How to cheer up if you want to sleep? How to stop wanting to sleep?

The desire to sleep during the day is not a disease, but a failure of biorhythms, the so-called internal clock. In our busy times, almost half of the inhabitants of big cities are people sleeping on the go. They have a decrease in tone and memory, performance is lost. Such people are constantly under stress and often end up in stupid situations. In this article we will try to figure out how to cheer up if you want to sleep.

how to cheer up if you want to sleep

The reasons for the desire to sleep during the day

The reasons may be: insomnia at night, change of time zone, lack of sunlight, several shifts, stuffy workrooms, taking certain medications, increased fatigue. In addition, drowsiness can be the result of diseases and conditions such as diabetes mellitus, depression, obesity, alcoholism.

Lack of sleep is also affected by a large number of entertainments, such as television programs, game entertainment facilities, and the Internet. Everyone wants to participate everywhere, see and try everything. Of course, in the afternoon there is not enough time for everything and you have to compensate for it at night.

If in the first half of the day people work efficiently and productively, then in the second half they desperately struggle with sleep, resorting to the endless consumption of coffee, tea, and even energy drinks. But this only worsens the situation - biorhythms are upset with a vengeance, nerves are exhausted, sleep is disturbed. Such a vicious cycle can lead a person to a nervous breakdown.

Vitamins and movement will save the situation

Let's try to solve the question of how to cheer up if you want to sleep. The main way to deal with sleep is movement. You need to start the morning with a cool shower and a few simple physical exercises. It is better to walk to the workplace - the fresh morning air invigorates perfectly, and walking accelerates the blood, which, in turn, activates the brain. In the evening, try not to be active. Watch a movie, chat with your family, read a book - this will contribute to a good and deep sleep.

In the fight against sleep, vitamins and minerals help well. If, for example, the body lacks vitamin B 1 , then this can cause headache, fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, and increased heart rate. A lack of vitamins B 2 and B 6 causes depression. For the normal functioning of the nervous system, magnesium is needed.

how to cheer up if you want to sleep at work what to do

Proper nutrition

When the question arises of how to cheer up, if you want to sleep, then you should pay attention to daytime nutrition, which should be moderately high-calorie. An ordinary breakfast should contain a slice of bread in 150 g, buckwheat or oatmeal porridge (optional), 100 g of meat or fish. For lunch, eat a salad full of vegetables, a boiled egg sandwich and 50 g of cheese. Fatty foods are best avoided as they cause a feeling of bloat. Food should energize you and not cause lethargy in the body.

In no case do not exclude fruits. It is necessary to minimize alcohol and nicotine. Include in the diet juice of blackcurrant, which has a restorative effect, carrot (helps fight diseases). Grapefruit and sea buckthorn juices improve mood. Sugar in juices is better not to add, but a spoonful of honey does not hurt.

how to cheer up if you want to sleep

Charges and oils will help with drowsiness.

The stimulating collection is made from herbs ground in a blender, such as nettle, celery, coneflower and golden root. An incomplete teaspoon of the collection must be poured with boiling water and insisted. You can also take a little powder of ground herbs with you, and when the need arises, put two pinches on the tongue and suck for a while. Just do not take it in the evening, otherwise you will not be able to sleep.

You can take no more than 30 drops of ginseng or eleutherococcus. But do not overdo it, otherwise the heart will beat violently, pressure will rise and insomnia will overcome.

Also restores strength cedar oil. A teaspoon of the product should be taken in the mouth, hold it for a bit, swallow. Take 3 times a day before meals for about a month.

Essential oils will help when you do not know how to cheer up if you want to sleep. Only the difference in the aromas of herbs used. In the fight against daytime sleepiness, lavender, lemon, jasmine are used. For vigor, you should smell the bottle or dampened napkin.

How to spend a night without sleep

Those who, for whatever reason, are forced to stay awake, are faced with the question of how to cheer up if you want to sleep at night. Here are some tips to help you. It is important to get a good night's sleep before the event. In order to feel cheerful at night, the body must be rested. It’s good if you have protein-rich snacks with you. For example, almonds, cashews, walnuts, low-fat cheese, biscuits, yogurt. If possible, bring bananas and apples.

To prevent the brain from falling asleep, think, talk with others, ask questions. Focus on some interesting topic, remember the sequence of events, make the brain work. Do not sit in one place, walk in the room in which you are. It also helps when you don’t know how to cheer up if you want to sleep. Stand by the window, if possible, visit the bathroom, climb and go down the stairs or jump in one place.

how to cheer up if you want to sleep at night

How not to fall asleep at work

After a hearty lunch, people working in the office building struggle hard with sleep. Such people often ask how to cheer up if you want to sleep at work. What to do to drive away a dream? Perform a small warm-up in your office. Take breaks between tasks. Simple ways can sometimes help invigorate yourself. For example, stamp your feet under the table, twitch your earlobes, pinch yourself, stretch your shoulders and stretch.

Reduce the amount of food during lunch or divide the meal into several snacks. A slight feeling of hunger stimulates the brain to work - and you will be reluctant to sleep. Excessive heat relaxes and lulls. To avoid this, open windows in winter and turn on air conditioning in summer. Add ice to a glass of water and spray cold water on your face. Do not bring the body to dehydration, drink plenty of fluids.

how to cheer up if you want to sleep at work

How to cheer up if you want to sleep at work? Light a scented stick in the office - and then not only you, but all employees are guaranteed to cheer up. Place potted flowers in the office for air purification.


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