How to make do-it-yourself snowmobiles

Is it possible to make snowmobiles with your own hands? Let's look for the answer to this question. Will the do-it-yourself snowmobiles made right at home be reliable? Not every person is ready to trust his hands and what he can do himself.

Homemade snowmobiles are a rather interesting form of transport. The fact is that they move due to the propeller, in the people it is also called a propeller.

DIY snowmobile

Most often, the design of snowmobiles is three-ski. Sometimes there is a four-ski, then they can be moved not only in the snow, but also on the water surface.

Imagine how you rush along a snowy plain faster than the wind, whirls of snow rise behind you - all this is possible and real if you have snowmobiles. This is a very convenient, high-speed, and most importantly, a simple form of transport. Anyone with the β€œon you” technique will be able to build do-it-yourself snowmobiles.

homemade snowmobile

Consider how to make them yourself. The material will be a tree. The design will be three-ski. The longitudinal beam of the body and the transverse, on which we hang the rear skis, will be made of pine beams. Take bars with a section of 35 by 40 mm, they will be fastened with bolts. Pay attention to the docking nodes, there you need to install metal squares, as well as washers, necessarily of large diameter, since they will prevent crushing of the tree.

Where the rotary rack for the front ski will be installed, as well as where the engine and rear skis are mounted (ski suspension), brackets, metal plates and squares must be provided. We take skis again wooden. The housing, or rather its front part, needs to be capotated. On the hood, you can install a bicycle headlight, and on the sides - metal footrests. The driver's seat can be made from a piece of plywood with a thickness of about millimeters 8. The seat must rest on two springs, which we borrow from the saddle for the bike. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the bars securing the engine must be of different lengths. The back bar is longer, it will serve as a fence from the propeller.

On the rear skis, you need to make the so-called hitch brackets, you can make them from steel strips measuring 30 by 5 mm. Skis must be assembled using three plywood plates, which should be about 4 mm thick, they will be fastened with casein glue. Plywood around the edges should be reinforced with beams, best oak. The soles of skis must have longitudinal undercuts, and they must also be bound with sheet metal. This is necessary so that when stopping the snowmobile is not buried in the snow. Driving a snowmobile will be the front ski (its rotation).

homemade snowmobile

We will have a cable transmission from the steering column. To control the engine, it is necessary to build levers: a gas lever and an ignition timing lever. We will borrow the wiring from the motorcycle, it will be either a cable or a wire, but always in a flexible shell. The engine will be the PD-10 launcher from the tractor, on it we will install a cylinder for air cooling, also from a motorcycle, for example from IZH-56. We will install a fuel tank above the engine. Fuel will be fed by gravity. That's all - you have homemade snowmobiles. It will be possible to dissect them into snow-covered fields or simply through snow-covered terrain. The main thing is to do everything honestly, firmly and accurately, so that in no case will your vehicle fall apart while driving. As you can see, do-it-yourself snowmobiles are possible, you just need to make an effort.


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