Work as an administrator in a hotel: main features

Working as an administrator in a hotel is very popular among those who do not have higher education, but want to make decent money.

work as an administrator in a hotel
It is officially considered that this post belongs to the category of specialists and requires either secondary specialized specialized education, or primary specialized education and at least two years of work experience. However, very often people are accepted for the position without experience, but with qualities that allow them to successfully cope with numerous and diverse responsibilities.

Personality Requirements

Job description assumes that the work of the administrator in a hotel requires the following qualities in the candidate.

  • The main task of the administrator is to provide ideal conditions for the client. Therefore, the candidate should be sociable, hospitable, affable, mentally stable. The work of the administrator in the hotel suggests that the person holding this position should always arrive in a good mood, regardless of his state of mind. The administrator must be able to listen carefully, have a good memory and speak correctly.
  • The administrator's tasks include ensuring the normal operation of the hotel, meeting customer needs, ensuring cleanliness. He is responsible for the work of the staff, the schedule of his work. To manage to do everything efficiently and on time, the candidate for the position must be physically resilient.
    administrator work in a hotel in Moscow
  • Work as an administrator in a hotel is, among other things, a solution to conflict situations. Therefore, a specialist must understand the psychology of clients.
  • The person who is the face of the hotel should be neat, outwardly attractive, charming.
  • The administrator is not only a middle manager, but also a subordinate. Therefore, his work involves diligence, restraint, self-organization, responsibility and commitment.
  • The hotel administrator's work schedule involves (most often) an irregular working day. Therefore, the specialist must build his life in accordance with the work schedule.
    hotel administrator work schedule

Job responsibilities

There is a job description, which fully describes the requirements for this position, the terms of reference.

The specialist must know the requirements of the state to service guests, the maintenance of rooms. He should be able to provide first aid, know the fundamentals of the economy, legislative acts (state and local), labor protection rules. Working as an administrator in a hotel in Moscow or in another large city requires knowledge of foreign languages: after all, it is this specialist who most often communicates with guests. The position also involves knowledge of the workflow. In addition , the administrator must be responsible for the order in the hotel, solve all difficult situations, take independent measures to improve the hotel and inform the management about the state of the business. The profession of an administrator is a difficult, difficult, but very exciting work that allows you to make the necessary acquaintances in a certain environment.


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