Question with experience: what name does the barrel with number 90 have in Russian lotto. Lotto Rules

what name does barrel number 90 have
Today, in no civilized country is there a person who has no idea about lotto. And of course, each of us is even capable of awake saying what name the barrel with number 90 has. The historical homeland of the game is Europe. The Russian name "lotto" came from France - "Loto" and from Italy - "Lotto". In countries where the English-speaking population rules the ball, the lotto is called "Bingo", which means "Victory", "Yes", in the CIS countries it bears the name acquired during the reign of Tsars in Russia - "Russian Lotto".

Russian Lotto is a universal game

The most widespread on the territory of Russia lotto received in Soviet times. This is the time when everyone, young and old, knew what name barrel number 90 has.

Soviet families preferred to spend their leisure time, devoting it to the game of lotto. One need only recall how in the 90s a successful alternative to TV in many families was the game of lotto, which was devoted to whole evenings. The ability to involve all family members in the general leisure, regardless of age and level of erudition, was the main reason for the demand for the game.

Why is the game wonderful?

Today, the game of lotto is not just an interesting, fascinating pastime, but also a chance to win a valuable prize. Many of us cherish the hope of winning the coveted but practically unattainable separate housing or vehicles in the lottery. Several years ago, with the launch of such massive lotteries as “Super Lotto” and “Your Lotto”, the Russian lotto got a chance for a new life, and every Russian-speaking TV viewer, even from those who did not know this before, remembered the name of the keg with number 90 and his 89 friends.

The names of the barrels. The origins

names of barrels in Russian lotto
The names of the barrels in Russian lotto reflect the wealth of centuries-old Russian fantasy. Here is some of them:

  • “Grandfather” (90), “grandmother” (80);
  • Pretzels (88);
  • “Ax” (7), “hatchets” (77);
  • "Back and forth" (69);
  • “Half a hundred” (50);
  • “We ask half” (48);
  • Curly-haired (33);
  • “Eat alone” (41);
  • “Swan” (2), “geese-swans” (22);
  • “Point” (21);
  • “Drum sticks” (11);
  • “For three” (3);
  • “Count” (1).

Each of the above name barrels in the lotto has a specific logical explanation. For example, “grandfather” (90) is the “oldest” among the barrels, and its name fully reflects this, “swan” (2) - the number “two” looks like a swan with its long neck, “geese-swans” (22) , which means a goose and a swan (the goose also has a long arched neck); “Ax” (7) is a graphic representation of the number “seven” like an hatchet, “hatchets” (77) are two sevens, that is, two hatchets and so on.

The game of lotto is not only excitement and adrenaline, but also a kind of exam for attentiveness. It is worth being distracted and missing only one named number, as a win can literally “float away” from the hands.

Rules of the game

The intrigue persists from the first to the last moment of the gameplay. Both one person and several participants can win.

The number of players is unlimited and tends to infinity. One of the players is the lead. Usually this is a person who accurately remembers the original names of the barrels in Russian lotto. The host can also take part in the game as a full-fledged player with game cards. The presenter is solemnly awarded a bag with barrels with a face value of one to ninety. An obligatory moment of preparation for the game is the process of reproducing in the memory of the players what name the barrel number 90 and its brothers have. Before starting the game, the barrels in the bag are thoroughly mixed.

Each player receives from his hands (according to old customs) one to three cards. Three rows of numbers are printed on the cards. In each row there are 9 cells, of which 5 are occupied by numbers, and you have to play with them.

name of barrels in lotto

Game order

The host does not look, takes out one barrel from the bag, calls it out loud and puts it off, the players at this time check to see if there is such a number in their cards, if any, cross it out.

It should be remembered that the same number can be repeated in several available cards, and you need to delete it in all.

Traditionally, the winner is the player who crossed out all the numbers in one of his cards. But there are other options for the game, as mentioned above, when there can be several winners. In the “Short Lotto” version of the game, the winner is the one who crossed out all the numbers on one of the lines of any card on hand. If the game goes in the "three by three" mode, then the winner will be the one who closes the bottom line of any of the cards first. When one of the players closes the top row, everyone except the one who closes doubles their bets. When closing the middle row, the player takes a third of the bet.


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