How to refuse a manager politely

The everyday life of an average person working “for an uncle” is inextricably linked with a difficult subordination nuance - the “boss-subordinate” relationship. There is a lot of literature and a variety of psychological advice that you can listen to or not, anyway, doing your own thing. The reader is not given the ultimate truth, but only some of the most important nuances of these difficult relationships on the vertical of power, regulated by the framework of the labor code , are offered. Moreover, the conversation will not be about the ethics of production or other relations, moral aspects and other things, but only about how to refuse the leader and at the same time not only keep the workplace, but, on the contrary, strengthen and, perhaps, even improve the existing situation.

How to refuse a leader


In fact, the beginning of this difficult journey is in the reception room or in any other room where an interview is held on the acceptance of future honored workers in the ranks. How to refuse a manager when applying for a job is, generally speaking, a separate topic for another big conversation. However, it is at this stage that it is necessary to show a sufficient amount of firmness and show this part of your character, letting you know that the subordinate will not tolerate himself as a puppet in a puppeteer theater.

How to refuse a manager when applying for a job

Work days

So, the first difficult barrier to hiring has been overcome, and now we are in good standing with the boss, having proved ourselves well in a couple of difficult trials, treacherously tuned by the newly-made boss. Further, even more difficult times await us in terms of how to refuse a leader, since now not only his respect will be at stake, but also the rate of progress in wages and the increase in all kinds of benefits that directly depend on him.

How to refuse a leader with a strong character

However, if the boss already at the stage of hiring felt that the subordinate was not always going to say “yes” to him, as mentioned earlier, then life in this case would be much easier. It is not a secret that the leader can delegate authority, and indeed, push the hard work to unquestioningly carry out it, who do not know how to put it in its place, in a word, those on whom any organization rests, people.

So, here, at the stage of the established workflow, it is necessary to behave even more principally, because any excess of the limit of authority on the part of the boss is fraught with repetitions, which, in the end, can turn into what is called a violation of the personal space of a person.

Failure may be subordination

Therefore, if a subordinate thinks about how to refuse a leader, and do it not only politely, but also with the preservation of the workplace, he should think about it immediately, at the stage of hiring. If you put yourself clearly and correctly, making it clear that you are not going to be a messenger for all conceivable and inconceivable reasons, then in the future you can count not only on observance of subordination, but also on the opportunity to put in place as a last resort. Thus, the refusal to the head can be not only the observance of subordination, but is such if carried out within the framework of the reasonable.

How to refuse a manager a promotion

The rise on which it depends

Oddly enough, but even a banal promotion depends on how to refuse the head. In raising a subordinate, from the point of view of a leader, especially a rank higher than his immediate superior, there is nothing unusual. On the contrary, if an employee takes the initiative, honestly fulfills duties, achieves good results, then a sensible boss with great pleasure will not only increase him, but will also award the ambitious ally of other honors.

Of course, there are many other factors, and often the ability to refuse does not play the most important role in raising an employee, but it is important to know about this and skillfully use the ability to talk with a manager on an equal footing in terms of fulfilling the main duties of the employee. Yes, it is the ability to correctly and clearly say “no” in that place of conversation that will make it clear to the boss where the subordination, and where the abuse of it, determines the possibilities for improvement.

Family and business

Another important factor, often wedged into the relationship of "leader-subordinate", is family ties. It is no secret that a man who has won a place under the sun begins to pull up those whom he loves closer to him, the coveted. And here the fun begins. How to refuse a leader if he is your close, and maybe not very, but still a relative. And often neither politeness nor rigidity in such a situation can save.

How to refuse a man’s leader

In this case, many reasonable professionals recommend that you follow a very simple rule. Namely: clearly distinguish between areas, since they are really practically unconnected. Family and work are incompatible, many employers managed to make sure of this, some on their own bitter experience, someone - observing this conflict from the side. So, at home - a family, at work - colleagues, which means an inevitable obligation to adhere to subordination. And therefore there is no familiarity, which, by the way, significantly confuses professional relations and significantly impairs the ability to achieve goals of both one and the other.

Head gender

There are a lot of aspects of relationships between people. However, the most important, determining the vast majority of them are gender differences. Indeed, how to refuse a male leader is very different from similar manipulations regarding a female boss. It is not surprising, because even the approach to performing work is very different depending on this.

How to refuse a manager work

And if a direct refusal, polite and adamant, can cause respect from a man, then from a woman you can expect the most diverse and sometimes unpredictable consequences. I would not want to go into the differences in gender psychology, but the fact remains. If you know how to refuse a leader with a strong character, you can predict how a man will behave. If we are talking about a weak field, then here only his natural ingenuity can come to the aid of a subordinate, and, of course, honesty and directness. These things always inspire respect and a desire to cooperate, even in the most difficult situations.


So, in this short article, we looked at how to refuse a leader. There is nothing complicated in the work, especially if it pleases and brings pleasure. Nevertheless, it is worth every person to know these simple rules of cooperation and mutual management in relations with their boss. I would like to hope that they were not only readily presented, but would also be useful to every employee who dreams of a good job, an adequate leader and opportunities for professional and career growth.


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