Shary Anatoly: biography and activities of the scandalous journalist.

Shary Anatoly - Ukrainian journalist, video blogger. He is widely known for his many scandalous articles and investigations. Currently lives in the European Union.

Anatoly Shary: biography

Born in Kiev on August 20, 1978. After school, he studied at the KVTIU at the faculty of regimental intelligence. Somewhere in the early 2000s suffered from gambling addiction. According to the statements of Anatoly himself, he played literally until the last money. It happened that he mortgaged property to visit the casino. Anatoly does not like to cover this part of his biography, so there are few details.

In 2005, begins journalistic activities. He works in several glossy magazines in Ukraine and Russia. The first fame was brought to him by the article "Why the child is sleeping." In it, Shary Anatoly described in detail the exploitation of minors by the so-called "professional beggars." After that, he wrote articles for several well-known online publications. His specialization was investigations. During the Orange Revolution, supported Yushchenko, participated in public events.

Pedophilia Article

The real resonance was caused by his article “Public Children's Home”. In it, Anatoly described the activities of the Pearl orphanage, which, presumably, became a hangout for pedophiles. These conclusions were based on the fact that 30 children had twice as many attendants, the institution itself was carefully guarded. At night, expensive cars arrived at the Pearl, and in the morning they left. Such a devastating article that touched not only the employees of the institution itself, but also a number of dignitaries caused a real scandal. The Security Service of Ukraine conducted investigations, which were accompanied by the disappearance of evidence and the mysterious death of those involved in the case.

In 2011, Shary Anatoly shot a man several times with a traumatic gun. According to the journalist, he did this as a result of aggression from a stranger. This incident led to the prosecution of Sharia.

In the same year, the journalist was actively investigating corruption in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Particular attention is paid to the problems of drug trafficking and its patronage by the police. Also, a plot about the closure of an underground casino by journalists was shown on many central Ukrainian channels, among them was Shary Anatoly. From this moment, the real persecution begins. The criminal case of shooting at McDonald's is being restored. Threatening calls are received on Anatoly's mobile phone. July 12, they shoot at his car. The Ministry of Internal Affairs declares a staging and gives a number of very dubious evidence. The case is gaining resonance, not only the city’s security officials are involved, but also Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

Escape to the European Union

Constant pressure and fears for his life forced the journalist to leave for the European Union. Presumably, under other people's documents, he was able to move to Russia, and from there to Latvia, where he requested the status of a political refugee, which the EU representatives approved. Since then, Anatoly permanently resides in Europe.

Videography blog Sharia

Journalist Anatoly Shary was widely known for covering the events of Euromaidan and the ensuing war in the Donbass. He writes down his comments in the format of a video blog, posting videos for 10-15 minutes on his channel on YouTube. In them, he reveals the lies of the media about the events in Ukraine. In particular, he examined in detail several so-called "fakes" of the channel "1 + 1", "Channel 5" and others. After that, his channel was repeatedly blocked. Ukrainian officials threatened him with criminal prosecution in connection with his activities. His Facebook page regularly holds high positions in the ranking of the most visited pages in Ukraine. The channel on YouTube has gained several million views. Shary Anatoly is one of the very famous media personalities. He was invited several times to live broadcast (by telephone) in Ukrainian and Russian broadcasts.


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