The most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka: name, description, photo

In a small country, Sri Lanka has a huge variety of waterfalls. By their number, it is a world leader. If you look at the map of Sri Lanka's waterfalls, you can see that most of them are located in the central and southern parts of the island. Officially recorded more than 430 large waterfalls. Their full flow depends on the season, and the height does not exceed 270 meters. For travel lovers who decide to go to this exotic island, information about the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka can be useful.

St. Clair Falls

It is one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. However, its height is small - 80 meters. This waterfall got its name from a nearby tea plantation. It is also called the little Niagara of Sri Lanka.

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St. Clair Falls consists of two cascades. They are called Maha Ella and Where Ella, which means Big and Small waterfalls. This natural wonder was created by a tributary of the Kotmale River. Due to the fact that a dam was built on it, the waterfall was endangered. But the authorities control its safety.

St. Clair is also noteworthy in that it has a view from afar. Therefore, to enjoy its view, you need to go down to the tea plantation, which crosses the course of the waterfall. Tourists get to it quite easily.

Dunhinda Waterfall

This is one of the best waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Its height is 64 meters, but it is considered the deepest on the island. Dunhinda is located near the small town of Badullah. Many travelers call it the most beautiful and picturesque waterfall in Sri Lanka. Near it is constantly a haze, and lush vegetation is always covered with dew. It is no coincidence that its name translates as "misty spray."

The legend of the treasures lying at its bottom is associated with this waterfall. Once, two lovers - a young man and a princess, separated by social inequality, rushed into his waters with despair. The evil spirits in which they have turned are now guarding the treasures. And no one dares to get them, since the locals of the island are very superstitious.

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Uranus Vetuna Ella Waterfall

Its height is 113 meters. It is located near the village of Lankagama. Uranus Vetuna Ella is very full-flowing and never dries. The tea plantation, located next to the waterfall, is supplied with water from it.

A large number of boars that come here to the watering hole are washed off by a powerful stream of water into the mountain river. From here the waterfall got its name.

Diyalum Waterfall

It has a height of 220 meters and is considered one of the highest on the island. It is formed by the Punagala Oia River. When this waterfall falls from a great height, a pool is formed that is suitable for swimming. In the rainy season, the stream is so stormy that it flies from a height through all cascades in a single stream. It is beautiful and accessible to visitors at any time of the year.

The legend of the king who fell in love with a simple girl is associated with this waterfall. The courtiers did not approve of his choice and became embittered by him. Then the lovers decided to escape. When they climbed up along the waterfall, the girl stumbled and fell down into its waters, shattering to death. It is believed that this water stream is the king's tears shed by his beloved. This story of tragic love was repeated at the beginning of the twentieth century, when a couple of tourists in love crashed while climbing a waterfall, breaking off a steep cliff.

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Ravana Waterfall

Near the small picturesque city of Sri Lanka - Ella, a waterfall, which is considered one of the widest on the island. A visit to it is included in the obligatory tourist program. Ravana Falls consists of an oval cascade. In the rainy season, it turns into a powerful stormy stream, and during the dry season the amount of water in it decreases sharply.

This area is associated with an episode of the Indian epic Ramayana. The picturesque Ravana Falls in Sri Lanka got its name from the name of King Ravana, the character of a famous Hindu legend. According to legend, he abducted Princess Sita and hid her in the cave of Ravana, located near the waterfall in which she bathed.

Bambarakanda Waterfall

It is considered the highest on the island. Its height is 263 meters. He is beautiful at different times of the day. In the morning, Bambarakanda is a big rainbow, and in the evening it becomes hazy and looks very mysterious and mysterious. The path to this Sri Lanka waterfall lies through a pine forest. The air here is clean and healing. The climb is comfortable. Near the foot there are swimming pools where you can swim. Locals here are very superstitious. They believe in evil demons. Waterfalls are a reliable protection against them, so you can often find Aboriginal people swimming in the pool. The most favorable time to visit this waterfall is the spring months. At this time, the island has a minimal amount of rainfall, and the approaches to the waterfall are dry. In addition, at other times of the year there may be strong winds.

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Waterfall Bopat

It is considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. The name "Bopat" was given due to its shape in the form of a heart on top, which looks like a heart-shaped leaf of a Bo tree. It is one of the most visited by tourists. Picnics are often organized near the Bopat.

Dong Waterfall

Its height is 125 meters, width - three meters. It is located in the Badulla area.

Local legend tells that a King of Sinhala by the name of Valagamba used the cave near the foot of the waterfall as a defense against the pursuit of enemies.

Ramboda Waterfall

One of the most beautiful and highest on the island. It is located in the thick of the jungle. Its height is 109 meters. Not far from Ramboda there is a hotel through which you can approach the foot of the waterfall. In addition, the hotel has viewing platforms from which you can admire the falling stream of water. There are rooms with windows overlooking the waterfall. It is recommended to spend at least two days here, as walking around the surroundings of this miracle of nature, birdsong, exotic vegetation and the sound of water will give travelers great pleasure.

You can visit the Ramboda Falls in Sri Lanka at any time. But it should be noted that during the rainy season fogs are possible, and in the dry season the magnitude of the water flow decreases slightly.

Ravana Sri Lanka Waterfall

Gerandigini Waterfall

Its height is 100 meters. It is located near the city of Ramboda, near the tea plantation. This amazing waterfall is a merger of several, including Gerandi and Ramboda. All of them make up one Gerandigini waterfall, the total height of which is about 270 meters. In full size, this water flow can be seen only at a distance.

Demali Waterfall

This waterfall is 105 meters high. It is located near the city of Balangoda. To get to it, you need to climb a slippery path from the main road. Its length is two kilometers.

The legend of the Tamil king is associated with this waterfall. Before leaving for war, he informed his family that a white flag would be raised on the ship in case of loss. Then they must flee. The king won the battle, but, by some mistake, a white flag was hoisted on the ship. The royal family, seeing this sign, did not run. They preferred to jump from the very top of the waterfall. Since then, a crack has appeared at the base of the water stream.

Ratna Waterfall

Its height is 101 meters. Associated with this waterfall is the legend of treasures that were hidden in seven vessels. Five vessels were found, and two remained in its depths. Those who dared to seek treasures were washed away by stormy streams of water. It is no coincidence that this waterfall was called Ratna. Translated from Sinhala, this means "fields of precious stones."

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Aberdeen Waterfall

This waterfall is 98 meters high. It is located near the town of Ginigaten. It was named after the city of Aberdeen - one of the largest cities in Scotland.

The area where the road to the waterfall is located is full of snakes. The water stream forms a natural pool, but you should not swim in it, since there is a risk of being bitten by a snake.

Lovers Falls Waterfall

It is located near the city of Nuwara Eliya, from which you can reach the waterfall in ten minutes. This water stream begins on the highest mountain of the island - Pidurutalagala. Near it is another small waterfall, the height of which is 21 meters.

The name "Lovers Lip" in translation means "jump of lovers" and is associated with a tragic love story.

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The exotic island of Sri Lanka is completely unique. Here the concentration of waterfalls is the highest in the world. Any of these natural wonders is suitable for excursion visits. Powerful streams of water in combination with picturesque mountainous terrain are able to captivate even the most experienced traveler.


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