be, as they say, in a feast and in the world.

manicure french matte

And again about the classics

There are many ideas for doing a fashionable matte manicure. In the article we will reveal one of the fashion trends: a combination of universally recognized classic French manicure and a matte finish. Why did you choose this combination? But because the jacket is universal. Combining simplicity of execution and elegance at the same time, he has already won his place in the hands of women for forty years. To date, the French maintains its position. How does he do it? The answer is very simple: it will suit ladies of different ages who prefer different styles; the images that can be created using the french are different. Once again we repeat: French manicure is good because it is universal! And the matte French nail design is no exception.

The technique of performing classic French manicure

A classic French manicure looks organically pretty due to its naturalness. To create a French manicure, you can purchase a ready-made set in a specialized store or buy everything separately.

Matte French

The materials required for the jacket are as follows:

  1. Materials for processing nails: nail file, oil for processing and removing cuticles.
  2. Transparent varnish for basic and fixing application.
  3. A choice of beige or pink varnish and white varnish.
  4. Stencil stickers or thin brush.

Infrequently, but still the ladies forget about deleting the previous version of nail art. Therefore, the first step in the performance of a French manicure is the removal of old varnish. After that, it would be nice to make a hand bath (chamomile as an option).

The next thing to do is do the nail treatment. So, the third step to create a jacket is to give the desired shape with a fingernail. French manicure looks great on nails that are square or rounded. Remember to carefully cut off the barbs and cuticles. After the indicated manipulations, degrease the nails with nail polish remover. It is important that the fluid is without acetone! Now you can proceed directly to the creation of a French manicure.

French with a pattern

First, the nails are stained with the main varnish. In the classic version, the jacket is a transparent varnish. But you can use a coating of pastel shades. Base varnish can be either translucent or pink, beige, peach, lavender.

Next, you need to paint the tips of the nails with white varnish. There are three ways to create a white line:

  • You can draw a line by hand with a special brush.
  • Coat the tips of the nails with white gel polish, without waiting until it dries, with a flat brush, moistened abundantly in nail polish remover, smooth the line, making it rounded.
  • The easiest way is to buy special stencils for French manicure. As a tip: you need to remove the strip immediately after applying the varnish - this will make the line smooth and clear.

The next step is carried out depending on your preferences: apply the drawing.

At the end of the manicure, a topcoat is applied to the nails: transparent varnish. You can choose a translucent varnish, in which case the transition between the white line and the main color will soften.

Classic French

You can also perform French manicure with gel varnishes. Compared to the usual version of the jacket, the gel coating is more resistant and the color does not lose intensity.

Frosted French Nail Ideas

A matte French manicure option is suitable for both a classic French jacket and any other. The advantage of such a manicure is the lightness and tenderness that can be created using matte shades. So, now, having mastered the technique of the classic French, we can proceed to more non-standard ways of its execution.

Add some sparkle

french with gold

An unusual solution is to perform a matte manicure-jacket with the addition of golden or silver shades. Here you can play in contrast or close tones. A combination of matte shades of red (preference should be given to dark) and gold varnish will look great.

Such a fashionable ombre

Initially, the ombre won its place on the hair of the fair sex. Now he can be found on the nails of fashionistas. Ombre implies a smooth transition from one color to another.

French ombre effect

It can also be done in classic colors: a white-painted nail smoothly becomes the foundation of flesh-colored. But you can also experiment by depicting a different option instead of a matte white french on your nails, painting the tip of the nail with a pastel shade of varnish.

Solid matte french

Monochrome images are now at the peak of popularity. So why not try using monochrome in manicure? In order to perform this type of manicure, you will need one color, but two different shades. Which one you choose depends on your color preferences, mood, the image you want to demonstrate, and so on. Black matte french jacket will look spectacular. In general, such a manicure option does not imply limitations.

Monochrome image

An unusual solution will be to use a combination of glossy and matte varnish of the same color in manicure. To create such a jacket, cover the nail with a varnish with a matte surface, paint the tip with varnish with a glossy surface. It remains only to enjoy the result on your nails.

Matte French manicure with a pattern

Frosted jacket can be supplemented with various patterns: peas, monograms, bows, etc. When performing this kind of manicure, it is important not to overdo it. Let it be a light sketch on the nail.

French with bows

As an option, you can make a bow-shaped drawing on each nail. Choose your own color. For example, the picture can be done in black lacquer against a background of classic shades of French manicure. Small rhinestones will look quite appropriate on such nails. So the daily version of manicure with one part will turn into a manicure for special occasions.

Made in pale pink tones, a matte french coat on nails will look appropriate both at a festive event and in the office. The cherry on such a "cake" will be a delicate drawing, executed in the same colors as the jacket itself. We emphasize once again what is important when performing a drawing. This is lightness, tenderness, which can be achieved with a few strokes.

French with a pattern

And finally

As you can see for yourself, French manicure is a classic for all time. And who knows, perhaps matte jacket on nails is also recognized as a classic.

The classic jacket may look quite modern through the use of fashionable color schemes. The advantage of French manicure is its ease of execution combined with elegance. You can make a matte jacket on nails both at home and with a professional. The choice is yours!


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