Why is the assistant surveyor so in demand?

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“An assistant surveyor is required” - such announcements can be found in the media of large cities almost daily. What kind of profession is this and why is it so in demand? Will everyone be able to work as a surveyor or his assistant?

What does the assistant surveyor do

Jobs (Moscow and other big cities suffer from this “especially”) usually do not explain what exactly is the responsibility of an assistant surveyor. Because this specialty requires compulsory education, and regardless of the specifics of the organization, workers perform approximately the same activity. A surveyor, as the dictionary explains, is a person who determines the coordinates of points located on the surface of the earth. Such a vague definition is probably out of date. A surveyor and an assistant surveyor are most often engaged in topographic support for construction work. They make all the necessary measurements, make tables and graphs, make geodetic surveys and other procedures that determine the correct location of buildings on the ground, compliance with their parameters and fulfillment of construction requirements legitimized by the widest range of regulatory publications (GOSTs, instructions, SNiPs).

surveyor assistant required

The surveyor assistant must be able to:

  • Create a lay-out base for subsequent construction.
  • Perform alignment work during the construction process.
  • Conduct geodetic monitoring of the accuracy of the sizes of objects under construction, the correctness of their reference to the terrain.
  • Facade the buildings.
  • Perform some other types of surveying.

Surveyor Assistant Moscow

Profession requirements

Naturally, the assistant surveyor will not be able to fulfill these duties if he does not have at least a secondary technical education and if he does not know all the regulatory documents. It must be remembered that the profession is in demand not only in construction. Therefore, the specialty "Surveyor Assistant" can be mastered not only in the construction school (technical school). These workers are also released by cartographic, meteorological, and polytechnic institutions. The surveyor’s assistant can compile maps for the navigator, map newly discovered deposits, control and draw maps of geographically dangerous objects, such as landslides. In any case, he should know:

  • All special devices and the rules for their operation.
  • Geodetic work required for a specific project.
  • Rules for the production of all necessary work.

In addition to highly specialized knowledge, an assistant surveyor must know the basic provisions of labor legislation, safety precautions in production and during work. He must comply with fire regulations, make the right calculations. Depending on the type of production this specialist is engaged in, he may need knowledge related to the construction of foundation pits or the construction of monolithic structures, rules for working in mountain conditions, etc.

And what else?

The surveyor's assistant must be able to communicate with people, be able to explain to them where a mistake has been made, and be able to insist on correcting it. And he simply must have very good health: he has to spend all his working time outdoors. Work on a construction site, in the field or in the highlands requires physical endurance and the same training.

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