Rare coins of the USSR 1961-1991. Numismatics

Today we will discuss rare coins of the USSR of 1961-1991. Collecting in all its manifestations, be it philately, collecting books, compiling collections of paintings, interior items, porcelain, is interesting and fascinating. Collectors of various objects compose collections on the subject, authorship of objects, eras, etc., and replenishing them with new and valuable exhibits is the essence of collecting. Numismatists, or coin collectors, can say the same about themselves. But not always the decoration of the collection can serve as metallic money of the past.

There are rare coins of the USSR of 1961-1991, which are no less interesting, expensive and of some value. And their significance is not in the fact that they were minted in some century, but in some flaws in the production or errors in the dates. If we consider the old banknotes , then their value is obvious. The older the coin, the greater the price it has. Indeed, in the old days the circulation of coins was extremely small. In addition, over time, such banknotes become less and less, and this makes them unique.

What affects the value of a coin

rare coins of the ussr 1961 1991
If we consider rare coins of the USSR, their value depends on a number of factors. It all depends on how many banknotes were issued. The smaller the circulation, the more valuable and rarer the item. Appearance: the better the coin is preserved, the more valuable it is. If it was not used at all for its intended purpose, its cost will be an order of magnitude higher than similar counterparts. Such banknotes are called bagged among collectors. If a coin is important for replenishing a certain collection, complements it in spirit or in production time, then its value also increases. The presence of a marriage or flaw in minting significantly increases the cost of the product. Such specimens are very rare and are of interest to collectors.

Rare coins of the USSR 1961-1991, of particular value

USSR coin prices
We made a rating of banknotes according to their importance.

  • 10th place is occupied by a coin with a face value of 10 kopecks 1991 release. Of interest to collectors is the fact that individual copies were reproduced on an alien basis, which has a smaller radius. For this ten-killer curiosity, you can earn 1 thousand rubles. Soviet coins of the 80s are of little interest to numismatists. Their cost will not exceed 250 rubles. But some 70s coins are much more interesting in terms of their value.
  • 9th place belongs to 20 kopecks in 1970. Prices for coins of the USSR of this type can range from 3 to 5 thousand rubles, which depends on their safety. They are not very rare.
  • At 8th place, the cost is a coin in denomination of 50 kopecks. graduated in 1970. It is also not a rarity, but for it from collectors you can gain 4-5 thousand rubles. with a good appearance.
  • The 7th place is occupied by 5- and 10-kopeck Soviet coins of 1990. This year two types of these banknotes were minted, which practically do not differ from each other. A small part of the circulation had the sign of the Moscow Mint. It is they who have value, and collectors can set a price for them from 5 to 9 thousand rubles.
  • In 6th place are coins of 10 kopecks. with a flaw and years of issue since 1961. Such coins were minted every year and had a large circulation. Therefore, they are not of great value. But some copies were defective, and this is valuable. For example, 10 kopecks. 1961 were pushed back on the basis of brass, intended for a coin of 2 kopecks. The same can be found at 10 kopecks. 1988-89 Prices for coins of the USSR of this type, in translation with modern money, reach up to 10 thousand rubles.
  • In 5th place is a five-copeck coin of 1970. Its base is a zinc-copper alloy. These 5 kopecks are a rarity and an expensive coin. They offer 5-6 thousand rubles for her, and if she is in excellent condition, then 10 thousand
  • 4th place awarded to a coin of 15 kopecks. 1970 year. The design of the sign is the same as was accepted in those years, but the numbers 15 and 1970 are much larger than usual. The basis is a nickel-copper alloy. Its cost is 6-8 thousand rubles, and with decent safety, it can be 12 thousand.

The leaders

soviet coins
Now let's see why collectors will pay more decent amounts.

  • On an honorable third place, experts put 10 rubles. 1991. Denomination 10 rubles. This year has a modern attractive design and is made using two metals. For this coin, you can earn up to 15 thousand rubles. subject to her good appearance.
  • 2nd place is 20 kopecks. 1991. The main circulation is not valuable. But on some you can see the stamp of the printing yard. These signs are valuable and will cost up to 15 thousand rubles.
  • The undisputed leader is a coin ½ penny 1961. The coin was printed after the monetary reform. But it turned out that it was expensive to mint them, and they refused it. Only a few tens of thousands of coins of this denomination were issued. Therefore, ½ penny is very rare, and its price reaches about 500 thousand rubles.

To the event

rare coins of the ussr cost
Commemorative coins commemorating a significant event or date are sometimes also interesting for collectors. Such banknotes began to be printed even before the revolution. As a rule, these coins had a significant millionth circulation, which reduces the value of the coin. For it, you can gain from 10 to 80 rubles. It all depends on the appearance. But, for example, connoisseurs can pay 2 thousand rubles for a banknote on the 150th anniversary of K. L. Timiryazev.


10 kopecks 1991
Anniversary banknotes of 1961-91 have value if they are minted, have grammatical or digital errors. For such coins, you can get about 30 thousand rubles. For example, in 1984 a coin was struck for the anniversary of A.S. Pushkin. On it, instead of the year 1984, stands 1985. There are other similar instances with the wrong date, which are interesting to collectors.

Rare coins of the USSR 1961-1991: estimate

Those people who collect coins in their piggy banks, among others, can find rare items of value and often have significant value. If coins with a flaw or marriage during minting are found in your vault, then if you want to find out its cost and value for collectors, you can use special sites for numismatists on the Internet. There are also catalogs of coins, where in detail by years and face value you can evaluate a rare coin and find out its significance at a given time.

Half a century

coin 50 years of Soviet power
The coin "50 Years of Soviet Power" was issued in 1967 and has a face value of 1 ruble. Other banknotes were also issued in honor of this date, but they are less known. The history of creation is as follows. In October 1917, the October Revolution took place, which predetermined the Bolsheviks' rise to power. Half a century later, in 1967, it was decided to celebrate the event by minting a special commemorative coin. So the ruble that interests us appeared. However, he was not alone. They created a whole series dedicated to this date. Coins were issued in denominations of 10, 15, 20 and 50 kopecks. The idea was that banknotes would be in the hands of all citizens of the country, and each person would remember that half a century was fulfilled by the system in force at that time. This concludes the description of the rarest coins of the USSR of 1961-1991.

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