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Basketball player Jason Terry, despite his modest physical data (weight 84 kg, height 188 cm), was able to leave a noticeable mark in the history of the NBA, which is rightly considered the best basketball league in the world. Thanks to explosive speed, a deep understanding of the game, accuracy of shots and leadership qualities, Terry did not get lost among tall, muscular athletes, but was always noticeable on and off the court and made a wonderful sports career.

Terry in Dallas

Biography: The Beginning

The athlete was born on September 15, 1977 in Seattle in a large family (he has nine brothers and sisters). From childhood, Jason Terry became interested in basketball. He played for the school team, then for the University of Arizona, where he studied from 1995 to 1999. In 1997, together with the university team, Terry won the most prestigious and popular youth basketball tournament in the USA - the NCAA student championship. The NBA scouts noticed the brightly shown youth.

NBA Career

In 1999, Jason Terry was chosen in the first round of the draft under the tenth number by the Atlanta Hawks team. The young basketball player was happy to speak to fans in his hometown. But at first the game went not too smoothly. In the first season, Jason scored only 8 points per match. He did not succeed in realizing sniper qualities. However, in the next season, Terry was quite comfortable with the realities of the NBA and became the team's main sniper, gaining almost 20 points per game.

Terry in Atlanta

The main sporting achievements came to Jason Terry in the Dallas Mavericks team, which he played for from 2004 to 2012. Here, the young man fully demonstrated his talents: he scored points, organized the game as a playmaker, set the pace for the whole team, justifying his nickname Jet, which translates as reactive.

Jason reached the highest basketball triumph in the 2010/2011 season, when the Dallas Mavericks became the NBA champion, sensationally defeating the Miami Heat super team led by LeBron James and Dwayne Wade in the final. Although Dirk Nowitzki was named the most valuable basketball player , Terry's contribution to the victory is enormous. In all meetings of the finals, he always became the most productive player, “Mavericks”, leaving the bench. And in the decisive sixth match of the series, he scored 27 points at all - the most in the team. A photo of Jason Terry next to the NBA main trophy reflected the peak of his basketball career.

Terry Champion

In 2012, Jason moved to the Boston Celtic. But his statistical indicators began to decline, the basketball player spent on the court less and less time. For four years, Terry has changed several clubs: from “Boston” in the summer of 2013 ended up in Brooklyn Nets. In the winter of 2014 he moved to the “Sacramento Kings”, but because of an injury he did not play a single match for the team. From 2014 to 2016, two seasons, Jason defended the colors of the Houston Rockets club. And in August 2016 he became a player of the team from Milwaukee, where he ended his career in 2018.

Terry with family


Jason Terry is the 1997 NCAA Student Tournament Champion, 2011/2012 NBA Champion, 2001 Gold Goodwill Games Winner, 2009 NBA Best Sixth Player, included in the second team of the best NBA rookies in the 1999/2000 season. In 2004-2005, Terry achieved an amazing sniper result, scoring more than 80% of penalties, over 50% of shots from the game and more than 40% of three-point attempts. Jason himself considers one of his main achievements in life a happy family: his beloved wife and four daughters.

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