Toyota Town Ace - an eight-seater Japanese minivan for widespread use

Toyota Town Ace, a Japanese frame minivan , was produced from 1984 to 1996. The model underwent deep restyling three times: in 1985, 1990 and 1995.

toyota town ace

Basic data

Toyota Town Ace holds eight people, including the driver. It is distinguished by the diversity of its engine range, four petrol, two turbodiesel and three atmospheric variants are installed on the car (at the buyer's choice). A certain number of cars equipped with a two-liter injection engine are constantly on sale.

The Toyota Town Ace engine is equipped with a transmission of two types, a four-speed automatic and a five-speed manual gearbox.

Front axle connection

Toyota Town Ace, in addition to the usual basic modification, was produced in an all-wheel drive version. The leading front axle did not have a differential and was connected to the transfer case directly according to the "part-time" scheme. The use of such a mechanism sharply increased fuel consumption, however, in some cases, the operation of an all-wheel drive minivan was justified if it was necessary to increase throughput in difficult road conditions.

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Inner space

Modifications of the passenger Toyota Town Ace are equipped with a convertible interior with three rows of seats, dual-circuit air conditioning and two autonomous heaters. The roof of the car has hatches, which in the warm season provide an influx of fresh air into the passenger compartment. Such ventilation is possible if the air conditioner is turned off. Hatches are installed in two versions - according to the Moon Roof system, 2 large ones, or according to the Sky Roof scheme - six small ones.

The salon is equipped with sun shades on the two side rear windows, as well as on the tailgate window. All curtains are equipped with an electric drive. The usual windshields are installed on the windshield, which are lowered manually if necessary.

The interior of the minivan is equipped with numerous devices that make long-distance trips convenient and comfortable. In the front of the cabin there is a compact but powerful refrigerator designed for making ice for soft drinks, as well as storing snacks and light instant meals. A small microwave is built into the bottom of the refrigerator.

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Passenger and cargo modifications

The car was also produced in a mixed version, when the interior was divided in two. In the back was an extensive luggage sector, accommodating up to 800 kilograms of net weight. The front driver's seat and the front passenger seat remained unchanged, and the second row of seats was mounted on special skids and could move within forty centimeters. Thus, the minivan turned into a full truck and easily transported up to a ton of cargo.

Cargo and passenger modifications were equipped with sliding rear doors, which made loading and unloading the car quite convenient. Longitudinal linings made of durable aluminum profile were installed on the floor. The back door was tilted up with pneumatic lifts. The lower threshold of the doorway was absent, which made it possible to load the boot by pulling. The cargo compartment was equipped with special belts that securely secured packages, boxes, bales and other items, preventing them from slipping.

Toyota Town Ace: specifications

Weight and overall parameters:

  • car length - 4360 mm;
  • height - 1825 mm;
  • width - 1685 mm;
  • wheelbase - 2230 mm;
  • front track - 1440 mm;
  • rear track - 1385 mm;
  • ground clearance, clearance - 180 mm;
  • gas tank capacity - 60 l;

Power point

The most commonly used engine in minivan production was the L4 gasoline engine with the following characteristics:

  • cylinder volume, working - 1998 cc / cm;
  • layout - longitudinal, front;
  • power - 98 l. from. at a speed of 4800 rpm;
  • torque of 160 Nm at 3800 rpm;
  • power system - injection fuel injection.

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The Toyota Town car has super-reliable suspensions: a front independent multi-link, axles with hubs are mounted on two ball bearings, hydraulic shock absorbers are combined with cylindrical steel springs. The all-wheel drive version has a different design, the axle shafts with CV joints provide rotation of the front wheels.

The rear suspension of the spring type, dependent, is equipped with a massive beam of lateral stability. Reinforced shock absorbers of reverse action operate in an amplitude of 36 millimeters of free movement, which ensures a smooth ride on the machine.

Front disc brakes, ventilated, rear drum brakes. Dual-circuit drive system, diagonal. In the area of ​​the rear axle, a regulator is installed that cuts off the pressure in case of incomplete loading of the car.

Customer opinion

For the entire period of production of the minivan, there were no negative responses. Toyota Town Ace, reviews of which were generally positive, has established itself as a reliable, inexpensive car to operate. Owners note good speed qualities and a high level of comfort.


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