Nail design "marine": popular options, original solutions

When the first warm days come, every woman involuntarily thinks about the warm sea, the beach and relaxation, and, of course, about her new look in the summer season. To show such an unusual mood, craving for the sea, you can not only with a stylish outfit or accessories, but also using a fashionable nail design on a marine theme, which is especially relevant this season.

Summer nail design. Marine option will add an image of tenderness and airiness.

The theme of the sea and the beach evokes different associations in each person, but for the majority they are almost similar - these are saturated colors of blue or shades of pale blue in combination with white. It is these colors of varnishes that will be required in order to create a unique and original design of nails of marine subjects. As design elements for such a manicure, various tiny seashells, drawings of the inhabitants of the underwater world, starting with seaweed and ending with starfish, as well as sparkles that can transmit light modulations of the color of the wave during a sea breeze, are used.

But the blue is not the only thing associated with the sea. Many involuntarily pop up the image of a vest: a striped shirt on sailors. The alternation of white, blue or red stripes in one picture is interesting and unusual, especially if you supplement the design on any one nail with a bright sticker or an unusual pattern in the form of an anchor or a heart.

marine nail design

Popular “marine motives”

Nail design in a marine style can be made in a wide variety of designs, just show your imagination to please yourself with an original manicure. For example, in addition to plain blue marigolds, it’s important to apply volumetric figures to the surface of nails: rhinestones and sparkles imitating stones from a sandy beach, stickers or drawings of fish swimming after each other, interesting sketches from a childhood dream: a captain with a pipe, a helm wheel and stars that so clearly visible at night.

There are a lot of ideas to create a truly original nail design , but in order to implement them, you need to not only decide on the design, but also put the condition of the nails in order, having carried out a number of necessary procedures to restore the structure of the nail plate.

fashionable nail design

The preparatory phase before the manicure with a "marine" design

As before starting to create any other type of manicure, women should prepare their nails. Short nails with a bright pattern are especially relevant this season, so the first thing to do is to trim the length of the nails so that when the fingers are bent they are located on the same line. A fashionable nail design does not do without preliminary filed and pushing the cuticle, therefore you will need to arm yourself with all the necessary tools and carry out these procedures carefully.

The next step is to make a bath for the nails. The choice of composition for this procedure depends on the needs of the nails:

  • in hydration;
  • strengthening;
  • accelerating the growth or reduction of the nail plate in tone.

After water procedures, it is necessary to fix the effect of the baths using a special oil or cream. These funds not only soothe the skin near the cuticle, but also strengthen the nail plate.

Nail Design

Those who appreciate originality should use all shades of the rainbow for a marine manicure.

When the nails are ready for applying varnish, you should understand exactly what design of nails of the marine theme will suit. Many people think that vests, striped prints or anchors are commonplace and simple, because for such individuals manicure specialists offer much brighter options. For example, sunset on a palm beach is a stylish option for romantic natures. The structure of this design contains lilac, orange, yellow - this is the sky, and black palm trees on the beach that will stand out against such a light background.

The underwater world is very bright, especially coral reefs, and therefore there are still interesting unusual options. To make such a design of nails of a marine orientation, it is necessary to have very long nails so that the algae and fish located on them do not "stick together" with each other, but are clearly visible.

Add some jewels that lurk at the bottom of the ocean

To emphasize your attitude to gold or luxury, you can experiment with color, making a “golden” nail design. The marine theme will be visible even in this case, if the shape of shells, pearls, chests will shimmer with all shades of gold in manicure. In combination with this color, white, delicate shades of pink and blue are ideal. Here you can try and neon varnish, which only emphasizes the bright nature of the owner of such a manicure.

marine style nail design

It is easy to be in trend if thoughts about the sea in the summer do not go away, because in this case it’s worth choosing a marine design for your nails: bright, interesting, unusual and unique. A large selection of options for its creation, endless scope for imagination and a wide range of colors - all this will allow you to find the very manicure and pedicure.


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