Pitching in old age. What to do? To envy!

pitching in old age
“What do famous bodybuilders (pitching) look like in old age?” Is there any future for those involved in the "iron" payment for a loan taken from nature? - People often ask idle minds, confusing those who would like to seriously engage in this sport.

Having invented this “tale”, chubby fat women giggle vigorously, quite stroking their “beer” tummies. Note that often this kind of reasoning is based on primitive, well-known anecdotal labels about spontaneously training ignoramuses. We will not argue with them, just put in this article photos of bodybuilders in old age. First, let it be the 70-year-old American Frank Zane, who three times in his youth won the title of “Mr. Olympia”.

photos of bodybuilders in old age

At the same time, we will try to understand this issue based on medical information and facts. What is old age related to? With natural processes. As you know, after 20 years in each subsequent decade, oxygen consumption decreases by 10%.

Do you know that vision and hearing have been deteriorating since the age of twelve ?!

To the question whether bodybuilding activates metabolic processes that counteract old age, the photos of the “before” and “after” strokes will best answer. See how amazing another outstanding athlete Lou Ferrigno continues to be. On the second photograph, it is displayed in the 70s of the last century. Of course, bodybuilders, "gaining years," should not give up training. It makes sense. The facts gathered by scientists (Taft University in Boston), irrefutably testify to the anti-aging effect of bodybuilding. Continuing training with reduced loads, older bodybuilders less feel the aging process, feeling "at ease".

photo of pitching before and after

Pay attention to the following photo of the same athlete at age 62!

It should immediately be noted that for people who do not have sports practice in their younger years, it is advisable to “gently” enter the training regimen and stay “under insurance” under the supervision of a doctor. Does that make sense? Judge for yourself.

It was established that pitching in old age does not suffer from osteoporosis, their bone strength is at the proper level. How does this happen? Imagine a picture of the absorption of calcium by bones. Let’s say, food enters the human body. Organs and systems “take” the substances laid down for themselves according to previously prepared “applications”. Moreover, in the training organism, these requests are more impressive. “Yes, I need calcium for bones to withstand the load in excess!” - the skeleton of the athlete screams, and gets it. And the body of a relaxed person, being idle, easily throws away precious substances. After all, to lie on the couch, it is not necessary to have solid, healthy bones. After reading the last sentence, please stop. Now we are not talking about an athlete. The usual 60-year-old “normal”, “withering” American grandfather Jeffrey Life, short of breath and complaining of a heart, once said to his age: “Stop!” - And went in for bodybuilding. What he became by the age of 74, see for yourself, photo below. (On the right, of course, it's him now. What did you think?)

pitching in old age

Having mobile and "well-developed" joints, pitching in old age successfully "pass" arthritis. The joints themselves, "yelling to the body", "pull" the glucosamine, chondroitin, methylsulfonylmethane, and silicon laid by them. However, it is worth making a reservation. With age, it is nevertheless necessary, within reasonable limits, to reduce the accentuated load on the joints.

photos of bodybuilders in old age
Australia recognizes Ray Moon as the world's oldest bodybuilder. At 83, he starts jogging every morning and, in addition, takes part in international competitions. Prior to active sports, he survived polio, heart surgery and prostate disease. On his example, we observe not hidden, but obvious “bonuses” from periodic moderate classes. A trained cardiovascular system successfully resists the most dangerous diseases for pensioners. An “athletic” heart with elastic vessel walls can eject up to 42 liters of blood per minute. Thanks to such steady operation of the main organ, guaranteed “nutrition” and all blood vessels are obtained. A person does not go to hospitals, but continues to live actively. Sports loads - the most effective "cleaner" for blood vessels from cholesterol. Therefore, the issue of unstable blood pressure in a bodybuilder also becomes irrelevant.

You should not convince readers for a long time that the scourge of modern civilization is depression. We all watch information programs and interact with society. So, scientists at Taft University found that the brain of a training person, including the elderly, synthesizes special substances - antidepressants. A slender muscular body helps to get rid of mental "complexes", allows a person to feel more confident and more natural.

Concluding the article, we note that pitching in old age continues to remain for his generation, and not only, a model of a meaningful, rational attitude to health. Does that make sense? Obviously. Recall the millennium-old antique tradition. Even in ancient Greece and Rome, a person who was not involved in physical education was considered an ignoramus, uncultured. Will modern civilization come to similar views?

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