Manicure in purple tones: photos, ideas

Manicure in violet tones is a rather binding and difficult choice. The mystical, royal color is demanding on both the costume and the color of the skin. The only thing that simplifies the task is a huge variety of violet shades.

Shades of purple

There are 196 of them in Panton’s palette. Not so many when compared with shades of green (376 shades). However, it is enough to realize any image and mood in a manicure: from noble to frivolous, from gentle to sexual. Violet color has two main components: blue, red. Accordingly, shades can vary from colder (more blue) to warm (more red). Also, the nature of the color depends on saturation (light-dark) and muted (from bright and clean to dusty). Also, the hue may contain a pronounced fraction of green, giving warm, brownish shades of purple. These are four parameters that should be considered when choosing a color for manicure in purple tones. The most popular shades of purple:

  1. Lavender. Contains a pronounced fraction of blue. Lavender and rose - one of the most successful combinations among gardeners, in a manicure, lavender is often complemented with a delicate color of pink roses, white, turquoise.
  2. Purple - no less gentle, but warmer shade.
  3. Glycine. The Panton system describes a lot of medium and dark shades of violet with a large proportion of blue: the color of clematis blue, oriental violet-blue, violet-blue, etc. Glycine is called the gray-lilac shade.
  4. Violet - the color of the Uzbek violet. It can be called classic purple. It contains a significant proportion of blue, is average in saturation.
  5. Orchid - the color that so often can be seen in orchids "phalaenopsis". A rich, vibrant hue between classic purple and pink. In 2014, Pantone Color Institute chose the color "radiant (radiant) orchid" as the color of the year. The shade number in the classification is 18-3224.
  6. Purple - bright rich pink-purple. Very similar to orchid. In the Panton palette, orchid shades are called lighter, purple - dark.
  7. Lilac color is quite difficult to determine, because the varieties of lilac - the mass: from blue to purple. In everyday life, lilac is most often referred to as warm, thick, with a pronounced share of purple, shades of purple.
    purple manicure
  8. Fig - very dark, warm, dull, with a pronounced share of brown tint.
  9. Grape - a dark, rather muffled, warm shade. In Panton's palette, grape color has the code 18-3211 TLC, saturated grape - 18-3220 TLC. Under certain lighting conditions, grape-colored varnishes give off burgundy notes. Wine color is close to it, but it is even warmer.
  10. Eggplant - very similar to a rich burgundy, but with a share of blue. Rich, dense color.
  11. Plum - according to Panton's palette, it is very similar to fig, but a little colder. In everyday life, plum is called dark, thick tones of purple.
  12. Blackberry The color of the blackberry is thick, almost black. Varnishes of this color may appear black under certain lighting conditions.

What colors to combine purple in a manicure?

A lot of options. Everything is decided by the idea and the chosen image.

Romance, freshness, lightness, youth:

  • lavender + pale pink, blue, mint and cold green shades;
  • glycine + dusty pink;
  • gentle violet-blue shades + ivory, pink-lilac.
    manicure in purple tones photo

Adults, chic, strict options are warm or dark shades of purple. They will look juicy with a warm restrained range: fawn-orange tones, muted peach, rust. Refined and expensive with the same shades of blue and green (dark emerald, spruce, oceanic). Most often, dark violet is combined with neutral ones: silver, golden, black, white, milky and, of course, with closely related colors of the violet gamut. In practice, combinations of dark violet with other dark colors are complex and unjustified, so the best partner for dark violet, if you want to stay in the dark range, is black.

pink purple manicure

A manicure in purple tones is most often lilac, lavender, purple shades. The latter is the most versatile.

If you choose the right shade of the "partner", then purple can be combined with any colors:

  1. This is the same purple that looks delicious with warm pink hues: apricot, peach.
  2. Purple + red, pistachio, light olive and other warm green shades - exotic.
  3. It goes well with yellow, especially with gold tones (royal images).
  4. The combination of thick purple tones with the colors of metals looks luxurious.
  5. East is purple with peach and orange hues. Or the image of the "tropics".
  6. For vintage looks, combine magenta with turquoise.
  7. For images “high fashion” - with brown shades (chocolate, bitter, milk chocolate, tan).
  8. Beige, white, creamy, anthracite are neutral universal partners.

Black and purple

Stylish "partnership". In the photo below, the actual matte manicure in purple-black tones. Please note that black is used in dosage. The combination of violet with black or gray is very much appreciated today in interior design, especially it is relevant for high-tech style. It is active, dominant, even overwhelming, but rich and expressive.

manicure in purple tones for short nails

That's why for the manicure in black and purple shades, the simplest designs are chosen. Suitable graphics, moderate monograms, emphasis on 1-2 nails.

Pink and purple

Pink is another perfect pair of purple, just choose the right shade of pink for warmth, saturation and muffle. Pink and purple manicure is not only a Barbie style. Yes, pink and lilac, especially if the surface of the varnish shimmers with a candy luster or resembles chewing gum in texture, they really look girlishly cute and frivolous.

violet-black manicure

But to achieve a more serious effect is real. Combining pink with dusty lilac, you can get very gentle, feminine compositions that fit perfectly into the casual style, and will not cause doubts about the good taste of their mistress. Actually complement such a manicure with hand-painted. A more expensive look of pink-purple manicure will give graphic motifs and a choice of deep shades of purple. Shades of lavender and wisteria will look soft and unobtrusive. The cool tones of violet create a warm contrast with pink that is pleasing to the eye.

Fashionable and unfashionable manicure 2017-2018.

In fashion:

  • Short or medium length nails.
  • The length of the free edge is 1-2 mm.
  • Shape - oval and almond.
  • The shape is a rounded square.
  • Focus on 1-2 nails.
  • A game with textures and light (matte, velvet, glossy, metal, flickering).
  • Refined shades. Including, and violet scale. Interesting non-banal combinations.
  • Matte and powdery accents. Matte manicure, its softness and elegance are very popular today.
  • "Puffy smile."
  • Color moon manicure, color jacket.

Lost relevance: excessive jewelry, an abundance of rhinestones, too long nails, stickers (high-quality images on nails are drawn by hand).

Of course, no one has canceled democracy in fashion. Nothing prevents you from wearing any design, even one that can be considered over, if it is justified in a way, or simply gives pleasure.

Actual Techniques

Cat's eye - a varnish with a prismatic effect that mimics the luster of chrysoberyl (a stone, better known as “cat's eye”). Such a coating looks great on its own, but today it is actively complemented by nail design, enhancing and emphasizing the beauty of the basic tone. Rhinestones, which often look tasteless on other surfaces, combine very well with the precious reflection of “cat's eye” varnish.

Monograms . Initially, monograms are the initial letters of the name and surname of a noble nobleman, drawn by interwoven lines, and forming an exquisite pattern. Such patterns were endowed with symbols corresponding to the status of the owner (count, baronet, king). They adorned clothes, household items, and jewelry. Modern monograms on nails are no less sophisticated and evoke associations with luxury. They are usually performed by masters who have undergone a special training course during which they put up a hand and learn the technique of applying beautiful, perfectly round, clear, balanced thickness lines (the tip of the curl should tend to zero, and not break off roughly). For an experienced craftsman, creating an accent from monograms on one nail does not take much time, so such luxury is quite affordable. Most often, monograms are used to create accents and painted in the same color. They are self-sufficient. But lace from monograms can also look very beautiful. Please note that in the photo below the drawing is applied to the nails with a transparent coating, it is such a neutral background that will be optimal.

purple manicure with a pattern

Powder Acrylic powder is applied to the entire surface of the nail. Or the base is dried, a drawing is applied to it, sprinkled with powder, and only then dried in a lamp. Excess powder is brushed off. Thus, the effect of velvet printing is obtained. Below in the photo - a manicure in purple tones with the use of powder in today's fashionable design - an imitation of knitted fabric.

purple manicure ideas

Ombre effect (gradient) . Stretching with smooth transitions from darker to lighter, or from colder to warmer revitalizes the basic tone. Designing a manicure in purple colors with an ombre base can be very simple, or you can do without it if you achieve a stretch in interesting shades, for example, purple in light green or turquoise. Stretching is performed on each nail or all the nails are taken up as a single canvas, performing a gradient across all nails at once. The option of vertical stretching for all nails is more contrasting (less than a step from warm to cold). In order not to overload the manicure, a minimal decor is added.

manicure in purple tones photo

Kamifubuki . In fact, they are not new, they are just sets of sequins, well balanced among themselves colors and sizes. But filing the old product in a new way, and even with an exotic name, was liked by lovers of nail design.

Rubbing - but this decor can be called a revolution. Five years ago, creating a high-quality metal manicure was quite difficult, bloggers competed in the accuracy of applying varnishes, stickers or foil. It was fundamentally important to achieve a perfectly flat surface of the nail plate. Otherwise, a brilliant manicure looked like the creation of an amateur who stuck culinary foil on his nails. Thanks to the rubbing, that is, the shiny pigments of the finest grinding, which are rubbed into the surface, the result today may be ideal. Chrome, silver and gold nails, mirror shine is no longer a problem.

Matte - looks very stylish, but many disappoint in operation. Indeed, matte shades are quickly overwritten, a manicure tarnishes in a week, although many can wear ordinary gel polish for 3-4 weeks. On the other hand, for many women, this weariness is not a disadvantage, because they prefer to change their manicure more often than 1 time per week, and their overgrown nails with a “bald” smile line (for those whose nails grow quickly) look untidy, and manicure still has to be changed every 3-4 days.

Professional painting . In addition to the monograms already mentioned, there is a Chinese painting (usually graceful flowers), dot painting (Paint Point), volumetric painting with 3d gels (imitation of dew, tears).

Into the piggy bank of ideas: where to look for inspiration?

Any professional master has a portfolio of works that can be taken as a sample. But it is much more interesting to offer your own ideas for manicure in purple tones. Classical subjects and themes of drawings, except for floral motifs: any animals, insects, birds, exotic prints (zebra, leopard, snake, peacock), abstraction and graphics, stripes and polka dots, any styles of clothing, interior design, characteristic patterns and textures for of these areas (from biker rivets to plant exotic art deco style), the world and life (culture of different countries, their symbols), landscapes and nature. The most important thing is to skillfully stylize an idea, that is, to simplify a life phenomenon to a sketchy image. If this is correctly done, then the composition on the nails will be stylish. But sometimes nail designers are likened to hyperrealist artists - in this case, the design plus is the skillful drawing of the selected plot.

purple manicure

Floral motifs

The most popular plot for manicure is flowers. In courses on art painting of nails, training is usually divided into several stages, from simple stylized flowers to complex and naturalistic. They train the same flower in different styles (several types of poppies, daisies, roses, lilies, peonies, lotuses, sakura flowers). Talented experienced masters willingly use flowers that are more rare in nail painting: cornflowers, gardenias, exotic monstera leaves. For manicure in purple tones with a pattern of "flowers", as a rule, plants of a related gamut are selected: orchids, lilacs, roses, peonies. The photo below is a very simple, almost childish floral pattern, but overall looks great. This effect is achieved by contrasting the airy watercolor pattern and the juicy purple color on other nails.

purple manicure with a pattern

Short or long

The opinion that you can’t walk on very short nails is hopelessly outdated. On the contrary, the violet color is so active that it looks fine on short nails of a strict form. This is easy to verify by looking at this material again: in almost all the photos above, the design was made on short nails.

A few more options for manicure in purple tones for short nails:

  1. Stylish - deep blackberry color and one nail accent. Instead of a flickering coating, you can implement any thematic pattern.
  2. Noble - smoky colors are universal, suitable for women of all ages. Delicately, tastefully suited to everything.
  3. Minimalist The violet color is self-sufficient, it is originally inherent in depth and mystery. You can create a lot of beautiful designs based on it, or you can use its solo. It is enough to cover all the nails with varnish of an interesting shade of purple, highlighting one finger with a modest accent, for example, with a “bubbles” pattern.

It can be assumed that these manicure options will not go out of fashion for a long time. New techniques appear monthly; clients themselves and nail masters themselves need constant novelty. But modern nail fashion already gives so many possibilities, and within the framework of good taste, that in the next few years there is no need for revolutions.


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