If you’ve hacked a page in Odnoklassniki, what should I do? Ways to solve the problem

Today, the social network with the straightforward name "Classmates" is very popular among the Russian-speaking audience on the Internet. However, the more people are registered on the resource, the more money the advertising owner receives for the resource, the more likely it is that fraudsters will start to attack the site. They hack and block the pages of ordinary users in order to send spam and advertising. There are special virus programs that infect accounts on social networks. Therefore, today, many people are looking for the answer to the question: "If a page has been hacked in Odnoklassniki, what should I do?"

if you hacked a page on classmates what to do

Hacked pages are not only professional hackers, but also simply envious people who want to read your correspondence or simply harm the owner of the account. If your password consists of the date of birth of the husband or child, anyone you know can crack it! So, if a page has been hacked in Odnoklassniki, what should I do?

Precautionary measures

To start, let's talk about what should not be done:

1. Tell anyone your Odnoklassniki password, leave it on other sites (a warning about this is usually displayed when you click on an external link outside the social network). Now there are even whole sites, almost complete copies of Odnoklassniki. If you get to such a resource and enter your data, or, even worse, send the code to the specified phone number, they will start regularly withdrawing money from you, and this page will be lost forever. Carefully look at the address bar (where the site address is indicated), it should be printed all known path: http://www.odnoklassniki.ru. If at least one letter is missing, this is a double site!

if you hacked a page in classmates

2. Send SMS to an incomprehensible mobile phone number (in 99.9% of cases it will be paid, scammers will receive the money). Remember, the site of the social network "Classmates" asks to enter a phone number the only time - when registering! The code sent in an SMS message, the site requires only when buying gifts and services for "OK". If you are asked to enter your phone number to unlock the page, so that your identity is established and spamming is prevented, these are the actions of scammers!

3. To panic. This is not the end of the world if you hacked a page in Odnoklassniki.

What to do?

1. Update the antivirus software on your computer to eliminate the virus cause and to avoid hacking again.

2. Check drives C and D for viruses. Remove them if they are detected.

3. On the main page of the Odnoklassniki website - "Login to the site" (password, login are entered on this page) find the line "Forgot password". Click on this link.

4. In the field where it says "Login", enter your email.

classmates login password login
5. In the other field, enter the code combination that you see in the picture - this is how the site checks whether you are a living person or a virus program.

6. Create a different password. It should be as complicated and long as possible. If you hacked the page in Odnoklassniki, then the password was too easy.

If you are blocked by the administration for spam mailing

If the above steps did not help or the site administration closed your page, contact technical support and describe in detail what happened. By the way, on Odnoklassniki themselves in the Help section there are answers to many user questions, including the question: "If a page has been hacked in Odnoklassniki, what should I do?"

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