Gel varnish "Capus": reviews of the masters

A manicure made with ordinary varnish should be renewed in about 3-4 days. Gel lacquer “Kapus”, reviews of which we will consider in the article, allows you to maintain the attractiveness and beauty of the painted nails for much longer, without causing harm to them.

gel polish capus reviews masters

Key Features

Kapous is a well-known and popular brand that specializes in producing professional hair cosmetics. Currently, the company also presents a line of various nail products. One of the most sought after products is Kapus gel polish, which reviews are the best. It combines all the advantages of a color decorative coating and the durability of a gel that strengthens the nail plate. This product is intended for natural nails.

Available in 15 ml bottles. We will consider further what the Kapus gel polish received from the masters.

gel polish capus


Masters noted the following advantages:

  • High quality. Kapus products are manufactured in Western Europe. Thanks to the use of modern equipment, the latest technology and double quality control, cosmetics occupy a decent level in accordance with European standards.
  • Acceptable price. This advantage was noted by fans of this brand throughout Russia.
  • A rich palette of colors. The assortment of gel polishes includes more than 140 different colors and shades. Translucent and dense textures are presented. There are juicy bright colors and delicate pastel colors. In the offered assortment, everyone can choose an option to their taste, even the most demanding one.
  • Ease of use. This product comes with a convenient flat brush. Due to its sufficiently dense consistency, the product does not spread beyond the nail, is evenly and easily distributed over the surface.
  • Durability. She has this coverage for 2-4 weeks.
  • Security. The balanced gentle composition of this product is thought out to the smallest detail to protect the health and natural beauty of nails. The gel polish formula includes restorative and healing components, vitamins. The product does not contain acids, formaldehyde and toluene.


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