Nail design: red with rhinestones. Ideas, fashion trends

Is it still necessary to say that the imagination of the masters of manicure knows no bounds? Of course not. Therefore, women who monitor the beauty of hands are trying to keep up with the rapidly rushing forward fashion designs. Be sure: after reading this article, you can definitely choose the same manicure option that will delight and surprise everyone who sees it.

From our article you will learn more about the design of red nails with rhinestones. In this manicure there will be everything that beautiful ladies love so much, namely: beautiful and truly feminine colors, as well as eye-catching shining elements in the form of rhinestones.

Rhinestones next to the cuticle

A peculiar rim of rhinestones located near the edge with a cuticle is gaining more and more popularity among young girls. This is a great option to go to a noisy fun event, showing everyone that you are in trend. A beautiful manicure with rhinestones can be made in one tone, since sparkling crystals by themselves will create the effect of completeness and you just do not need any other decoration elements. Moreover, too much decor can completely overload the design, and all efforts to create something worthwhile and of high quality will simply go down the drain. For this reason, do not forget about the beautiful rule of the golden mean. A manicure made in burgundy or scarlet colors will look beautiful. In this case, it is better to choose transparent rhinestones.

rhinestones next to the cuticle on red nails

Manicure "Shine"

Shiny decorative elements of a golden or silver hue will fill the entire nail on one finger of your hand. Such a manicure of red nails with rhinestones will appeal to spectacular beauties who do not shy under admiring glances. To some, this option may seem too catchy.

Therefore, be careful, if in your case such a design really does not look very appropriate, it is best to refrain from choosing in his favor and look for one of those options, which will be discussed later.

Well, if you love to shine - boldly act! You can even add to the nail not only rhinestones, but also pearls - this will look even more interesting.

a lot of rhinestones on the nail

Matte red

Do not think that this manicure will remain completely without decorating elements. They will be present in it, but their number will be minimal. You can build a narrow vertical strip of sparkles or rhinestones, which will pass exactly in the middle of your nail. If you want to somehow diversify this design, then you can not bring the strip to the very base of the plate, but divide it into two, going in different directions: they will emphasize the shape of the hole.

beautiful manicure

French manicure in a new version

French is one of the most popular nail designs in the world. He has not gone out of fashion for many years, and it is unlikely that this will ever happen. Many girls are already tired of the classic white and beige range, versions of the performance of the jacket in natural tones seem boring and trivial to them. French manicure with rhinestones can be a great alternative to the classics .. He looks very feminine and at the same time bold.

Red jacket with rhinestones is well suited for nails of different lengths: for short and long extensions. Rhinestones can be placed both at the edge of the nail along the french strip, and at the intersection of red and pink colors. You just have to choose which version of manicure is better.

red jacket with rhinestones

Christmas manicure in red colors

This beautiful design of red nails with rhinestones is perfect for the New Year holidays, as its basis is neat and beautiful white snowflakes. Sparkling crystals will be located on their rays.

You can complement the design with the image of a Christmas tree toy or some animal - for example, a symbol of the coming year.

Christmas manicure with rhinestones

Volumetric inlay with rhinestones

Figures collected manually from rhinestones of different sizes look beautiful on the nails. You can combine jewelry in all kinds of colors. But in the event that the figure you conceived came out rather large and bulky, it would be best to limit yourself to the design of one or two nails. Otherwise, you forget about the rule of the golden mean, which can lead to collapse.

Gradient effect manicure

This is a smooth transition from one color to another. Decorate your nails with black and red manicure! In this case, you can get a very Gothic design. Short red nails with rhinestones of dark shades on one of the parts of the gradient effect will also look good. But do not overload short nails with a large amount of rhinestones. A small triangle of them, located at the edge of the nail, will be just enough.

gradient with rhinestones

Rhinestones on red nails as a complement to the pattern

A manicure in red varnish with rhinestones will not seem so catchy if you use small jewelry and just to complement and diversify any pattern painted on the plate. It can be some flowers, the cores of which can be decorated with small golden pebbles. They can also decorate any geometric pattern. In addition, in the design you can use not only rhinestones, but also other voluminous design elements.

Manicure "Ladybug" with rhinestones

You've probably never seen such a glamorous ladybug! In order to make such a design of red nails with rhinestones, you need small black crystals. Everything else can be finished using black and white varnish. Of course, on red nails. First of all, it is necessary to draw the head of the insect on which the eyes will be located with black varnish. Eyes can also be formed using white rhinestones of medium or small size. If nevertheless you do not have them available, use white varnish. But do not forget that sometimes itโ€™s worth making the โ€œpupilโ€ of the cow a small dot of black lacquer so that it looks nicer and more โ€œaliveโ€. After this, the line of contact of its wings should be drawn. This can be done by drawing a straight strip from the middle of the "face" of the cow to the base of the nail. Now the cow has not only a muzzle, but also two wings that need a certain decoration. Black dots could be placed on the wings with the same varnish, but since in this article we primarily consider the ideas of designing red nails with rhinestones, it is best to create black dots on the wings with small black decorations. After that, the sweet and glamorous ladybug will be finished. Of course, it is better not to design all the nails at once in this way. It will look too catchy.


What rhinestones are best to choose and how to fix them on the nail?

The choice of the size of the rhinestone depends entirely on your design idea. Fortunately, today stores provide us with a huge selection of jewelry in different shades and sizes. As for their color, silver, golden or black shades of rhinestones will look best with the red color of your nails. Crystals made of glass should be preferred - they look much more elegant than plastic ones.

If you are doing manicure with regular varnish, it is best to use a small toothpick to apply a drop of glue for tips to the place where the rhinestone should be. Then a sparkling crystal can be placed on it.

When you use gel polish, you can attach the rhinestone to a thick rubber base, a clear modeling gel, or a top mixed with acrylic powder. After placing the crystal, dry the nail in the lamp for at least 90 seconds. After that, apply the topcoat again without the sticky layer, which after that you will also need to dry. Rhinestones themselves cannot be covered with a top, otherwise they will lose their luster.

And this, perhaps, is all that could be told about a beautiful manicure with rhinestones. Performing such a design, try to do everything as carefully as possible, pay special attention to the preparation of nails. Carelessly executed manicure will nullify all your efforts and ruin any design idea. Do not forget about the sense of proportion. If you follow these simple rules and strictly follow the execution technology, you will get a good result - a stylish and effective manicure.


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