Crafts for a garden made of wood - it's beautiful and useful

Having a son, you dream that he was successful, having a daughter - that she was beautiful. And having a garden, we want it to give a good harvest, delight the soul with communication with nature and be unusually beautiful. And beauty can be added to him, using crafts for the garden made of wood in the design.

crafts for a tree garden

The fence is not only to protect, but also to delight the eye

Yeah, if the owner sets up a fence, skillfully made of wood, he will half solve the problem of how you can make the garden even more beautiful than you can surprise neighbors and guests. Such fences can be made of rails located at some distance from each other. Then the garden will be viewed from the street. But you can build a solid fence, thereby hiding it from prying eyes. Many people prefer to plant climbing plants along the fences, which create a beautiful green hedge in spring and summer. It is precisely by what the owner has the fence around the garden that gives the first impression. And if on pillars-pillars on top there are still figures of animals and birds carved from wood , painted in real colors or, on the contrary, covered only with transparent varnish or used machine oil, then such a fence will surely attract attention and amaze both an accidental passerby and invited guest. Such crafts for a garden made of wood are prepared in the winter, when the main garden work is already completed. And the material for crafts is collected in the summer and autumn during walks in the forest. After all, funny figures do not have to be cut and cut on their own from scratch. It’s enough to take a closer look - and you can find almost ready-made plot compositions among the knots and snags!

wood crafts photo

Garden bench

This attribute is simply necessary in every yard, in the garden, on the site. After all, after the labors, it’s so nice to sit in the shade and listen to the birds singing, the rustling of branches and leaves, observe hardworking ants, admire the beauty and grace of moths. Sometimes a bench is made in retro style, similar to how it looked in the 19th century - elegant, light, as if airy. But you can cut it from a single piece of wood, giving it monumentality, bulkyness. You can paint the shop with white paint or metallic color, or you can treat the accessory with used machine oil or varnish, while retaining the opportunity to admire the natural pattern of wood. The main thing is that such crafts for a wooden garden will not only delight the eye, but also benefit their owners. It’s appropriate to build a small tea table next to the bench in the same style as the bench.

from wood

Crafts from wood

The photo presented above demonstrates how skillful wooden crafts can be . Various figures look very beautiful on the plot: gnomes, fabulous creatures, animals. You can even try to make crafts for the garden made of wood from old fallen trees, and not from new, specially purchased and imported material. Then the problem of the removal of trash littering the territory will disappear by itself. And what exactly the sculptor will cut out of wood, his creative imagination will tell him. Some designers manage to turn old stumps and trees that have already outlived their life into luxurious sculptures. Then it will not be necessary to uproot the roots and think about how to fix the figures on the site.


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