We sharpen claws: nail wax and other care products

In fact, the appearance of a wide range of cosmetic care products untied the hands of fashionable women in the truest sense of the word only 30 years ago. Prior to this, nail polishes did not exist in a stable and durable form, that there is wax for nails! But we will not go into the melancholy inherent in old women at the entrance - we better try the wax in action.

Nail Wax

This product can be attributed to polishing agents: wax is a uniform, thick paste that is applied and activated with the rubber side - the most gentle, sometimes denoted unit. Polishing pads are also used - this is one and the same.

By creating a protective film on the surface, wax for nails helps to keep moisture inside the nail plate and thereby prevent delamination, peeling. Its structure enriches the nail with useful vitamins and minerals.

How to apply nail wax? First, you should polish the claw with sides 1 and 2, moreover, if the nails are polished once a week, do not lean too much on the main part, you can only align the overgrown edge in the area of ​​the cuticle.

Nail modeling
Next, a small amount of wax is applied to the nail and rubbed, including into the skin around, so that there is no excess. Now the minute of polishing is “one” - and the brilliant claws are ready! You can fix the result by applying cuticle oil, a base, and on top a colored varnish, if necessary. And you will see how, after wiping off the varnish, the nail will remain whole and smooth.

Nail modeling at home

If heredity is not endowed with strong claws, then no wax for nails will help, you can only create a visible illusion. As in the case of plastic surgery, you have to resort to modeling. The salon can offer an extension of the length of the nail plate, moreover, acrylic or gel will not only visually enrich the nail, but also strengthen it, minimizing the chance of breakage during proper operation.

Please note: nail modeling can even change the shape of the fingers, so do not complain about “sausages” or “shovels”, everything is subject to modern cosmetology. True, having all the necessary fixtures at home is not enough, you need someone else to be able to help. So the wisest option in saving a romantic evening is false nails. They are attached using special glue, and if they are given a different shape, this is done before gluing. Modern false nails are reusable and have a base coat for varnish.

Cosmetics for nails
Doctors do not advise wearing false nails for longer than 48 hours, during the break it is necessary to allow natural nails to rest from 12 to 24 hours. It is not recommended to use false nails for people with increased fragility of native nails, allergic reactions, pregnant and lactating mothers. Also, once a week, when they are worn constantly, restorative nail cosmetics are used: a warm bath with the addition of lemon juice and olive oil. You can use creams and coatings with a high content of magnesium, Teflon, calcium, or you can resort to folk remedies and arrange a jacuzzi from a decoction of chamomile with seed or flax oil every evening .

You should take care of healthy nails from the school bench, trying not to expose them to risky experiments, and they will respond with a grateful radiance and strength.

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