Do-it-yourself track of tree cuts. Landscaping of the site

Roads are an important element of any terrain. They must be convenient and reliable. But if in ancient times they looked at such coatings exclusively from the standpoint of their effectiveness, then at the present stage it is necessary to take into account the aesthetic side.

Track on a summer cottage

do-it-yourself track

The track can be made at the cottage. At the same time, it should be not only durable, but also attractive, so that it was pleasant to walk on it. Everyone would like to come to their garden and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and be closer to nature. And this will help the path from tree cuts. Do it yourself will not be difficult to make it yourself. And the result is worth it.

Wood, sand, natural stones, land with small pebbles - all of these options can cause a variety of associations. Therefore, their use in creating tracks is viewed differently. It should be considered in more detail what wood is in matters of the design of the garden plot. What needs to be done to make a path from sawn trees with your own hands? What nuances need to be taken into account in this matter?

Is it really a banal option?

No wonder that at the present stage the most popular version of the path is the one that involves the use of saw cuts. Naturally, there will always be people who will talk about the banality of such a design. Indeed, such material has been used for a long time. Accordingly, everyone has ideas about what constitutes a similar site design. But if you take a closer look at this option more thoroughly, then the sensations of his hackneyedness will immediately disappear.

site design

A self-made path made of saw cut trees can become a real masterpiece of garden art, as its external design will fully depend on such indicators as the size of the material, the relative position of the components, and the color of the wood. Additional elements will help to complete the picture. In other words, a garden path can be completely different from what you imagined. Design options are just a huge number. Consider what a path made of tree cuts can be , made with your own hands, taking into account all the recommendations.

Some track options

By choosing components that are the same in size and color, you can get a one-color composition. Elements in this situation should be arranged in several rows. And you can set an arbitrary order by placing them close. The larger the saw cuts in diameter, the wider the gap between the components of the track. To fill it, you can use chips, gravel or lawn grass.

The track will be given dynamism by cuts of different calibers. They will revitalize the design of the site. Have you decided to use additional materials to fill gaps such as gravel and gravel? You can use one rather original design option. Lay down the saws one after another. In this case, a straight or winding track can be obtained. Everything will depend on preferences. Having made a small distance between the main components, you can get a steep path. By cutting the elements, you get a continuous line.

Tracks can be made from boards

Creating paths from wood, you can use not only saw cuts. Put the boards in the case. This material must be laid with a continuous flooring. Doing this is allowed both along and across. The edges of the planks can be trimmed a little. In this case, they will get a tortuous shape. However, this can be achieved without cutting. It is only necessary to arrange the boards in a special way.

wood path

Using wood, you can achieve the effect of parquet. The path in such a situation will look great if it is supplemented with gravel or gravel. The first version of the material can be used in situations where the main elements are located at large distances from each other. Wooden paths can be supplemented not only with gravel. For these purposes, you can use pebbles or other dusting.

If, after all of the above, you are interested in a similar design of a garden plot, then you should talk about how to create this beauty with your own hands.

What to consider?

It is known that such a design can be damaged due to moisture and temperature changes. How to prevent the destruction of cuts? When constructing buildings made of wood, the factor of humidity and temperature fluctuations must always be taken into account. This is especially true for tracks, since saw cuts and boards should lie directly on the ground. And the rate of decay from this only increases. All this will be described in more detail below.

Wood processing

Tree cuts can be purchased in specialized stores. Such material will already be processed with special compounds that protect the wood from the occurrence of fungi, pests, and also from decay. But you can go the other way. In order to make a path from a saw cut tree, it is not necessary to buy the main element in the store.

make a path from a saw cut tree

Get or find logs, use a chainsaw and saw cut. Their thickness can reach 15 cm. After that, the material will need to be processed independently using a 10% solution of copper sulfate. Instead, you can use an antiseptic substance that was developed specifically for wood.

After drying the processed saw cuts, it is worth using bitumen, having previously melted it in any metal container. In this substance it is necessary to dip the saw cut with the place that will be located in the soil. After this, the material must be allowed to dry for some time. After completing all the above procedures, you will get a saw cut tree ready for laying. Its price will be low compared to the purchased material.

Track creation

paths in the garden from cuts of trees

How to make a track? It is necessary to mark the place with pegs with a rope, dig a trench, the depth of which should reach 30 cm. It will need to be covered with geotextile. After this, pour crushed stone into the trench. The layer of this material should reach 10 cm. From above it will be necessary to lay sand on it, carefully compacting it and periodically pouring water. On the lining obtained as a result of all the above actions, it is necessary to lay down the saw cuts. The space between them will need to be covered with earth. You can sow grass or pour gravel into it.

To make paths in the garden from tree cuts, you can use larch. This is the best option, as it is characterized by high strength and durability. You can also apply oak saw cuts. The durability of this material reaches 15 years. A shorter life span for aspen and pine. However, they are also a good option. A saw cut that was damaged either during installation or after several years can always be replaced. Accordingly, this material must be stocked immediately, with a margin, so as not to waste time later on its manufacture.


saw cut wood Price

In this review, we talked about how to make a track on a site using all the familiar material - saw cuts from wood. With the help of them you can achieve an original and interesting site design. Therefore, if there is time and desire, then we should begin to act in this direction. And after some time in your garden there will be a beautiful and well-groomed path, pleasing with its view.


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